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361 Kirito & Sinon - Sword Art Online II

Sinon could be a bit rude but they could get along anyways! Their perfect

Yeah I think they could be a good couple but asuna for the win anyways

I ship this more than I ship Asuna And Kirito.


362 Renton Thurston & Eureka - Eureka Seven

What at first seemed to be puppy love to being the only ones capable of loving the other, I believe that this couple should be in the top 10. This couple just teaches us how love at first sight can impact someone in their teenage years and how your first love CAN last a lifetime.

363 Ben & Cross - Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
364 Isaac Dian & Miria Harvent - Baccano

How has no one added this yet! These two are great

365 Izumi Shinichi & Satomi Murano - Parasyte

I Just had to add them to the list they're so cute

366 Shun Kazami & Alice Gehabich - Bakugan

The main reason I sometimes hate the sow because it has done a huge injustice with some major characters.. Alice is one of them. I don't simply care what others say/think, they always had an untold chemistry between them which was "more than just a friend"

Yes they are in love with each other and they look so perfect together! An ideal couple!

Nothing to say... My favorite ones they are

The look awesome together

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367 Miria & Isaac - Baccano!
368 Levi Ackerman & Petra Ral - Attack on Titan

Why dose no one ship these two anymore?!

This is the best Levi ship. The Levi x Mikasa ship is gross because they're related. Eren and Levi are over fifteen years apart. Levi x Hanje doesn't make sense because Levi finds her annoying. Levi x Erwin x Levi is just weird. And those are only the popular ones. There is actual proof behind the Levi x Petra ship.

369 Taichi & Inaba - Kokoro Connect

Even though I was confused as to why taichi picked inaban in the end instead of iori, I've always shipped them

370 Meliodas & Elizabeth - The Seven Deadly Sins

They both care for each other and Meliodas only wanted to protect Elizabeth from the start so they should still be
Counted as a couple - Kichi777

Technically Meliodas stayed with her even before the demon clan was sealed, which was 3000 years prior to the story. Spoiler alert**** Elizabeth was a godess and looked exactly the same as the current one in the story. He loved her and betrayed the 10 commandments which pretty much started the war. And then 16 years prior to the story, another Elizabeth(Liz) was killed. But reborn as an infant who grew to become the current Elizabeth. My guess is the godess died and then later reincarnated as Liz and then reincarnated again as the current girl, but also with the goddess's power. Therefore Meliodas pretty much loved her in her 3 lives over 3000 years, but she doesn't remember him. He still loves her even during the time gap when she hasn't reincarnated as Liz.

371 Nobita Nobi & Shizuka Minamoto - Doraemon

Its an super couple

372 Livius & Nike - The World is Still Beautiful
373 RingarĊ Okabe & Makise Kurisu - Steins;Gate

Why is this not in top 10?...this is crazy. This is one of the best anime with one of the best anime pairing of all time. This must be in top 10.

374 Naru Osaka & Nephrite - Sailor Moon

They are so cute together, and I love how Naru's love was able to redeem Nephrite! They're a very tragic couple and have a beautiful love story. It's sweet how Nephrite eventually realized how much he cared for Naru.

They were really cute. I love that they gave importance to Naru, despite not becoming a Sailor like Usagi's other friends.

375 Mogami Kyoko & Tsuruga Ren

Best Dark and Mysterious yet funny and exciting COUPLE EVER-ER

376 Happy & Carla - Fairy Tail V 2 Comments
377 Mavis Vermillion & Zeref - Fairy Tail

Why is this #186?! It should be #15 or something! Who doesn't like this ship? It's undeniably cute and the fact that Mavis died from kissing Zeref just makes you ship it even more, as shameful as it may sound. Look it up, you'll fall in love with it

Even though Zeref is a villain when Mavis and Zeref's past was revealed I thought they were cute.

I ship them decause mavis let zeref settle down on Tenrou island and then zeref got to see natsu for the first time in 400 years.


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378 Haruka Nanase & Makoto Tachibana - Free!! Iwatobi Swim club

Makoto has always been there for Haru.

379 Light & L - Death Note

L is much too good for Misa Aname. Yaoi rocks! Put Cory & Shrek on this list! They are the best anime characters! - The Ultimate Daredevil

380 Usagi Tsukino x Mamoru Chiba - Sailor Moon
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