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281 Renton Thurston & Eureka - Eureka Seven

The perfect couple. Both went threw ups and downs just to be together, even though Renton is human and Eureka is Coralien they both love each other regardless. They both show that coexistence is possible and that true love conquers all.

How is a Death Note ship ranked higher than this?

Definitely the cutest and best anime couple

Best Couple Ever

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282 Miria & Isaac - Baccano!

WHAT 319!? come on, they are the most entertaining, funny and most loving couple ever. They were by far my favorite Baccano! characters.

283 Tatsumi & Mine - Akame Ga Kill

They were so cute together! Why did Mine have to die! I am so sad!

In the anime the couple didn't last long.. due to a death that brings back too many sad memories. T_T I shipped them from the start and to see them be a couple was great. Always go with the tsundere.

284 Sanji & Nami - One Piece V 3 Comments
285 Banri Tada and Kyoko - Golden Time
286 Erza Scarlet & Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail

Why is this one the list?! It's probably the most illogical ship in the anime.

Never ever ever


What?! Whoever put this here has something wrong in the head.

287 Yuko & Hiroshi - Mizuiro Jidai
288 Makoto Tachibana & Rei Ryuugazaki - Free!!

Yeah, it's unpopular but idc :They're cute to imagine together. Their personality fit perfectly. Watch the 4th episode of the S1 to understand if you want x) - TopiTaupe

289 Brock & Nurse Joy - Pokemon
290 Shido Fuyuki & Madoka Otowa - GetBackers
291 Mutsumi Akiyoshi & Takumi Fujiwara - Dear Boys

I love them so much!

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292 Kenshin and Tomoe - Rurouni Kenshin

I think Kenshin and Tomoe are really underrated. I prefer their love story in the manga more though. Kenshin is a man who is constantly killing people to pave the way for peoples' happiness and in the manga the lives he has taken are taking its toll on him. When he meets Tomoe she shows him that taking lives is not the way to give people happiness. I don't think Kenshin would have been the peaceful and cheerful ronin who doesn't take lives he is today if it weren't for Tomoe.

293 Peter White & Alice - Heart No Kuni No Alice

I wish this one had been elaborated upon

294 Hatori Yoshiyuki & Yoshino Chiaki - Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
295 Senri & Rima - Vampire Knight

So meant for eachother, so alike, so close. Cuttest couple in vampire knight my opinion. They are 2 parts of a whole

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296 Kairi & Momo - Peach Girl

They are legit ADORABLE! I wish Kairi was my boyfriend

Love this couple. So cute Kairi for not giving up.You are so KAWAI!

297 Aries & Loki - Fairy Tail

He loves her. He risked his life to save her more than once. They also were so happy when they found out they got to be together with the same master.

Because everyone wants them together no really everyone

Hate the ship


298 Shikamaru & Ino Naruto

It has no chance. Ino has feelings for Sai and Sasuke.

I don't ship them anymore but we all gotta admit we did ship them in the beginning

I think both look cute

Saiino and Shikatema are canon.

299 Echizen Ryouma & Ryuuzaki Sakuno - Prince of Tennis
300 Ako & Riko - KissXsis

Um why are they on this list I mean sure they do kiss one time but I think I heard that was when they were fantasizing about Keita. I mean they are already in love with him not each other so they're not a couple.

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