Jellal Fernandes & Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail


Jellal and Erza. There is no denying they were born to be with each other. Faith brought them together ever since they were little, they share a horrid past which strengthens there bond even more. They were split up when they got older but of course faith made a way to bring them back together, even if they ended up being enemies. They have there ups and downs but they always find a way back to each other. There is no doubt Jellal and Erza were meant for each other, it's obvious. There's an unspoken truth between them that everyone (including them) knows about but too precious to say out loud. This couple is truly remarkable and I've never seen two characters that goes so well with one another than these 2.

The romantic relationship between Jellal and Erza is intense: Their tragic past and all the bad things that happened to them are helping the character development and it creates a very strong bond between them. And after all the things they've been through you just know that no matter what bad things might happen to them in the future they'll always love each other. That's the one thing that would never change. It hurts seeing how these many circumstances hinder them to act upon their feelings but I'm sure that they'll be able to be together one day and they really deserve it.

They are just perfect for each other. Lol. Honestly, you'd be blind not to see the chemistry between them. They have this volatile connection that quickly morphs into something more uplifting. Their history, the constant obstacles... Seriously. The simple fact that they care for one another in such a profound way that when a condensed magic blast of cataclysmic proportion comes knocking, one is willing to die with the other, or when an amnesiac Jellal only remembers a "bright and full of hope" name, it speaks volumes. Lol. I digress... Love them.

I'm not usually into Shonen romance, because it's always the same thing: Girls likes boy, boy either doesn't like girl or is entirely oblivious to it. Jellal and Erza are different. They have mutual feelings for each other, and they face realistic struggles and obstacles on their journey to be together that can't be resolved in one chapter or two. They face serious challenges that they have to overcome, and even though they don't get to see each other that much, they inspire each other to keep going and hope for one day where they'll both be free from their past demons. They complete each other, and they truly, truly deserve to be happy.

I love this couple because jellal and Ezra are friends since they was young. When Ezra and jellal was young, they can realize that the will be the best couple of ever. Ezra love jellal because he is a good people he try to protect Ezra and his friends. And their love story make me cry a lot. When I know that jellal will further away Ezra. They was laugh, cry, when they know one of them have to do some heavy work and they laugh because they can they have some days and some months live together

I've never seen a more beautiful story than theirs. Seeing amnesiac Jellal awaken, the only memory left being Erza's name, made me squeal. You can tell he really loves her. And, oh my word, Erza. She's loved him since she was a little girl, even though all the horrible things he's done. They're the kind of couple that people dream about being, experiencing. I've never supported a ship like this before. Shipping Jerza so hard

I LOVE their story! How they met in The Tower of Heaven when they were kids. By the way, did anyone notice that Erza's marking is the color of Jellal's hair color which is blue and Jellal's marking is the color of Erza's hair color which is scarlet?

These two are my favorite couple from any anime ever. They literally have anything you could ask for in a couple. They have history, angst, tragity and sexual tension but at the same time they have some fluff and funny moments too. Their love for each other is mutual and completely unconditional which you can rarely see in anime. Also they're older and more mature then most anime couples which are all 16-17-ish. Plus they are in my opinion the hottest male and female in Fairy Tail and their hight and age difference is cute too. Even their character design looks like they're made for each other, Erza's hair and tattoo matching Jellals. They're perfect for each other and deserve to be at least in the top five.

What can I say? These two are an incredibly awesome couple. They were together in the Tower of Heaven as kids and kept the other person optimistic about freedom the whole time. Erza always believed that Jellal was good when he was possessed. Jellal and Erza share a silent and beautiful love for each other and literally everyone can see that. They are one of the true definitions of a mature couple.

They are my the best couple in my eyes. They used to hate each other but now (especially Erza) they have developed feelings for each other. Jellal wanted to see Erza as a "friend" but if you have been reading the manga (Grand Magic Games Arc) you will see Jellal is starting to be serious with his feelings. This ship isn't all romance but that's what makes it amazing.
My fave ship of all time will have to be this one.

