Edward Elric & Winry Rockbell - Fullmetal Alchemist


This couple is beautiful! Childhood Friends-turned-Lovers, they have a beautiful relationship! Winry obviously cares a lot about Edward, even before they get together. She always worries about Ed and al getting in trouble, and she has become Ed's personal mechanic! Plus, they actually do get together in the end, and have two little children! Unlike in many other animes, this couple is actually canon! - popsmarts

They have what all couples in anime where there are hints they like each other need to have: closure. I mean, come on! They went trough good and bad and showed a lot of trust and care for each other. Plus, they got married and have children. What else can you ask? Besides, how come couples that are only semi-canon (not official) are above this one? That's not fair!

These two are just perfect. Sadly, the romance and love story isn't really built between these two, but the connection and relationship that they share is extraordinary. We get to see them as friends and then so much more. They bicker and laugh together, and in the end, they care for each other.

"You helped birth that baby in Rush Valley, saving both mother and child. You gave me the arm and leg with which I stand on. These hands aren't hands that kill. They're hand that give life."
- Edward to Winry.

They're a great couple because their love grew. They're magic.

They are the best anime couple! Because they've known each other since they were little and they have always had a good connection even though they do fight a lot but winry is one of the few people that ed trusts.

Best couple ever! I love how they get married at the end and have two adorable children! And unlike other anime couples that don't happen or hasn't happen yet... This couple does actually happen! (1 Anime and manga) I also love how Edward and Winry care for each other! I swear this couple is so adorable!

Their story is so perfect! They fight, they're together through thick and thin and that proposal was just so dorky and adorable! Easily one of the best couples of all time. And they're a heck of a sexy couple too ;D

I love how Edward denies his feeling towards Winry at first and his confession towards her at the end of the Brotherhood series is just adorable. If a guy confessed to me like that, I'd marry him on the spot.

If there's one thing this anime was missing, it was probably a clearer picture on whether or not Ed and Winry were ever in love or anything. Which we can all see they are. It's just adorable!

They need to be in the top 5. They have the most special relationship ever. EVER.

They have known each other for so long and trust each other so much. These two rule the anime world.


These two are so adorable and even though they argue A LOT, you can tell they care deeply for eachother. Edward gets so embarrassed when anyone mentions love between the two, and Winry was always supporting him and didn't even realized she was in love with him until way later. Heck, the ending with the two of them was so adorable and filled with so much emotion. This is my biggest ships of all time and totally deserves to be in the top ten.

P.S. Lemons with this pair aren't bad either...

They are cute how they are always fighting but it is obvious that Ed and Winry care deeply about each other

It's is so adorable. The romance in the anime does not overshadow the action of the show, but it's just in proportion. The little romance that there is, is done absolutely perfectly.

Edward and Winry are meant to be and you could just see them develop feelings for one another in secret throughout the anime and the manga series.They both also admitted to falling for one another and the proposal to marry Winry at the end of the series was so romantic! I mean I do ship Naruto & Hinata(X3) but I think Edward and Winry deserve to be the top anime couple they've been through so much together and bit by bit they've grown to love one another -Aubergine100

Hooray! They are in top ten couples now!

Ok, he refuse to die, BECAUSE OF HER! He had huge stick of metal in his stomach and he refuse to die because HE COULDN´┐Ż'T MAKE HER CRY FOR SOMETHING LIKE THAT! And when the scar thing happened, he manage to stop her from killing him. Even though he wanted to kill Scar himself for the same thing.

Why are kirito and asuna above Ed and winry? And why are lucy and natsu above Ed and winry also. Natsu and lucy aren't even a couple

Best. Couple. EVER! SPOILERS AHEAD! In Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood, they get married in the end and have 2 kids! They're the best match of all time!

Come on how many people on this list actually have a proposal scene (in FMAB, it wasn't in the original. The most intimate most of these couples get is just a kiss, and some not even that. Ed actually proposed to Winry, and come on it was just downright cute.

This should be on the top ten! Like seriously, a subtle romance is equivalent to a perfect couple! These two inspire me so much. They do not show a lot of obvious love expressions but as the show gets deeper and the plot gets better, these two develop some kind of fangirl-like fantasy love pairing! Definitely my number one couple! Come on guys, just vote and this will be one spot higher :D or better yet 10 spots higher!

These two dorks are absolutely adorable together, I'm very pleased they're in the top 10! Part of me wants to see a 2nd season or a movie following this show with more interactions between these two, but at the same time, I'd rather leave FMA the way it is. EdWin for life!

They have a good love story. You guys should know how much Edward loves Winry. - EpicJake

They 2 look really cute//even though difference in height is a probably//

Oh come on how could you know put them up on the list the love and passion for each other is there its unmistakable

This couple is just the cutest! If only Ed would just be a man and say his feeling then everything would be perfect!

I LOVE Fullmetal Alchemist! But Winry always punches Ed out of her house/workshop which is really funny and I hope they get together!