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301 Aries & Loki - Fairy Tail

He loves her. He risked his life to save her more than once. They also were so happy when they found out they got to be together with the same master.

Hate the ship

Because everyone wants them together no really everyone


302 Shikamaru & Ino Naruto

It has no chance. Ino has feelings for Sai and Sasuke.

I don't ship them anymore but we all gotta admit we did ship them in the beginning

I think both look cute

Saiino and Shikatema are canon.

303 Echizen Ryouma & Ryuuzaki Sakuno - Prince of Tennis
304 Ako & Riko - KissXsis

Um why are they on this list I mean sure they do kiss one time but I think I heard that was when they were fantasizing about Keita. I mean they are already in love with him not each other so they're not a couple.

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305 Matt (Mail Jeevas) and Mello (Mihael Keehl) - Death Note

Matt was really the only one mello cared about

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306 Alphonse Elric and May Chang - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Why isn't thins higher? I mean, May grew up at the end, and she looked about Al's age, so there's no problem with the age difference, and also at the end, when Ed was talking to him about May, Al had a trot of dreamy look on his face. I mean, it's almost canon! needs to be in the top 20 at least!

They are so adorable! How is this so low?

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307 Kohei Hasekura & Erika Sendou - Fortune Arterial

Kohei is in love with Erika, because this is the first time they are together. I bet they are both a couple. They are lovers. Kohei's on a date with her, especially they are spending too much time. I think this is a romantic moment. When something happened, Erika just kicked him out if Kohei enters the bathroom naked in front of her. Erika already apologizes to him. In the meantime, Kohei and Erika are about to kiss each other. They are getting married. They have children. For a moment, Kohei and Erika are having sex, and besides they are both close to each other.

Well, Hasekura and Erika are both being together once in a while. They are both lovers as well. I bet Hasekura's on a date with her. They are about to kiss each other. In the meantime, they are both going to get married.

Kohei went shopping to buy a ring for Erika, because she wears it. Even like giving flowers to her, they are both like lovers.

However, Kohei and Erika are going on vacation with their friends, they are going to the beach.

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308 Lin & Lan Fan - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

First of all, it's Ling, and second: THEY'RE ONE OF THE BEST COUPLES EVER! Even if they don't show it (as their relationship is more of a master and a vassal), They deeply care for one another and they protect each other's backs. Lan Fan is a very devoted and loyal bodyguard to Ling, and is willing to give up her life just for him to be safe. While Ling, on the other hand, shows his love by taking care and protecting her when she couldn't do it herself. They're quite the duo, if Ling doesn't already have Greed (who's inside his body. -Not that they have much of a choice-) as his partner. Their love doesn't need to be expressed that deeply and neither do they always feel the need to say "I love you" to each other like a broken tape recorder in some romantic animes. You can clearly see it through their actions alone. After all, actions speaks louder than words. LingXLanFan FOR THE WIN! XDD

PS: I'm REALLY angry this has the 81st place... OF COURSE everyone likes those sappy ...more

They are perfect. They are always concerned for the other.

I adore this ship. They are one of the best and they are always looking out for the other.

Yeah I totally shipped this (and still do)

309 Kanata Saionji & Kozuki Miyu - Daa! Daa! Daa!
310 Mizutani Shizuki & Yoshida Haru - Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

They are goals, when you read the manga their relationship is ten times cuter I love how they're both so forward and blunt about things

It really suprised me when I didn't see them on the list. Their relationship is super dynamic and funny.

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311 Uuta Togashi & Rikka Takanashi - Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai!

This one really proves even a chuunibiyou (some kind of psychopathic disease or whatever) can feel love

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312 Shinji Ikari & Rei Ayanami - Neon Genesis Evangelion

No, I can't stand love hate relationships. Love hate relationships are insufferable anyway. This couple is the best and Shinji and Asuka is the worst couple ever only when it comes to conflicts and abusiveness.

I can see why people like Asuka & Shinji, but personally I think Shinji and Rei have a more developed relationship with one another, where the relationship between Asuka and Shinji is a typical "I hate you, but secrectly I like you" odd couple relationship.

You can't stand love-hate relationships, can you? Huh? I like Shinji and Rei too.

I'm of sick of Shinji and Asuka too.

313 Ymir and Krista - Shingeki no Kyojin V 1 Comment
314 Hugh & Mei - Pokemon
315 Karamaru - Bad Bird/Good Bird & Okara (Carla) - KNT (SPC)

I also read that the created stated that if the series continued, Okara finds out that she's the Shogun's first born child and thus Karamaru finds it ironic that he married a princess and thus he's a prince.

However, the show got cancelled

My favorite character is Okara. I wish she have more screen time. I want her to socialize with Polly, Francine, and Lucille

The creators stated that the two will have four kids, two sons and two daughters.

Their children become powerful warriors and they join the heroes.

316 Keiichi Morisato & Belldandy - Ah My Goddess!
317 Yuki Nagato and Kyon - The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
318 Hikari and Miuna - Nagi no Asukara

Why couldn't this have happened :,(

319 Ayu & Yuichi - Kanon

Wow. I had to go to number 456 to find my favorite pairing. I looked through the first 100 and I can't even STOMACH about 90 of them. in fact I HATE most of the top 100 here. Ayu and Yuichi is so adorable.

320 Renton Thurston & Eureka - Eureka Seven

What at first seemed to be puppy love to being the only ones capable of loving the other, I believe that this couple should be in the top 10. This couple just teaches us how love at first sight can impact someone in their teenage years and how your first love CAN last a lifetime.

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