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241 Sorata & Arashi - X/1999

It was pretty sad how Arashi went over to the other side for Sorata. And just by seeing how dedicated he is in protecting Arashi, and how she in turn starts to feel things for him... I think that's a pretty beautiful relationship. (Though CLAMP sucks, and always ruins happy parts. )

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242 Juubei Kakei & Kazuki Fuuchouin - Get Backers

You can say what you like but in both anime and manga it's clear they are a couple, even though they don't really say it. VBesides, they look so cute together!

Woah. First BL couple on the list. Though can't say much for it being BL, as Kazuki is often portrayed as being almost comically exaggeratedly feminine. Moreso than a significant number of characters on this list!

Their chemistry is one of an old, time-tested, married couple who started out as friends first. But with sexual tension intact after all those years. :-)

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243 Conan Edogawa & Ai Haibara - Detective Conan

Well, this is my personal opinion (everyone doesn't like or like or is neutral on something.)

I am more on the neutral side of this ship. On one hand, I see them in a platonic relationship, but on the other, I just can't seem to see them as a couple :/

For one, while they have a very, very close relationship with each other, Conan/Shinichi is already in love with Ran. And for YEARS. It's not like after months he's just going boom in love with Haibara.

There is one comment mentioning that Ran took Conan for granted unlike Haibara. NO. Both girls ENJOY the time with him. They EMBRACE the minutes together. But since a lot of fans prefer Haibara they'll more likely to side with her instead. Also, when people say 'can Conan trust Ran? ', its obvious their answer is no and runs off to be on Haibara's side again. But consider this fact: Conan IS Shinichi, and Shinichi has known Ran since preschool. They will know something is wrong when they find something out of place. ...more

THIS NEEDS TO BE CANON. They understand each other. Haibara/Shiho is perfect for Conan/Shinichi in every way possible. First, the looks. They look cute together period. Next, the more important stuff. Conan was the first person to break down Haibara's walls and see her true self which she hasn't shown to anyone but her sister before. They trust each other and would lay down their life for the other. Conan will trust Haibara with his life, but can he trust Ran? Also, they are on the same intellectual level so they make a great power couple/ tag team. Haibara knows how to take care of herself unlike Ran and isn't running to Conan every 3 seconds. Haibara understands that Conan can die anytime so she appreciates each and every second spent with him unlike Ran who took him for granted. Since she knows this, she does her best to always help him. There is wayyy more about them but it'll take all day.

I don't know why but I just feel like she's someday gonna get killed by the black organisation... :/ - SkyFlower

Coai forever

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244 Yui Komori & Ayato Sakamaki - Diabolik Lovers

Ayato truly care for Yui, we may not see in the episodes but we can see in the game, Ayato do anything for Yui although he bully her a lot but never goes too far and he protect Yui too

Always be my favorite couple - GatosGuerreiros

They so cute together

Hater for ayato and yui I ship subaru and yui

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245 Ikki & Stella - Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

This couple is one of the best anime couple. They love each other and they get together very early in the series. The relationship between them remember me of Kirito and Asuna relationship is very similar. They are so cute together even when they fight is cute, they fight for know who loves the other the most.

Those two are the sole reason I started watching it. their relationship is too cute and they both like each other already.

I ship those two. You see it in the anime. They love each other.

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246 Eren Jaeger & Annie Leonhart / Leonhardt

I believe in opposites attract and believe it or not, Eren was the one who in a way cared for Annie. He was reluctant at first, thinking if she was actually the female titan. Maybe because they're equally strong and badass titans makes me completely bias but I don't know, there's something about them that I just can't help but ship.

Something even different from the EreMika one.

It isn't quite shocking that everyone dislikes this ship.

Their ship status is best below zero on a scale of 1/10.

To be honest, this couple isn't the most famous couple to most people, well the majority to be straight forward.

This ship hasn't even received a real ship name at the moment.

So that technically means they haven't quite become official to the public.

Although Eren refused to fight Annie it was merely because he considered her a close friend.

It'd be quite shocking if the couple were to be acknowledged, but it is a quite cute pairing, Although Mikasa is the OTP.

Best of luck to this ship.

Okay,so here are some hints for those who are still in denial:

1.Eren was the only person who made Annie smile genuinely after a long time.(Shingeki no kyojin manga :chapter 17.)

2.Eren prefers to train with Annie despite the fact that there were other people who could have trained him even better like Reiner. But no,Eren wants Annie to train him.