The thing that makes their couple so cute is that they think they don't have anything between them, but they are the best couple of anime in history. I don't like anything like couples, like I don't even know what brought me here but if I ever see their couple in a list, I will vote them for the best couple ever!

Best couple ever! They had there ups and downs but they always end up closer than they were before. Erza does her best when she's with Jellal, & vise versa. They're happier when they're together and no one could ever break those two apart. They're a powerful couple, and I wished they would show more of their romance in the show.


They are a couple that just keeps coming together and meeting here and there. I love all of their scenes in the anime. They also aren't always lovey-dovey which makes them awesome. I like their almost kiss scene and I wish they had kissed. They have known each other for a very long time. They are the best couple ever!

My favourite anime couple of all time! They're both so cool! Normally the girl would be obsessed with the boy and the boy either doesn't care or completely oblivious to that, but with JeRza, the feelings are mutual and they are both aware of that, they just can't be together because Jellal is a fugitive. Furthermore, they're both powerful ( in Fairy Tail at least ) and Erza isn't a damsel in distress nor does she need Jellal to save her most of the time like other shonen girls usually do. Their story is heartbreaking and tragic, and the last name Jellal gave to Erza is so precious her that she had kept it even after he got manipulated and banished her from the Tower of Heaven, along with her blue FT emblem in memorization of him. They're so sweet. They deserve happiness in the end! - Goku02

I mean this couple has been through a lot of tough times together and still manages to keep their trust intact. They've known each other since children, Jellal almost killed some of her friends because a demon controlled him but Erza forgave him! THEY ALMOST KISSED! I've seen a lot of couples through my time but this ship has been one of my favorites, even years later to now.

For a romance that rarely comes... Even those like me, who always avoids the romance animes, love this couple. I think since this is a romance story that rarely ever shows up on screen, you have to wait a lot, and it doesn't get too cheesy and again, you have to wait. SO in my opinion this should be the first - Shinigami526

I love how when they were working as slaves for the R System that Jellal was always the one that was always there for her, to help her, comfort her, protect her, rescue her, and give her the hope that everyone in that wretched place wanted.
It was a giant tragic when Jellal turned "evil" and Erza soon had to fight him.
But in the end, Jellal freed himself from Zeref's influence and saved Erza from being the final sacrifice and therefore, died himself. ;-;

They actually love each other! The red thread of fate ties them together! Jellal and Erza have loved each other for years, even when they were seperated. And that's hard.

This couple has the most difficult history ever but they still make it work. Erza still loves Jellal even when many hate him and he even hates himself. It's heartbreaking, cute and lovely.

They are just the ONE. No other character can replace either of them. There's Jellal, a cold guy that was actually evil at one point. But Erza made him care. Erza showed him the good side of things. And he cared for her as much as she did him.

These two have a crazy history that actually makes them perfect for each other, and they have known each other since they were kids. Also Jellal named ERZA SCARLET! It's good stuff

Everything about this couple screams perfection to be honest. From their childhood friendship to the hardships faced because Jellal was possessed... Just... I cannot with this.

Also, even though Jellal pushed Erza away in a previous episode, later on in the fairy tail season, Jellal explained that he only pushed Erza away because he wasn't good enough for her.
Even so, Erza didn't realise this but had loved him all the time.
This ship was simply meant to be. Me being someone who thinks romance is a waste of time thinking of this ship as perfect, well to be honest, I don't even take myself on about shipping yet here I am, telling the world about a perfect ship.

Jerza is perfection and OTP and amazing and the best couple in Fairy Tail and maybe in any of the anime that I have watched. I ship it so hard. Every time I think about them I just fan girl so hard. They have such a history together and are always there when they need each other the most. Their almost kiss was pure torture and I almost fell off my chair when he pushed her away. I love these two. Especially in the Christmas manga special where Erza runs into Jellal naked and she gets all shy and embarrassed. But Jellal doesn't miss a beat and covers her with his jacket. It was so adorable and I will ship this couple forever!

I love this couple perfect! They are meant to be I just want them to kiss already like gosh jellal why are so scared lol. They are such a strong couple and have so much feelings for each other and have each other's back.