Kurosaki Ichigo & Kuchiki Rukia - Bleach


The fact that Kubo made sure that they're parallel just makes this couple too awesome to ignore. I mean, black and white? Orange and purple? Even their swords complement each other. Their personalities mesh well, too, and Ichigo listens to Rukia more than anyone else in the cast. Rukia, as well, knows Ichigo better than anyone else. AND HE KEEPS SAYING HOW RUKIA CHANGED HIS LIFE. You don't hear that much from other couples, hoho.

PLUS THEY HAVE A MOVIE. Gadamit. And they're sexy.


Whatever these two have, it isn't simple. It's more than just a bond. It's more than just a simple friendship.
Is it love? Or is it something more?
It isn't wishy-washy, cliche, or romantic relationship in any particular sense. There is no obsession, no flirtation, no intimate touches shared between them.
It's just the way the look at each other. They don't even have to use words to know what the other is thinking or feeling.
How deeply they care for each other and understand the other is simply beyond words and to have a relationship like that is simply priceless.
Whatever they have, it was strong enough to change their lives for the better and heal old wounds of the past.
Their bond is incredibly beautiful and my words don't even seem to do it justice.

The IchiRuki bond is something that is so rarely seen in literature, it only comes once in a hundred years. And while there are other pairings that could almost come close, something in the line of RoyAi from FMA or SoMa from Soul Eater, they still pale when compared with IchiRuki.

IchiRuki had everything: destined meeting of two people from different worlds, making each other better persons when Rukia taught Ichigo that all souls needed to be saved because it is a duty, gradual build of trust and care which was first seen during the Parakeet chapter, respect of boundaries when Rukia did not force Ichigo during MiTR, drying of the rain, paying debts, feeling like there's something wrong in the world when Rukia was missing like Blank, the Yin/Yang/complementary opposites, being able to read each other's emotions with a mere glance, time/speed of the world symbolism, reunions and separations, love and destiny being inherited, and unbreakable bonds. There so much more, I tell ...more - lunablanca14

So beautiful. It is simply a magical interaction that these too share. I love that Ichigo and Rukia know so much about each other and share such deep feelings. This for sure displays that they are more than friends. They are beautiful together and they have helped each other so much. Both have stopped the metaphorical rain that inhabited each other's heart. I just think that their relationship is pure magic, just gorgeous.

I think these is the best couple of all bleach, they are always fighting like a marriage couple, He's always protecting her and she is always worried about him. She's the only one who can stop the rain or pan in his chest and he's the man who changed her way to see the things and the life, they are so perfect for each other I CAN DIE! Dis you see ichigo's face when he noticed rukia didn't know him on the movie fade to black? Or when he lost his powers and rukia came back and he was like: RUKIA OH I MISSED YOU

I did noticed it.

I love IchiRuki. They may not show their love like a normal couple but just the way they interact with each other is pure chemistry. They both bonded on a much deeper level in just a short time, I mean how many can do that and risk their life for that said person? The two have a deep bond that they don't have to speak and use words anymore, but use action and eyes to do the talking for them. That is how deep their bond goes, they have a very special place in their hearts for one another. Although they don't show it, it is very clear that it is there, and if you can't well, tough luck. IchiRuki is Love

I just want Ichigo to be with the girl who saves his life instead of the girl who begs his dead corpse to save her. Is that too much to ask?

It's obviously Ichigo and Rukia... I mean, they complement each other perfectly. They have this special chemistry that words can't even describe. I think Orihime is a nice girl and I like her as a person, but I can't see her with Ichigo... Rukia was the one who got Ichigo out of the dumps when he got beaten against the arrancars. Even Orihime admits it. I love the way they can just look at each other and understand what the other one was thinking. When Ichigo says "Thanks Rukia, thanks to you I think the rain has stopped." I was literally screaming with excitement! One of the volume poems is "The rain drags black sun down, but the rain dried by white moon." Black sun White moon; Death Strawberry; King and Queen; they all show how Ichigo and Rukia are perfect for each other.