3. Eren was angered with Armin when he(Armin) deduced that she's the female titan,Eren thought Armin was wrong.

4.Part of Eren could not believe that Annie is a traitor even when he saw her transform in front of his own eyes. Even Mikasa thought that some special feelings are holding Eren back.(Attack on Titan anime: Episode 24.)

5. Eren could not bring himself to hurt Annie after he ripped her titan form. He hesitated,(Shingeki no Kyojin anime: Episode 25.) while he tries to kill Mikasa once when he transformed.(Attack on Titan anime:Episode 11.)

6.When Eren gained consciousness,the first person he ...more - Tia-Harribel

247 Nagisa Shiota & Kayano Kaede - Assassination Classroom

They are the best anime couple and they even kiss and kaede really loves nagisa and deep down he really loves her too

You've got to be kidding. Who ever ships this must had a brain fart.

lol so low

lol so low

248 Masamune Makabe and Aki Adagaki - Masamune-kun no Revenge
249 Eikichi Onizuka & Asuza Fuyutsuki - Great Teacher Onizuka
250 Kahoko Hino & Ryotaro Tsuchiura - La Corda d'Oro
251 Sana Karata & Akito Hayama - Kodocha

This couple is the cutest I love how in the beginning the two don't like each other but then later as the series progresses well first Akito is the first to fall in love with sana then it's sana and I love the fact that they have a real deep relationship with each other one that you just can't help but fall in love with the manga is great too it goes more in depth and you get to see character development so all in all sana and Akito are a wonderful couple and should be up in the top list.

Sana Karata and Akito Hayama went through many hardships together both in the anime and especially in the manga. They might have started out as enemies, but as the anime progresses they become best friends. Sana and Akito are there for each other even though sometimes they may fight, it's just their way of saying they care for one another. They might be completely different people, but that won't stop the beautiful love they have for eachother! Like they say opposites attract! Right? :D

They're adorable together. Akito doesn't show his love too well, but eventually it gets across to Sana. They make a wonderful couple.

Cutest darn thing I have ever seen

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252 Kouichi Sakakibara & Mei Misaki - Another

I love this ship so much. It makes me sad that it's down so low.

253 Tsumugu & Chisaki - Nagi no Asukara

This favorite couple. I love them

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254 Levi Ackerman x Eren Jaeger

Why is this at 249 this should at least in the top twenty.

Levi and eren r amazinggg

Ereri Analysis

I’m the analytical type so I unconsciously ended up analyzing both Eren and Levi. I noticed that Levi is

Is the type that hides his feelings

Doesn’t open up easily

Doesn’t care how others view him

Isn’t one to get attached easily

And is also strict.

But I also noticed that these don’t apply with Eren. Now before you protest let me give you my observations.

Levi doesn’t show much feelings to the other graduates and sometimes to the veterans which is very much like him. What i’ve seen is that the only person he puts his guard down is Eren.

Levi doesn’t put much effort to conceal if something’s bothering him when he’s with Eren and Eren’s the only one that seems to notice it.

No matter how much you try to deny it, Levi has to a certain degree opened up to Eren.

Levi has shown that he doesn’t care about his rep nor what others think about him yet he stops and wants to know ...more

255 Sōma Yukihira & Megumi Tadokoro - Shokugeki no Soma

The chemistry between these two is unbelievable.

Out of all the girls who fancy him, Megumi is the one that Soma should be with.

There so cute together

Why is this ship so far down the list?
it deserves to sail in higher rankings!

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256 Levi Ackerman & Hanji Zoe (Levihan) - Attack On Titan

They're polar opposites but they work so well together!

I need them to be happy together!

I love the idea of Hanji annoying Levi all the time and Levi pretends to hate it.
In Attack On Titan Junior High, there are all sorts of Levihan moments.

I think they would be adorable together ^.^

HANJI is the only one who saw Levi cry NOT EREN, NOT MIKASA, NOT PETRA

257 Luffy & Zoro V 4 Comments
258 Diane & King

Personally I want this to be Ban and Elaine because that's cannon and this isn't official yet.

(Seven Deadly Sins I'm guessing even though I know) YAS

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259 Momo & Toji - Peach Girl

Even though Momo looks better with Kairi (if you disagree please don't put your thumb down I'm just adding my opinion) I still loved this couple. Peach Girl couples are adorable

Couple was good in beginning but hate toji for not revealing the truth and breaking up with her. Overall she looks most happy with Kairi. So cute Kairi.

260 Dita Liebely & Hibiki Tokai - Vandread

By the way you can't deny that you like an anime couple only if
1. They're cute
2. They're young
3. Their looks are adorable and specially if their eyes are big and they leave you mesmerized
Last but not the least
4. The physical contact fascinates you d most

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