Naruto Uzumaki & Haruno Sakura - Naruto


To me, they're like IchiRuki: they should've been together. I don't get the whole thing of Naruto ending up with Hinata when it was his dream to be with Sakura. Much like Inoue, Hinata was never majorly acknowledged by the main protagonist unless she was hurt or needed, depending on how dire of a situation that the hero and his comrades found themselves in. Nothing against Hinata, but I was never personally drawn to her. Not a whole lot of personality. Yeah, she's quiet and is supposed to "temper" Naruto's more brash personality...but why does he have to be "tempered? " He's obviously smart enough and analytical (not to mention, STRONG enough) to be Hokage while still being his usual loud self. If anything, I imagine him and Sakura would've worked together beautifully because she does keep him grounded but also allows, and accepts him, for being loud and reckless. I don't know. I know what happens canon wise, but much like another ship, I refuse to part with it.

Naruto and Sakura have such a strong bond between them and they are able to trust each other like no other characters can. These two would make the most fun couple with the relationship they have. It's definitely entertaining and feels right because they are able to always be themselves and have that much trust with each other.

I like these two's chemistry, they are very known to other anime lover just like me.. And their personality really suit for each other.. Unlike hinata, who was I think a dependent girl to Naruto, and I know they can rock the whole anime world since both of their stories are interesting. And besides Naruto loves sakura and I think Sakura feels the same way too.

I love this couple. I have been shipping it ever since I started watching it, and while I watched them grow and develop, I just wanted to shove them together and yell, "KISS". Naruto loves Sakura, but Sakura has the shallow love-crush on Sasuke who does nothing but treat her (not to mention ALL of Konoha) badly. Honestly, them getting together would be the best example of, "Not all beautiful people are beautiful inside," and "Sometimes, you gotta look past the fake smile". I loved how in one episode, little-Ino and Little-Sakura were talking, and Ino said; "He's always smiling at you, I think he has a crush..." and it was just so sweet and cute. Plus, if you take Naruto's personality into consideration, he's not one to give up. Especially not to Sasuke. Sakura, I think, is that finally tether. Whether Naruto can win her over, or Sasuke with no effort, it's all part of the story line. I won't be surprised if Sakura does favor Naruto in the end. He has been true to her, always by her ...more

Sakura and Naruto had the most romantic development. They cared for each other, supported each other and worked hard for each other with a deep level of respect actively and they never tried to hide it.

Naruto had always adored Sakura and cherished her faults and Sakura's feelings matured past a silly obsessive crush for the cool boy (stupid) to actual genuine feelings of love for a man, Naruto, who respected her and was always there when she needed him most. She supported him through pain and isolation (along with Iruka Team 7) they have done so much for each other selflessly with no selfish motives.

The best thing about these two is they didn't destroy or hurt anyone to be together and they didn't obsess over each other 24/7 putting them above everything, they loved each other but knew where their priorities were. They could be independant and they never underestimated each other.

They are soul mates, and were meant to be together since the beginning of the manga, anime. As the story progress you can see the love that is shared from both parties towards each other. In the end they should be end game. For the people that say that Sakura doesn't feel anything romantically towards Naruto, then you are surely mistaken, as even Yamato has seen the love. They are the couple that just fits so well, it would also put the manga/anime on a whole new level of greatness.

This ship is here as no.13 in the Contenders.
Quite shocking, to me of course that is, this is merely opinion over facts but,
The reality between Sakura and Naruto is more of a brother, sister complex.
Sakura never once showed a liking to Naruto although he would always chase after her, in the past times that is.
After some time Naruto became a little more distant from Sakura and didn't have time for Sakura.
Later on in the Naruto storyline there was a major plot twist.
Sakura didn't want Naruto to continue so she lied and attempted to convince him to return by manipulating his feelings towards her.
Then and there Naruto slowly began to like hinata more and to willingly protect her.
Even though Hinata love him and disliked seeing him hurt.
She still supported him out of love.
Signs began to show more proof that they were meant to be and their ship grew more supporters.
NaRa isn't how to say of the majorities favourite ship.

