Asuna and Kirito - Sword Art Online


Kirito and Asuna are by far the best couple not only in Anime, but in general. There is no awkwardness between them ever and they don't really ever get in fights. Everything is so easily brushed how because their love is so intense for each other. Most of all, they will die protecting each other which is quite beautiful. Their relationship came at a time when they had no idea if there would be a tomorrow, and their relationship is what got them out of the crisis they were in and ultimately gave them enough power to beat the game, in turn, saving everyone else. Once they return to the real world, of course after Kirito saves his beloved Asuna once again, their trauma from SAO, which was kept at a minimum due to their relationship, doesn't affect them as a couple at all. They are truly inseparable. What's really cool is that each of them is such a badass! Kirito is easily the most powerful player in SAO, and Asuna is a close second. Each of them is idolized which is funny because they ...more

The most striking difference I see between the romance in Sword Art Online and any other anime romance I can name is the fact that the relationship between Kirito and Asuna is cemented relatively early in the chronology of the story. Less than two-thirds of the way through the first season, the road that ultimately leads to an unbreakable bond and mutual unconditional love is already completed. From there, future struggles are always taken from a perspective that Kirito and Asuna will face those struggles together, whether it's through direct assistance or even with the simple reassuring presence of that person in their hearts. The latter is especially true half way through season 2 and most of season 3 (which has yet to be released in anime form). Since the climax of this romance was completed early, it was always available to be used to enhance the emotional impact of a plot line when needed and I feel this was done very successfully.

In contrast, every other anime I've found ...more

This anime... right from the start, it made me feel things that I've never felt before. It moves me so much. these two are the most epic, romantic and beautiful love story I have ever seen. And I've seen a lot! I seriously could not believe how they made me react. Even their voices go together! I don't mind that the thing developed over the course of about 6 episodes, because it didn't end after the hookup- something that I admire, because although the plot is futuristic THEY are realistic to the core. Their marriage in the game symbolized their determination to fight and protect one another at all costs so they could one day see each other in the real world. I am being completely honest when I say that I have NEVER felt this way about any other couple. I hope that if I fall in love it's as beautiful as this!

Thanks, I recently just saw a poll on Blog Honeyfeed for Best Couples in Anime and I wanted to help put the top 10 on The Top Tens so people can see how much Kirito and Asuna are loved. It breaks my heart that Sword Art Online now switched places with Pokemon and is now in number 3 with Pokemon being number 4 now on Most Overrated Animes. No matter how much people hate it, I will acknowledge the flaws and just move on with loving the anime series as a whole and Kirito and Asuna as a couple. I really grew attached to them not only for the hate they got from the anime community, but because they were a better couple, if not one of the best I have seen in anime. In most anime, the couple doesn't get together until near the end of the anime. But Kirito and Asuna get to become a couple quicker than that. Call it rushed or whatever, but I don't care since Kirito and Asuna actually do care for each other and there is no dominant influence over them in the relationship. And that's why no ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Even in a lot of romantic animes, most couples don't have the kind of deep bond that Kirito and Asuna have in SAO. They love each other for their qualities and for their faults. They wouldn't hesitate to die for each other, even knowing the full extent of what death means. They understand the danger and the consequences of trying to survive in SAO as well as the other dangers they face later in the anime, but instead of letting it get them down they turn to each other and do their best to shield the other from pain. Their bond is not only virtual but transcends to the real world. There is no better word to describe their relationship than "beautiful", which is not a term I, personally, usually use when describing anime couples.

This show was one of the firt animes I had ever watched and these were the first characters I ever felt an emotional bond to. It was almost as if I lost someone close to me when I finished his anime. The love between these people is so strong and in such a unique way, charming and sweet, yet Also so heartfelt and deep. Being that these characters depend on each other so much it is hard to not feel as if you Depend on them too while watching the series. One of the most heartbreaking moments of any show, book, or story, was when Asuna showed that she was willing to give her life for Kirito, and how heartbroken he was. I cried during this show and for me that was a first. Since then I have never found a ship to be as beautiful or emotionally engulfing, as Kirito x Asuna. No doubt that this is by far the best anime ship, and the best ship ever.

