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221 Gray Fullbuster & Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail

I kind of understand the small motivation of this ship, but I believe it's one of those ships that are only imaginable. Only imaginable, as in you can ship it, but there's no chance it really happening anytime soon. I have to agree with Juvia on this ship, because it doesn't seem appealing to me. To be completely honest, I don't know what people find cute about this. There are absolutely no hints of GrayLu ever becoming canon. I personally would prefer Gray with Juvia and Lucy with Natsu.

They are the best couple with Gray being so handsome and Lucy being so beautiful I think they are the best couple in anime history.

What is going on here? I don't see any chemistry between them.

UMMM NO. EWWW. Nalu and Gruvia are endgame.

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222 Mai Moritaka & Kazuhiko Aikawa - Dear Boys

When I read dear boys manga, at first I think just about sport, but this have bit love story too, one alternative to captive girl reader, this couple so cute, but really passionate especially when they just two, aikawa really passionate to kiss mai, they kissed often, 2 times in one moment. ^-^

Yes they are amazing basketball couple. Aikawa is endearing while mai is feminine but I know she's strong since she always support Aikawa. Although Aikawa seems inocent and cheerful, there's a dark side of him that's shows that he's depressed. But mai still passionately wait and alaways care for him

I love this couple: Aikawa and Mai moritaka forever!

223 Yato & Hiyori Iki - Noragami

What's one of the reasons I can't stop watching Noragami you may ask? THE ROMANCE! So here's the deal- I'm not a big fan of straight up romance animes, but I do love it when my nice adventuristic manga threw in a crushing or two there. Noragami does this very well, and although I was hoping I could marry Yato, I'm fine leaving him with Hiyori. There's still not much relevant information about them definitely being in love yet, if you read the manga it's pretty obvious something's going to happen. I mean for heavens sakes people it's now even considered a romance manga. That has to mean something!

Crying at how far down the list this is. This anime is my favorite because of the romance. Ugh they are so perfect and the way Yato's motivation is always Hiyori is beautiful. I am so excited to see where this anime takes this romance, but so far its great. It's not straight up love like other animes, but it is filled with action, fantasy, and love. I cannot stress enough how perfect they are.

It's great how they both care about each other, and even though they don't want to admit it they both really care about each other. Especially in the manga, which I think the anime will definitely follow through with the more romantic scenes in the manga.

Look back at episode 9 and think what gonna happen to Yato if Hiyori wasn't there. And look at Yato, he's always blushing when he's hugged by Hiyori( happens to Hiyori too). SO cute, I ship them! X3

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224 Yoshimori Sumimura & Tokine Yukimura - Kekkaishi

The Are so Cute Couple... Fight Together, Rescue Together, and Do everything Together! Go Yoshimori And Tokine! There the Cutest Couple Ever And Ever And Forever! Yo! I love you guys!

225 Eren Jaeger x Levi Ackerman (Ereri) - Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin

I really don't see how age can suddenly become such a giant part of why this is some people's NOTP. I mean, Eren and Mikasa are half-siblings and they're suddenly the biggest ship in Japan. Ereri is the biggest ship in the Western regions, that's a lot more people than Japan. I have to say, Eremika is semi-incest, and I just can't ship that. Then, there's Eren x Annie, and in terms of canon, that ship just can't sail. There's Levi x Hanji, same thing. Same goes for Eruri, Eremin, Erejean. The only one that makes sense is Levi x Petra, buy hey, she's dead. What can we do about it? One of the only semi-canon relationships I can think of in AoT is JeanMika, but that's one-sided love. One of my other OTPs is Aruani, and there's actually PROOF for that. I feel pretty bad, since most on my ships are based on how well the characters' know each other and how it's possibility works out on canon. I'm fine if Ereri gets a lot more hate than other ships. I really don't care.

I. Will. Go. ...more

I think that Levi secretly loves Eren but refuses to admit it. But Eren loves Levi and wants Levi to love him back. It's a love/hate relationship. They may have their differences but they love each other anyway. Like a puzzle. A puzzle piece has to be opposite of another in order for them to connect.

I love this ship so much and I'm surprised to see it as number #200, since someone told me that Ereri is one of the top 10 snime ships of all time. I'm weak for Levi, and I can see that Eren is, too! That's my tiny proof for that Eren is in love with Levi. It might be one-sided. I know that Levi at least cares a lot about Eren, but that's enough for me to ship it!

I honestly just imagine that Levi's ten years younger and proceed to ship away.

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226 Miaka Yuuki & Tamahome - Fushigi Yuugi

My favorite couple all the way, too bad not many people know this anime because it's not from these years, you know?

My favorite anime of All TIME! They just belong together and I love that even though there are 6 other warriors, it doesn't turn into a reverse harem. Taka is also great by the way (you have to watch it to know. I wont give away any spoilers because this show is too great for that! ) I love Tama-baby!

