Kurosaki Ichigo & Inoue Orihime - Bleach


I ship them so hard. This pairing gives me many feels, they are so cute and adorable together. I mean Orihime is the only girl officially fall in love with Ichigo, no one else but her. Kubo makes her loves him for a reason afterall Bleach is not shoujo but shounen so I believe this couple is going to be the end game, typical shounen manga.

And god... I love the way Ichigo treats her like a lady, as far as I read Bleach I have never seen Ichigo as nice as he towards Orihime to anybody, he is so gentle to her, he promised to protect her and yes he always protects her when she is in danger just like how a hero saves his girl, laugh out loud. The interesting fact here is that almost all enemies that had fighted him used Orihime as a bait to get Ichigo, and yeah this trick so far never failed, and 100% effective. - hinamesh

I love this couple and we all know Orihime loves Ichigo plus Rukai belongs with Rengi

This couple is EVERYTHING to me, GOD THIS COUPLE. These two just seem to always have this force, this pull that just pulls them together. The way they look at each other, the way they protect each other. He's always asking HER if she is alright, it is so endearing, I mean he could be hurt and he cares so much for her. Also The way she way she protect him, god this couple inspires me. There is NO COUPLE like them in Bleach, one of a kind.

Their promises to protect each other, Orihime's canon love for Ichigo (the only canon love towards him), the looks they give each other, the way Ichigo smiles at her, the way he goes into such a terrible rage when someone speaks ill or threatens Orihime... It HAS to mean something, their dedication and will is what makes this ship the most beautiful of all.

Ichigo and Orihime are actual couple Their relationship is underrated Rukia and Ichigo were like brother and sister No romance Orihime is the one Ichigo should end up with

Orihime risks her life for ichigo and I love her shes my favourite female character and I know ichigo loves her too when he saves rukia he threw her down but carried orihime and both of them have orange hair they both should be together besides rukia never admitted that she loved ichigo and never did ichigo to rukia but well never to orihime too but kubo said that orihime is the heroine so that means she is and ichigo the hero so they should be together

These two should get number 1 and I'm sure it will orihie is the heroine and the hero ichigo why don't people get it remember when ichigo saved rukia he threw her like garbage and to orihime he brought her down he cares for orihime and I love this pair

I feel like no one else understands this adorable couple. I think some of it roots from the fans' hatred for orihime but I love her so much. I like rukia too so I tried seeing bleach from an ichiruki perspective but I plainly could not. ICHIHIME!

Why is this so low!? These two are adorable.

To be honest they both are more like brother and sister so for this to be a ship it’s weird - Starryskys122

This pairing is beautiful, I just love how Ichigo and Orihime are with eachother, Orihime tries SO hard to not to be a burden to Ichigo, to become stronger for him, and Ichigo, those smiles he gaves to her, asking if she's okay, I love how protective he's with her, more than with any other character, maybe their personalities are different, but they complement eachother, someone happy like orihime for someone who doesn't smile that much like ichigo, and even then, they share a similar past, they both lost the most important person of their lifes when they were just kids, and they were bullied in their childhood because their hair color, I think they would make an amazing couple, my OTP FOR EVER

"I will protect you without fail! "
These two will be the death of me. I've never shipped a pairing so hard before, I just feel they are perfect for each other. And even though I like a lot of pairings I see here, I give my vote to IH because they are amazing :))

Lets just wait and see... I believe this ship is going to be a canon sooner rather than later...its 2015 going to 2016 most probably it will be reveal around 2nd trimester of 2016 so can't wait...

They have to get together I haven't finished the show yet

I love this couple and I really really dislike the Ichigo and Rukia pairing ( I think they should be just friends ) but I think that Ichigo and Orihime will end up together anyway

Beautiful bond. Can't wait for Ichigo to confess.

Ichihime is supposed to happen with a 89% chance. I wonder if that's a high percentage? ( sarcasm in voice)

Ichigo is so meant to be with orihime NOT rukia

It'll never be canon, since Tite Kubo said there would be no overt romance in Bleach, but I feel like Ichigo and Orihime already care about each other a lot, and they have a lot in common. I could easily see Ichigo falling for Orihime, simply because she is a kind and caring person.

They're number 1 on my own list... I just love them together... Orihime resembles Ichigo's mom. And looking back at how Ichigo saved Orihime in Hueco Mundo, agh! How could you not love them? IchiHime...

Ichigo and Rukia shouldn't be a couple I mean she would be perfect for Rengi and Ichigo is for orihime

"It's easy to see that Ochigo and Orihime have some sort of connection. When he traveled to Hueco Mundo to save her, that's all he was fightibg for, to bring her home. I also loved the part where she didn't want to see him in pain anymore, and he just instantly beats Grimmjow

To be honest I have no idea why I like this pairing so much. I'm not that big of a fan of Inoue but I seriously ADORE Ichigo and I just feel she's the right one for him. I have nothing against any ichigo pairing, whatever Kubo decides I'll be ok with it as ling as Ichigo is happy. But because of the little things, like him picking her up after the grimmjow fight as if he was just so happy to see her unharned he haf to embrace her in a way, I dunno, the way he did that makes me think he really does like her. So yeah, I give my vote to IH because
They are simply adorable together and because I think Ichi has feelings for her :))

Ichihime is the real couple in bleach... I hate rukia because she's ruining ichihime's love team..

L totally love this Couple! N Ichihime for life! ORIHIME IS Lovable n preety while Ichigo is just awesome!