I know a lot of people say they like Log Horizon better, but Sword Art Online has one thing that Log Horizon doesn't: one of the best anime couples in anime history. What makes Sword Art Online stand out from Log Horizon is that instead of trying to be about cliche action-packed battles all the time and just focusing on being the strongest or smartest player in the game and forging cliche friendships, Kirito and Asuna have a relationship that goes far even beyond that of Fullmetal Alchemist's and Naruto's couples. Sword Art Online's romance is one that everyone can enjoy, seeing how Kirito and Asuna both interact as a couple both in the virtual world and the real world.

Kirito&Asuna is my favorite because this is the most well-fitted, perfect-matched and bonded deeply couple I have ever seen. Their love to each other is well prepared and supported by scenario significantly.
They see each other as the reason to continue living. How they are willingly to give their lifes to save one another is so awesome and the positionof them in the eyes of the society is make their love even more awesome.
Best thing about them is they don't avoid of showing their love. They are talking so sincerely and normally with each other like a really married and dedicated couple.

It is nice to see an anime/manga couple that is devoid of "will they get together" question. Most couples have this dynamic span multiple seasons and whereas we know where these two stand right away. It was nice to watch these two develop as a couple in a series that was not solely focused on romance. I think it was their interdependence that resonated most with me. They both relied on one another. Asuna protected Kirito as much as he protected her. They both held the other's best interests at heart and their relationship always came first. This couple was a breath of fresh air in the anime/manga community in my opinion.

A somewhat successful anime couple... THEY ACTUALLY END UP TOGETHER UNLIKE MOST ANIME I HAVE SEEN! Almost every anime they seem to confess but it takes forever for them to realize that they like each other. I do enjoy the chase... I just want to see a successful happy couple even if they die at the end! At least they were happy!

Asuna and Kirito have one of the deepest bonds I have ever seen in any anime. They show love and compassion while at the same time show strength and determination. They are each powerful, but they are unbreakable together. Other anime shows need to have more loves like this, because they aren't shy and blushing every five seconds so they're relationship seems more believable. They survive so much because they have each other by their sides. Their relationship is one to be cherished and admired.

Out of all the couples I've seen in anime so far, this one is the best one I've witnessed.
When I saw Sword Art Online, I though I'd expect nothing but action packed battles and epic moments. But my god, It's more than that. Kirito and Asuna not only love each other, but they both fight for each other's lives, Inside and outside the game. Both of them had their seperate character developments, but together, they become one, as the Best anime couple I've seen in Anime History.

God love the whole seasons all the way! And I thought they were such the CUTEST COUPLE I've ever seen. What I like about it is that, They stick together through the whole thing which I thought was pretty romantic. And really this show made me bawl out tear like a little kid. I personally think this show was really moving and powerful and with the two together god; it was perfect. I give it a 100% in MY opinion.


Of all the anime couples I can think of, Kirito and Asuna are my number 1 favorite. I don't like how the haters complain about the romance when this romance is actually more than that. First, they actually love each other and Kirito and Asuna DO take their relationship seriously, especially in the Aincrad arc. Second, they aren't like most couples I have seen in anime, who usually take a longer time to confess their feelings and either become a couple near the end or just don't end up together at all. That's why I love Kirito and Asuna. Third, even in Sword Art Online II, it was clear that they were still together and that they still actually cared for each other despite romance not being the main point of the sequel series. It may not have been shown as much in the first series, but the important thing is that they are still a couple and that none of them have forgotten it. Finally, they weren't all kissy-kissy when they were battling bosses together, because in boss fights like The ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This Couple is by Far the Best I've Seen After Romeo X Juliet.

SAO Has a Unique Plot and All, But it's Only Because of the Romance
Between Kirito & Asuna That Made the Anime Truly One of the Best.

I've Seen Lots of Romantic Animes, Where the Love is Mostly One Sided Till the Very Ending of the Story. But the Love Story Between This Two is Really of the Hook. You Can Tell the Depth of Their Feelings When You'll See the Expression in Their Faces When the Other One is in Danger.