I don't think they're a couple, yet.
Still, you just have to read the manga (and the poems, oh God, the poems! ) to realize there's something there. There's no need to yell at the skies how much they love each other, there's no need to pledge eternal love. Eyes meeting each other without a word, unconditioned faith in the other, the ability to kick him back on his feet and the certainty that one's got the back of the other. If that's not love, then I don't know what it is.

I say that these is the best couple! Because they complement each other and they know each other so well! They trust blindly to each other! Their chemistry is perfect! They look so cute and Rukia always make ichigo feel happy! They are for one and other! -"That's the kind of man you have been in my heart Ichigo" *Ichigo grabs confidence and strength back* Rukia is the one who stop's the rain!

This is the cutest couple in anime/manga world. Still have not confessed their feelings, their relationship is wonderful. They understand each other, respect each other and protect themselves. Although one needs the other, is not a relationship of dependence. They are companions, fighting side by side, willing to die for each other. Simply beautiful!

IchiRuki is more than a "relationship." It's not friendship, it's not romance, it goes beyond. It's beyond mundane human emotions, their very souls are connected. From the moment they met, and probably even long before that, they were connected by the red string of fate, and it will tie them together in this life and in every life to follow. That bond will never break. They complement and contrast each other in every way: Black Sun and White Moon, Death and Strawberry, Queen of Hearts and King of Spades, The Sand and the Rotator, One Boy and One Shinigami. It's a story of destiny. They collided at one point and drastically affected each other's fate, they changed each other's world. They mean the world to each other and more. The impact they have on each other is so strong and so positive that they both help one another overcome their own struggles and self-loathing. "The rain drags the black sun down, but the rain is dried by the white moon" - Rukia stops the rain ...more

These two are perfect has anyone ever notices how much they worry like they're not going to see each other again. Ichigo has always looked at Rukia when he was depressed. More evidence is when the arancar arc started ichigo saw everyone off to where they were going to be saying when he finally turned to Rukia she ran into his house and even still wanted to be in his closet. Also Orihime said that she was jealous of Rukia because she seems to bring Ichigo up and make it stop raining in his heart

Ichigo and Rukia have such a strong bond together - you can clearly see it throughout the series even if you don't ship them together and despite how the ending turned out to be, just look how their bond even extends to their children. Mini Ichigo and Rukia all over again. Basically it's all Ichigo and Rukia to the very end. They have both become central entities in each other's lives; without Rukia, Ichigo wouldn't be where he is today and without Ichigo, Rukia wouldn't have been able to come this far. The two of them are what makes Bleach Bleach, they are made for each other and when it is decided that romance is not for them (though I truly doubt the romantic elements in Ichigo's case in the ending lol), then it is only natural that they are made for something much more than that. Despite being hurt by the ending, what my father says instantly reassured me, "Rukia cannot be Ichigo's wife, it would be a disgrace, she is something more than that to him."

They are perfect for each other and I love them so much. I love episode when ichigo are trening hard because he want to save rukia and when she lives him and says to not ever ever come after her and my favourite is when rukia was in very bad condision and when he has that very worried look on his face and that's the prof that he is in love with her. And I almost forget when they say goodbye to eachother because rukia must come bact to her world and ichigo has no spirit energy or how they call it anymore and their face it was so sad by the way I'm so sorry for bad English because I'm not good in it

These two trust each other and no matter how many times they are separated they always find a way back to each other. They made each other happy and helped take down eachothers emotional "walls", Rukia gave him power, and Ichigo reformed her bond with her oldest friend by giving Renji an opportunity, a second chance. This ship, even if it doesn't become canon, they'll still have the most unique anime relationship I've seen.

Their relationship is something I personally admire. It's based on mutually deep, deep understanding and trust in each other. It's not based on surface-level, petty, or sappy stuff. It's not one-sided. They make each other stronger and better as individuals. It's a beautiful undercurrent in their bond, no words needed! Love them!