This anime made me start to love anime... True, its not much popular since its kinda old... Most would have seen taka and miaka instead of tamahome and miaka since taka is the real worl version of tamahome in later series... But the bond of love in this anime by the couple is genuine and eventhough there are many new anime couples now I still love this couple

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227 Okita Sougo and Kagura - Gintama

They have a pretty dynamic relationship and recognizes each other. Sadist and China probably don't even like each other in the romantic way though they do have small moments together. Either way as even if they don't like each other in the way their rivalry is cute. Okita and Kagura really have the potential to obtain a even deeper meaning to their relationships.

Their chemistry is just overwhelming. The contrast of their personalities and looks is amazing to watch! Both are so funny and very good to look at as a couple or rivals

They are meant for each other! They are both strong and sadistic and they would make such a beautiful yet terrifying couple! GO SADISTIC LOVE!

Ahh was waiting to see this💜

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228 Mikaela Shindo/Hyakuya & Yuuichiro Amane/Hyakuya - Owari no Seraph/Seraph of the End

They're perfect in every way shape and form.

MikaYuu should be way further up the list!

Why is this at the bottom? it should go up

Mika x Yuu is easily my favourite ship. The way that Mika is so over protective of Yuu is so cute. And even if not many people ship them, Ferid Bathory is still a hardcore shiper after he tells Mika in the subbed version "go save your princess " and then points to Yuu.

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229 Rosette Christopher & Chrno - Chrno Crusade

Their story and character development is absolutely stunning, their connection touches you like no other. It's a couple you will remember forever: you'll laugh, hurt, smile and cry alongside them. The conclusion of their story is simply overwhelming, it's incredibly emotional. They hold a very special place in my heart and I'm sure they will in yours as well.

Yes! Romantic, humorous, and tragic.
Much better written than the other couples here that are far too overrated.

230 Dan Kuso and Runo Misaki - Bakugan


Cutest couple ever!
I wish I could see them on a date it will be so cute and Dan will try and play it cool and all cutest ever!

Gys the are my favorite couple in universe and I knew it that it will appear as soon

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231 Okabe Rintaro and Makise Krisu - Steins;Gate

They did what most anime don't have the balls to do. Actually have them kiss. For that I respect the creators of the show, and to the characters, they're adorable together.

For a moment I thought they didn't have this couple! They're SO CUTE together! Perfect for each other :, )

Nice characters.. Great together

Beautiful love story and a wonderful anime

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232 Itsuki Minami & Ringo Noyamano - Air Gear

they are so perfect together... I prefer ringo with itsuki rather than simca with him.. sorry to say that though.. no offense...

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233 Hayate Ayasaki & Athena Tennousu - Hayate The Combat Butler

The original couple right from their childhood...i totally ship them

234 L Lawliet & Light Yagami - Death Note

While watching the part in the anime where Light works with L to expose Kira I really hoped Light would have a change of heart or something since the times Light and L had those funny moments it was very fun seeing them. I felt so sad when L was killed by Light because I really wanted them to end up together whether as friends or more or something.

I'm not saying I don't appreciate this ship, but I just feel way to uncomfortable when one of my favorite anime characters are gay.

My friend ships them. Great brains would make great children

Oh hell no are you calling my homie L gay.

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235 Misaki Takahashi & Akihiko Usami - Junjo Romantica

The best yaoi couple!

They are literally the cutest thing ever. Like ommigosh I just... Djfkksdkkd wow


236 America & England - Hetalia

One of the most beautiful pairings ever

The best ship I know, perfect match

Why is this so low? The ship is meant to be!

Why is this so low?

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237 Acnologia and Anna - Fairy Tail

Even if it is a crack ship, I ship it

Lol I don't care if it is a crack ship.. I mean Zervis used to be a crack ship and I find this shipping cute

238 Historia and Ymir - Attack On Titan

There is more love than there is desire or chemistry or whatever, they are willing to sacrifice their lives, and the lives of others, for one another. The genuinity makes honestly makes me wanna cry.

Honestly one of the cutest Yuri couples ever!

Cutest couple even if they are females

239 Saya & Haji - Blood+

Blood+... My favourite love story spanning over 100 years. Haji stouc.. Handsome and loyal. He'll do anything for saya! Childhood friend.. Servant.. Chevalier.. And lover betrothed!

They are one of the most perfect couples ever.

Their love is so obvious even when they don't ever say anything.! They actually make silence be full of words! He is dedicated and ready to make her every wish come true without even her asking... she constantly askes him to forgive her cause she cares so much that she things she destroed his life... and he keeps on telling her he is happy and she would always follow her. They love each other for more than 100 years and they are just meant for each other!

240 Kaizaki Arata & Chizuru Hishiro - ReLIFE

Honestly the ship of the century. - Average

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