Natsu Dragneel & Lucy Heartfillia - Fairy Tail


You see their bond change from strangers, to allies, to companions, to friends and then best friends. There is SO MUCH background for these two that I'm honestly shocked that they aren't officially together (yet). The loyalty and downright love (whether that love is strictly platonic or romantic is up for debate, though I for one have no doubt that it's very close to romantic) between them is enough to literally make me smile and grin and WISH for a connection that deep with someone.

My only question is... Why aren't they canon yet?

I Love love love this couple I ship them so hard, that I even made a fan page, pefect shipping couple in shonen animes bcos in long running shonen anime, its usually one sided but here its totally obvious, from lucy it already is seeing how much she cares for him and matches well with him and natsu is so protective of her, and that scene was romantic when he digs up the rainbow blossom tree just for lucy... They are funny well matched, behave like best friends who are in complete without the other like TOTALLY MEANT FOR EACH OTHER, especially the recent emotional scenes in the manga was so moving...Seriously all that is left for them is to confess and live together..they ought to be number 1

"You want to join Fairy Tail, right? Then come with me! "-Natsu
"No! Running away by myself? No way. It's always more fun when we are together! " -Lucy
"Don't cry, Lucy. Let's save the tears for when we win."-Natsu
"Nobody will take Lucy's future! "-Natsu
"You took something precious to me in front of my eyes"-Natsu
"I.. I'm all fired up.."-Lucy

Oh my, I just SHIP THEM! They are awesome, and as I see it, from some point in the anime, the way their connection is shown is just SO STRONG! I get the feeling they both feel so strongly for one another, and they know they do, even if they don't say it out loud. The hug lucy gives natsu from behind after eclipse, and the way he tells him he always believed in him is perfect. ALSO when before that arc natsu wakes up searching for her and then runs and catches her, the WAY SHE LOOKS AT HIM and the way she is tearing up watching him fall while running to catch her is SOMETHING ELSE!

Lucy and Natsu are totally meant to be together and their the cutest couple ever. I wish the people who made this anime would at least show some romantic scenes (kissing, confessing the love, rescuing her, real death, or at least a date). Or they can make a episode where they capture Lucy because she is the key to something then there a blast and a whole building falls and she loses her memory and natsu and other help her but then she gets it back somehow and they kiss.

They are the best couple ever! They need to get together for the sake of my life! Nastu is always by Lucy's side and fighting for her! They're love is so obvious that Happy can even see it! It's a number 1 couple! The best! Anyone who says they aren't the best couple needs to wake up! They are so perfect together! I have flaming key paintings all over my walls! It's meant to be!

Hmm *nod* *nod* but I think the only reason why they don't get first place because they resemble the characters Haru and Elie from rave master, which in case same people don't know was also made by Mashima Hiro (great author by the way), I guess some people don't pick them because having them together would seem to be a cliche ending from the author Mashima Hiro

Natsu and Lucy have one type of love that not many other anime romances have. True love. True love is when two paths meet and completely changes each other's fate. Ever since Natsu has crossed into Lucy's boring life of running away from her father, her world completely changes. Lucy has always seen Natsu as someone special, in which is what she really likes about him. As a writer, her point of view shows that he gives her courage to keep fighting so they would live to see "tomorrow." Lucy also claims that out of all her friends in Fairy Tail, no one is more special than Natsu.

Another thing about true love is that opposites attract. Lucy is a regular (smart) girl with a good heart. Although she is somewhat stereotype, she proves that she cares deeply for her comrades and celestial spirits. Natsu on the other hand, has a loud and heroic personality. (Also loves food.) As a boy raised by a dragon, he has learned to grow stronger by turning his anger into strength. He ...more

Absolutely the cutest couple ever! Next be Gray and Juvia! These two are unexpected as a couple because of Natsu's lack of couple knowledge but he shows so much care and compassion towards Lucy - as she does him!