Ichigo and Rukia have an unbreakable bond, the best thing is that even for people who claim they aren't romantic with eachother, they still reckognize that they've got the strongest and most profound bond in Bleach, I think that speaks volumes in a fandom where everyone's opinions are so diverse, I always like to go back to the argument that you can't really imagine Ichigo or Rukia introducing a significant other to eachother, "Yes you're my ray of light and I can't keep up with the speed of the world without you and I'm the man in your heart and I made you smile and you stopped my rain but this is my girlfreind just so you know", it's really a bond that can't be defined in words and when that kind of bond exists you can expect the best and the most from it

Words can't even begin to describe how great Ichigo and Rukia are together. They're relationship is something everyone dreams of and hopes to someday have. They're the unbreakable bond, the king and queen, the sand and the rotator, the black sun and the white moon, and death and the strawberry. The chemistry between them is beautiful and inspiring.

First of all, their bond more or less transcends all. It's hard not to think of one without the other, as it is to deny this as fate; destiny, if you may call it. There are countless reasons as to why this pairing is so strong and so loved, but I won't go into those. Both Ichigo and Rukia serve as each other's salvation, the second chance to come to terms with the grief in both of their pasts, and both are able to grow into people they're proud to become because of each other. Their relationship is so intricate and inexplicable, and no one quite understands either of them the way they do each other. Ichigo has done the impossible for Rukia and vice versa-- He was willing to fight through all of the Gotei 13, just to see her smile again. When he lost his powers, Rukia ensured to do her best to help him regain them, and he did. I could go on and on but in short, their bond is unbreakable and their dynamic is unique. Black Sun, White Moon. The Sand and the Rotator. Life and Death, King ...more

Ichi ruki is the best and I have to admit it... They love each other from the beganing.. When I first saw two of them together in bleach episode 1, I knew that they will be 1 of the best couple and it has become one of the best... So ichiruki is the best!

Thank you Rukia. Thanks to you, I think... the rain has stopped. - Ichigo, chapter 181.

The rain drags Black Sun down, but the rain dried by White Moon. - SOULs and VIBEs covers.

That's the kind of man you have been in my heart, Ichigo! - Rukia, chapter 196.

I remember now... the reason why... I wanted to save you so much. - Ichigo, chapter 181.

This ship is honestly so symbolic and healthy and I've shipped it since I started the series well over a decade ago. They're constantly supportive of one another and they're always around to snap the other out of a funk and get them back to their regular selves. They always have each others back and the concern and love they share is beautiful. Rukia changed Ichigo's life and he changed hers. Their dynamic is so wonderful; they argue like an old married couple but they always defend one another when it comes down to it. I could go on forever about how perfect this ship is and how they're always there through thick and thin.

They're the best and better than the rest! They are made for each other. I like Orihime but she's better off with Uryu. Rukia and Ichigo have a deep connection and are always stuck to each other. I hope they become a couple in the future, after all Rukia is Ichigo's strength :D

Their love is written in the manga. One boy. One shinigami. The story of destiny begins. Fate and destiny. The destiny Ichigo inherited from his parents. Memories in the Rain, Ichigo's story. Memories in the Rain 2, Rukia's story. Everything but the Rain, Isshin and Masaki's story. Masaki saving Isshin. Rukia saving Ichigo. Their lives are changed forever since their fate is intertwined. Ichigo and Rukia care and understand each other, support each other, have utmost faith in each other, find comfort in each other. Ichigo said, "the person's words made me feel a lot better." chapter 398. Ichigo said, "I wonder if I could keep up with the speed of the world that has no YOU in it," volume 49 poem. Ichigo's FULLBRING burst into activation the moment he focused on Rukia, and he had Riruka's heart sticker on his cardigan. Riruka called her power revolving about things she LOVES. Rukia never gave up on Ichigo when Soul Society wanted to kill him. She stood up for him against Commander ...more