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181 Lucy & Loki - Fairy Tail

This is a crack pairing that could actually work. I think they should be the canon pairing, totally. NaLu is too overrated. I think it's too obvious for the main characters to be together. Lucy and Loke's chemistry could turn Fairy Tail into a whole new manga, maybe that's the reason Hiro Mashima paired Lucy with Natsu, what a shame.. -, -"

This seemed crappy at first but things may actually go well. - Animefan12

...Okay this one is just weird. I don't see what makes these two compatible, aside from the whole 'Loki flirts with Lucy' stuff. I think since Loki is Lucy's celestial spirit, the relationship would never work. Sure, Loki's story included LoLu, but from then on out the ship has been a small, stranded boat in the ocean. After Lucy saved Loki from death, the ship just got, I dunno, stuck.

Nope, it can be like sakura and sasuke, they weren't together for what? THE ENTIRE ANIME except for some episodes, and GUESS WHAT?! THEY GOT MARRIED AND HAD A DAUGHTER. It will most likely happen in fairy tail, like NALI and LOLU

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182 Kira Yamato & Lacus Clyne - Gundam Seed

Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne are a great couple. Kira and Lacus are very gifted. They have to power to make a difference. Those who think they should not be together are losers. Shinn Asuka, the dickhead, will never be able to top that.

Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne are the best couples in Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny. They have the SEED Mode.

Those two are very great characters.

Shinn Asuka will never be able to top that. Shinn will always lose girls because of his arrogance.

Kira Lacus Forever...
They're BEST couple... with boding level Max... Truly a Match Made in Heaven...

183 Kei Takishima and Hikari
184 Ciel Phantomhive & Sebastian Michaelis - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

They are just adorable! It melts my heart to see a demon falling in love with its master. With all of the problems and the situation their in (Sebastian wants Ciel's soul) its still clear Sebastian doesn't just do stuff because he has to. He cares for Ciel- the only reason he picked him in the first place was because he was attracted to his soul.
The teasing, the jealousy, the formality, the height difference, the dancing lessons, I love those two. A lot.

Kuroshitsuji was originally supposed to be a hardcore yaio, but the company said to revise it, but we still get those small moments of SebaCiel yaio in our otaku lives

Maybe it does seem weird that Sebastian is extremely old and Ciel is really young but so what? They obviously care for each other. I think they're too cute!

I love this pairing so much! - RebeccaDarking

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185 Death the Kid & Symmetry - Soul Eater

Its about time somebody posts it...

100% yes, those two are known. This is the most symmetric ship I ship.

The most accurate ship of all time.


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186 Makise Kurisu & Okabe Rintarou - Steins; Gate

Underrated anime.

More steinsgate would be appreciated

187 Kyouko Kirigiri x Makoto Naegi - Dangan Ronpa

The way they trust each other and depend on each other is so cute! They always seem to care for each other and have each other come before themselves.

They are so caring for one another! It's adorable!

188 Kaname Chidori & Sousuke Sagara - Full Metal Panic

If you read the manga, you'll love them and their story... Sagara became human and fell in love, going against the military rules, commands and discipline... All because of Kaname Chidori... =)

Watch the anime and read the manga, this couple deserves a top spot. A budding relationship within the chaos and adventure in the story is what makes this couple one of the best.

Best Couple EVER because of the romance and comedy involved.

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189 Kaoru Shimizu & Goro Honda - Major

they argue, they make jealous of each other, but in the end you know what I mean - ronluna

they are denying it at first but they confess their feelings and become a couple after their winter break - ronluna

They knew each other since they were kids and on the 6th Season of the anime, they became husband and wife. =)

190 Mazaki Anzu & Yami Yugi - Yu-Gi-Oh!
191 Ayane & Toshiya Sato - Major
192 Rokudo Mukuro & Chrome Dokuro - Reborn!

! I can't believe nobody has put this couple up yet! They are way too cute togethe, the fact that he cares for her a lot & how she adores him it's super duper cute! In thanjavur she confesses her true feelings to him! (I got goose bumps the 1st time I read it and still do get them every time I purposely go back just to read it again! )

193 Moritaka Mashiro & Azuki Miho - Bakuman

I don't need to elaborate, man... These two become so flustered and embarrassed when they are around each other.
It's sweet. Like seriously, watch Bakuman and then come back to vote.
I don't think it deserves to be in the top ten... But I wish it was higher.

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194 Neji & Hinata - Naruto

I'm supposed to support incest? This couple is actually disgusting to me because if you haven't realized it. They. Are. Cousins.

Hey in Japanese culture cousins! Not an issue, what are you an alien?

Hello I'm pretty sure it's normal in clans to keep the blood pure

The advacement of their relatonship is remarkable, is it to say anything

195 Light Yagami & Misa Amane

He basically used her just to kill more people

He used her at first but then he starts to like her

How hasn't somebody thought of this yet. They are the only 'real' couple in the anime. It is obvious that Misa has feelings for Light, and Light's feelings grow as the anime continues.

This is literally so great. I'm personally kinda judgy of all anime stuff but this was just great.

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196 Louie & Ila - Rune Soldier/ Mahou Senshi Riui
197 Balsa & Tanda - Moribito:Guardian of the Spirit
198 Ran & Shinichi - Detective Conan

Their love is very solid to each other. Ran really wait for shinichi to came back even though he's always there by her side but not as shinichi but conan instead. And shinichi always protecting ran when she's in danger.

199 Kaede & Hyosuke - Please Teacher

They were always meant to be together all it took was a little help from Kei & Mizuho to bring them together.

200 Karin and Kazune - Kamichama karin

They are just something! Perfect

They are already married so it doesn't really matter if anyone else doesn't ship them

So cute, their story is adorable too.

So cute it is especially when he is drunk

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