I don't know why people didn't put NaruSaku as their choice. They share most valuable moments together than any other pairings and have more fluential development. Sakura also has matured for Naruto as Naruto has grown stronger to keep his promise to her. I guess that because people see Sakura as a weak person not as a strong kunoichi who is fated to surpass Tsunade. She is also physically stronger than any kunoichi and shinobi

How can you possibly pair these 2 together? Sakura never cared for Naruto in a romantic way, even when he saved her life and was always on her side. Naruto's love for her was just a childhood crush, nothing more. They love each other in the sense of brother and sister, but no not at all romantically

Why is this even in the list? Sakura NEVER really had feelings for him and Naruto only thought he did because of the orphan thing, which made harder for him to differ between true love and just "thinking someone is nice". Plus, Sakura lied to him. Want more reasons not to ship it? The WHOLE anime she kept friendzoning him and running after Sasuke. Why? Because she loved Sasuke not Naruto. In the fight against Pain, Hinata almost DIED to protect Naruto, saying that she doesn't matter dying if that's to protect him. This is love for me. And what did Sakura do? Absolutely NOTHING. If Hinata didn't come, Naruto would be taken and Sakura would be JUST WATCHING! Is this real love for you? Is this actually a ship? Why do you guys even ship this? Worst couple ever.

This pairing really flow so well, that's no wonder this pairing has a great chance of being true. Even they have support from background history, their chemistry is almost perfect. They both laugh, cry, motivated, and live to make each other happy. Even the story behind is a nice storytelling. Bottom line, NS is my choice.

Naruto and sakura are the most cute couple ever... Naruto really loves her and he do everything for put her happy! And I really think sakura likes him very much!

Well, Sakura's feelings started to become obvious in Naruto Shippuden episodes. Naruto liked Sakura more like loved her since the very beginning of the series and there is no doubt that he truly cares a lot towards her. They really are compatible.

Naruto and sakura for me they make te best couple from manga and end of story

They are completely compatible, no matter what sakura bashers say about sakura beating Naruto, it is just to show how much sakura cares for him (sometimes for comical reasons also).

Naruto and Sakura may not be the cutest couple (at least to someone else) but they work really well together. This pairing has the most development in the whole show and they've known each other so long they can be themselves around the other and feel comfortable around them.

They're almost meant to be. Kushina, Naruto's mother, is just like Sakura. Plus, their chemistry is really fun and bright in a sense. Naruto already likes her, and I'm sure Sakura just has to take her deep emotions for him into the route of love. - exoticly

They were not like brother and sister at all. Since we do brothers and sisters flirt with each other? Sakura was staring at Naruto and flirting with him when he got back to the village from training with Jiraiya.Naruto was crushing on her for years. They went on dates and sakuras confession was even proof that they don't have a brother sister relationship. Who says that to their brother? People who say that they had a brother sister relationship tell me if you have that kind of relationship with your siblings.

I think they are best couple in the anime and real world so please keep voting a real couple

Yeah! They are the perfect couple! I love this couple!

Originally this was how it had to be. Don't you think that Naruto, who throughout his entire life had feelings towards Sakura, fell in love with Hinata in one movie which is strange. Also, Minato said that Sakura reminded him of Kushina and also was told to marry someone like his mother. At least, at the end of the day NaruHina is a bit acceptable but SasuSaku no ways. If you guys remember Sasuke tried to kill Sakura many times. How can she marry a guy who tried to kill her! These are just my opinions no offense to other fans.

Naruto and Sakura for sure they just feel right

Not bad couple but they're not really efficient

They are the best couples in anime. I hope they will be together until ends

They would be so cute and adorable together. Naruto had liked her from the start and she is starting to see that she likes him to. Go narusaku