In a Word, This Pair is Really the Cutest of All. It Definitely Deserves the Top-5 Spot. Won't You Guys Agree?

During there time in SAO at first they had this awkward gap between them. But slowly and slowly their relationship stared getting closer until at a point they were unseperatable. They are both strong fighters, and they both would go all out to save the other when they were in danger. Also then when Yui comes along its really something awesome for Asuna since she had some problems with her family. It was like a real family. Sword Art Online is an action filled anime, and I can tell they will be with each other forever. I can't wait for the movie to come out in February 2017

I don't care what the haters have to say. The reason why I love Kirito and Asuna as a couple so much is because they actually confess their love for each other after development over the Aincrad arc. If people want to say their romance is rushed, think again. Besides, it's better to become a couple in 10 episodes rather than wait about over 400 episodes just to confess your love. Plus, although I like Tatsumi and Mine (still wanted Tatsumi and Akame), one can argue that their romance was great but rushed since they only started loving each other in one single episode (the only development being that shopping day and their night operation in Episode 3). On the other hand, Kirito and Asuna get just enough time to develop their romance together whether it would be fighting together against Illfang or solving a murder mystery case together. Also, Asuna has even saved Kirito more than once on a few occasions, with the same going for Kirito saving Asuna. Finally, at least they're a better ...more

In my honest opinion their relationship is how real life should be. Put straight we're all gonna die eventually, could be a day, week, year or even a century but you dunno when it's coming. So why be awkward and fidgety when you could just be straight to the point? I mean it's not even as if Kirito tip toes about it at all, as soon as he knew Asuna knew and that's it, they were together, got hitched (digitally of course), got a house together, died together (in the game) and then finally got reunited... Fair to the point that didn't happen till after ALO but it was still a beautiful love story and a great reflection on how life should be yet isn't.

Asuna and Kirito have just the perfect amount of love. There is so awkward scenes between except when Asuna misunderstood what Kirito meant by "sleeping together". Plus, the anime also has the right pacing on progressing the relationship between Asuna and Kirito, in my opinion. Plus, I like how Asuna and Kirito's is not the only thing being focused on.

Well first of all, both of them are badass couples. they're actually really humble to each other. like asuna said in an episode that asuna will commit suicide if kirito dies during the first arc. not only were they a couple in the game, kirito tried extremely hard find asuna in real life and get her back from the second arc. their love for each other is really heartwarming.

The sweetest most genuine love lies within these two. They show us what real love is meant to look like. They set the standards high and then some. This couple has truly went to Hell and back for each other. And seeing Kirito cry for her when they were about to be deleted from Aincrad is enough to make anyone cry with him. I honestly envy them. They are the definition of love. Not some lust based relationship, but love. The feelings they have for each other are stronger than any words can say. They will ALWAYS be the number 1 couple in my heart. I can't wait for him to see her in reality again after Alicization. It will be so sweet.

They admit they've fallen for each other early on in the series, and in my experiences this is rare! You finally get to see a couple flourish after they're together, and see the challenges they face. They go through a lot for each other, and it's quite a beautiful relationship. Relationship goals right there.

For me, what makes Asuna and Kirito such an amazing couples is not only their love and devotion to one another but the respect they have to each other. They are a team first and foremost and they are each the others top priority. There's no question on where they stand and I think this makes them the best couple on this list.

Never cried watching any anime EVER. SAO made me cry tears of sadness and happiness all the time. The first time Yui called them Mommy and Daddy I cried. When they lost Yui I cried. When they finally met again in the birdcage I wept for about an hour. That's a powerful love story in any media much less anime.

It was straightforward, with their relationship starting on only episode ten, but it ended up very loving and adorable. Not necessarily relate able. Kirito always ends up being hit on by other girls (same with Asuna) and I think that their bond together is really special. If you've ever had an "online friend" in an MMORPG you will find this quite special, almost amazing.

In the end it was amazing, not gonna lie. (but no spoilers! )