Haruhi Fujioka & Tamaki Suoh - Ouran HS Host Club


This was a well done romance in the manga. I was slightly disappointed with this couple in the anime, but what else can you do in thirteen episodes? This was a nice break from other anime love stories; Tamaki is a nice and good hearted person, he's the silly one in the relationship, and it was slow. It wasn't love at first glance and it wasn't at second laugh out loud. While I think we all guessed they'd get together eventually, I thought it happened realistically without forcing it on the characters. One of the things I like most about this couple is that they aren't two halves of a whole. They can get by without each other. They developed in a way that they are their own person and weren't written for the sole purpose of having to be with the other or else they can't achieve their full potential and blah blah blah. It's that they want to be with each other anyways.

never ever should naruto and sakura ever be a couple! they are not meant to be but unfortunately that is not how it is going to end up... tamaki has great feelings for haruhi and both well eventually realize that "she is not my daughter but lover" and haruhi well end up loving him as well... the last episode kind of gave that away... kyo and touru make a cute couple too! but alas tamaki and haruhi win!

I've seen this anime//maybe a 1000 times... It's just that.. I love Tamaki and haruhi so much.. That all this time I think they were meant to be together... We can never deny their love.. It's so magical.. And I don't think there will ever be such a romantic yet funny couple ever... They just deserve the first place-...

Haha, Haruhi and Tamaki made the feels enter my heart. I loved how confused Tamaki was at first, thinking that he loved her as a father. But then when he realized that he was /in love/ with her, the whole thing changed. It was adorable. I think the Manga was MUCH more developed than the anime (The manga has a different ending too)

I would definitely vote for this couple because they were so cute in the anime! I love how tamaki shows his interest to haruhi throughout the story and how haruhi is playing the 'hard-to-get' character. I think this anime is the best anime I've ever seen and will always be. Come on, where else would you get to see this type of couples in nowadays anime?

This couple should be in the top 10!
Thoughout the manga we see these two characters mature and break away from their shell. It's true whenever they say opposites attract- in this case personality. Haruhi and Tamaki are polar opposites on the outside but deep down they are both very caring and compassionate. She opened up his world and took him away from lala land into reality and he broadened her horizons. This is my absolute favorite anime and anime couple. There was never really drama or spite between these two- not saying everything was smooth in their path to each other, due to his family issue and her obliviousness.

Reason why this couple is the best in the manga. Anime was great but it was too short to show their development. They were the most slowly but sweetly developed couple in Shoujo manga. They grew as a person and admitted their feelings after. Not love at first sight but care at first sight.

This is probably one of the most adorable ships in anime history. Ouran was the first anime I've ever watched (not including like Pokemon and crap) so I've shipped these two since I've started watching anime and their relationship really touches me.

I think Tamaki would have loved Haruhi even if she was a boy. He's so infatuated with her, and she obviously likes him, it's hilarious! They're so oblivious to one another sometimes, but it's so cute! I love this couple

This was the couple I loved from the beginning! I love how she pretends not to like him and he's always just trying to prove his love for her. The best part is when tamaki over reacts to something Haruhi says.

Tamaki is so charming and plays off Haruhi perfectly! This whole show was perfect and actually had me changing my relationship opinions several times but Tamaki and Haruhi is just pure gold!

The way he falls head over heals for her and treats her like a queen is priceless- along with their hardcore "opposites attract" vibes. You'd be stupid not to want what they have.

Oh my gosh, I mean, this couple is so cute! Haruhi's dead lucky, because Tamaki's so cute. However in the later episode's he is a lot out of character. This disappointed me.

Cutest couple ever! I love these two so much! Haruhi belongs with Tamaki, not Hikaru! They are both so funny, its amazing how adorable they are together!

This couple is adorable! It take Haruhi a while to appreciate Tamaki, but she does begin to love him more and more as the series goes on.

They complete each other. Tamaki is all out there and Haruhi is mor comfortable in the shadows. Haruhi is more of a tomboy than Tamaki and he can be almost girlier at times. In the end, the both care a lot for their friends and others but especially, each other.

Tamaki is adorable and Haruhi keeps him in line like every good heroine should she out does any other feminine anime character

Couple of a LIFETIME my friends. It's obvious throughout the series that Tamaki cares about Haruhi and vise versa. I'm currently reading the manga also, although I already know how it ends! Which is good because if they didn't end up together then I'd probably die, or something.

This is a romance anime, so what do you expect. But this couple is so cute and lovely, I love the way they are to each other.

I love them because Tamaki is so frivolous and Haruhi is so practical. They're always clashing and it's so adorable!

I love this couple so much! And Tamaki's attempts to flirt with Haruhi, even when he thought she was a boy... So totally meant for each other.

I love them and the way they react but I am still very sad that the anime ended and there was not even one kiss.

This deserves to be in top ten! Why is it always Naruto in top ten! I just love this couple!

He loves her for who she is and not how beautiful she is the top of list in my opinion

Yet another cute couple despite how they began.