Natsu and Lucy are my favorite couple. They are very cute, funny and perfect for each other. They love each other. They always defend each other, worried for each other. Their relationship is very strong. I like them a lot.

Thinking about this couple really puts a smile on my face. I mean seriously, how can anyone not love this cute couple?
I honestly think that even though this couple is not canon, their bond is strongest than any of those who are officially together.

I love them! These two understand each other and share the good and bad times together. Although this is common Fairy Tail behavior, their relationship is taken to the next level. They trust each other. They would gladly die for the other and trust them with their very lives. Natsu saves Lucy often and Lucy didn't abandon him when fighting the fatso saying it was more fun together.

ITS COMPLETELY INSANE NOT TO SHIP THEM, with everything they've gone through from when they first met at the port to when Lucy was holding his life in her hands in his battle against Zaref. Every adventure they have gone on they have been beaten and tortured for each others sake and just the fact that Natsu would never let anyone even try to kill Lucy without him getting into a full blown demonic state means something because its more than just comrades to them. To him Lucy is his "best friend the one who completes me"

The are just so cute together also I want gray x juvia gajeel x levy
Lisanna x laxus elfman x evergreen wendy x romeo charla x happy but mostly natsu x lucy that would be the cutest

I think these two are so unbelievably cute. I mean just think about it; The princess and the dragon. How much more of a fairy tale do you want? These two will ALWAYS be my most prized and favorite pairing of them all and I hope they'll get to number 1 in this list!

Natsu and Lucy always together all time. They're understand each other. Natsu always worried and care about Lucy, and Lucy very care about Natsu. They very cute and funny if together. Ah... They are the best couple for me! I hope someday Natsu kiss Lucy or say I Like You or I Love You to Lucy :3

In the beginning of the anime and manga... Bora's love story effects Lucy until Natsu bumps into her and it breaks... Later in the anime she finds out that the only way to break a love spell is for one to see their true soulmate... Evidence!

I've never seen a couple that work together such as Nalu. They help each other and always seem to be their when they need each other the most. Natsu with his funny, strong and goofball personality matches Lucy's smart, kind, sweet and determined personality. They help each other reach the dreams they have and the make a cute funny couple that most people will love even if they aren't Nalu supporters.

This couple are absolutely amazing! They definitely suit each other and are so cute together! They've been friends since the start of the anime, hopefully in an episode they might actually be a complete couple.. They're so amazing and cute and they do lots of things to help each other out and to make sure they're ok, so romantic! :D :D :D

Natsu and Lucy are the best couple ever! I honestly wish I could be them. When Natsu caught Lucy all the way back on episode 22 I cried. I am a loser. But anyways they blush every time they even talk about the other person. Lucy has definitely shown that she has liked Natsu for longer but they both are made for each other and those who ship GrayLu are horrible. I LOVE NATSU!

! I can't believe it! They're not 1st? Like seriously, they are THE cutest couple ever! (plus the hottest;)) Nalu forever! By the way, all the other couples got nothing on them... No offense, but yeah.

You can definitely see that they care about each other, especially Natsu. Whenever Lucy's in trouble, he gets furious beyond reason and he also becomes very serious. This couple should definitely be higher up.

I love their chemistry. Vote for this anime and please watch fairy tail, you'll love it!

They are the best couple ever, Both ae so naive about their feelings toward each other. But in good times in bad times they always work things together.. for me these couple should be in # 1.

This is just the best couple so far in anime, It has a lot of suspense whether Natsu or Lucy will end up or not? So a lot of fan react so bad and actually it end up in fighting because of their own opinions. Natsu always saving Lucy, the same as her to him. It has a lot of trill that fans love a lot! I'm so excited! I hope their first kiss happened already! And I hope they are the one who will end up together! I'm just very thankful, that Hiro Mashima come up with this story! And for me and the rest of Fairytail fan this is the no. 1 couple in all anime!