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381 Dante & Trish - Devil May Cry
382 Spike & Faye - Cowboy Bebop
383 Irie Naoki & Aihara Kotoko - Itazura na kiss

Very cute ranma and akane are they are so cute

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384 Ukyo & Heroine - Amnesia
385 Uryuu Minene & Masumi Nishijima

Best ship from Mirai Nikki! Put together a tsundere terrorist and a romantic and loyal cop, and boom! Fabulous ship created!

386 Stein & Medusa - Soul Eater

You can tell they like each other

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387 Ichigo Amano & Makoto Kashino

I love this couple

Yumeiro Patisserie...Just a cute couple

As soon as you get into the middle area of the storyline in Yumeiro Patissiere, you will definitely notice that Kashino has hard feelings for Amano. In the Yumeiro Patissiere Professional series, they both notice that they should be together, and the entire series just got me so hooked to Amano Ichigo and Kashino Makoto :3 I SHIP IT SO MUCH

388 Ren and Kyoko - Skip Beat
389 Takeya Yuki and Naoki Miki- Gakkou Gurashi
390 Senketsu & Ryuko - Kill La Kill V 2 Comments
391 Frieza & Cell - Dragon Ball

I think that Freiza and Cell would be a good otp.' Then again... This is me we are talking about so people prolly don't agree.

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392 Lucy & Tomoo - Elfen Lied V 1 Comment
393 Usagi & Rei V 2 Comments
394 Asta and Noelle - Black Clover
395 Shin'ichiro & Hiromi - True Tears
396 Belgium & Romano - Hetalia
397 Asta and Mimosa - Black Clover
398 Yawara Inokuma x Kosaku Matsuda - Yawara!

The old school anime couple. This is an amazing anime of 124 episodes and 2 movies about a girl called Yawara who is a genius in Judo sport and a reporter Matsuda who identifies Yawara's potential and constantly encourages her to actively take part in Judo competitions. The plot development and the romance between both the characters is beautiful and fun to watch. I totally ship Yawara and Matsuda.

I don't know why this anime is not famous outside Japan, but this is one great show. Spoiler warning: The grandfather of Yawara is totally hilarious. The main characters "Yawara and Matsuda" are adorable and sometimes annoying because of the lack of initiative from both the parties but that also makes the romance more interesting when a side character like Kuni and Kazamatsuri enters each of their lives. I think both Yawara and Matsuda realize their love towards each other when they get jealous because of the side characters love plot. I just love this couple because of the innocence and purity of their love towards each other. I highly recommend this anime.

The moment I saw that this manga was adopted by Madhouse, I became convinced that this is a great show and it lived up to my expectations. I think the show is highly underrated and people should give it a try, although you have to bear with the old animation. The characters are very cute especially Yawara and Matsuda and I really like the romance between them.

I think Yawara and Matsuda are one of those classic anime couples. Romantic couples and I totally love them.

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399 Taichi & Iori - Kokoro Connect
400 Tatsumi & Akame - Akame Ga Kill V 1 Comment
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