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421 Ragna and Noel - BlazBlue
422 Kaname & Yuki - Vampire Knight

I always go back and forth on who I want Yuki to be with, Zero, or Kaname, but Kaname is definitely really hot and cool and mysterious, he and Yuki are so fit of each other! They are so the type of couple that are smart and mature about everything, plus a bunch of romance! Yuki's also super cute and makes Kaname look even sweeter! Yuki and Kaname for number 1!

Kaname and Yuki are a beautiful couple. Kaname would do anything for Yuki, even if it means giving her up so that she can be happy. He's willing to taint himself in the blood of others simply for her sake. On Yuki's side of the couple she's always loved him even when he's done terrible things that should have made her hate him she never stopped loving him. They share a deep loving bond that will last forever.

They are a great couple but sometimes Yuki can't say to Kaname she likes him and instead saying I LOVE YOU KANAME she says I don't know to Kaname's confession... Uhh Yuki what is just the problem? , but you must admit they really are the best couple ever but I feel little sympathy for Kaname because of Yuki but I LOVE IT always when Yuki and Kaname become lovey-dovey... KANAME X YUKI-BEST COUPLE IN HISTORY

While they are brother and sister, as pureblood vampires they have no reason not two be with each other. They were quite literally made for each other. That was why their parents even had Yuki, so Kaname could have a wife!

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423 Uehara Anko & Noboru Yoshikawa - Great Teacher Onizuka

a bully and the one who was being bullied fell in love with each other - ronluna

successful attempt to confess her feelings to yoshikawa helped by onizuka - ronluna

424 Sunako & Kyohei - The Wallflower

They are polar opposites, but are an adorable ship. Sunako gradually trusts and befriends Kyohei during the series, even though Sunako's trust is already damaged. Kyohei confides in Sunako, and defends her when she's being tormented. Overall, an cute couple

compared to sato and ayane they are the sweetiest couple - jhajay

I love that couple. They cute..

The best couple in the anime world believe me

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425 Monkey D. Luffy and Boa Hancock - One Piece

CUTE! How she only loves Luffy and looks down on any other man! And not only is she beautiful, but also strong! I defitely look forward to her being back in the series again

My man! I really love in joy watching puffy. Instead one episode competing up every week I wish their could be 1, 0000!

Boa's strong so she's definitely not the type of girl where the boy always saves and is useless. She actually did a favor for Luffy before and after the war. She's also an Empress of an isolated island from men yet allow Luffy to come and is always welcome anytime. They're cute together though she's almost twice as Luffy's age. Well, it doesn't matter in One Piece world. Hehe

The minute I saw them next to each other I fell in love with them as a couple!

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426 Hei & Yin - Darker Than Black

Hei and Yin are probably one of those cutest couples out there. The tragedy and harsh reality of their story, their partings, yet fragments of happiness make them so beautiful together

They care for each other so much, they don't speak much but their expressions says it all and the way hei gets worried about yin is just so touching. They are a unique couple for sure and not like the other typical anime love stories, but something more pure and innocent.

Hei and Yin are the cutest couple out there. There great for each other. Hei saved Yin more than once I mean really? There a beautiful couple.


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427 Syaoran and Sakura - Tsubasa Chronicle

Its surprising that they are not in the top ten! Love is something that comes from the heart there is no need to show it physically, when you see them you naturally realize that they are in love. There relationship is beautiful, they show love with true meaning, they should always be together! LONG LIVE SYAORAN AND SAKURA!

Definitely the best couple all time. The drama, comedy, action, adventure, mystery and also romance is simply an all-rounder. Plus the sacrifice Syaoran did for Sakura and Sakura's love for Syaoran is truly of epic propotion. This is truly the idea of soulmate, ultimate love of all time.

Their romance is just simply wonderful.. Very amazing, I can't stand the idea for them to be separated. To me, they are the best couple of all time. Their relationship are just too pure and amazing.

CLAMP! PLEASE! They need go get married or I'll go ballistic!

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428 Shu Ouma & Yuzuriha Inori - Guilty Crown

Well they were really good together especially when they kissed...

They just have that heartbreaking ending. Inori was an interntet vocalist that Shu listened to, who was just a normal school boy. While everyone were against Shu. Inori rushed to save him all alone, allthough they held her tight. They always want to protect each others more than anything else. In the end Inori sacreficed hereself too save the world and Shu who were close to sacrefice himself. After that Shu goes blind still listens to her music, and sit and relaxes when she's dead.

429 Gasser & Beauty - Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
430 Pan & Trunks - Dragon Ball Z

NO. Pan is too good for Trunks. Gohan would probably approve since he's just that kind, though.

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431 Saito & Louise - Zero no Tsukaima

So there's this one series called Zero no Tsukaima. Most of you have probably heard of it, but for the rest of you, think of a Takahashi Couple attending Hogwarts and you've got the basic idea. Look here for a more in-depth explanation.

So you've got Louise and Saito, lead heroine and hero, if you can really call them that. Calling them a Takahashi Couple is kinda disingenuous because they aren't really much of a couple, Louise spends more of her time beating the crap out of Saito than Akane does with Ranma, and Saito's a real piece of work too, especially in the original light novels. They really are a match made in hell. Then a few months ago, a guy by the name of Gabriel Blessing started writing a fanfic called The Hill of Swords, where Louise summoned Emiya Shirou from Fate/Stay Night instead of Saito to be her familiar.

The ending was so sweet because Saito who was dead got revived by a fairy so when Louise was crying she saw Saito walking the path straight to her castle and they both got married and lived together. Even though Louise hated Saito in the beginning both started to like each other and been through struggles together and sometimes separated.

Come on this should be way high up. They fight, are funny but are also madly in love with each other.Even though Saito may seem like a pervert going after other girls, he truly loves Louisie and can everything from not returning home to even sacrificing himself to protech her. Both of them go through so much which is epic, they are funny, romantic in their own way...Saito-Louisie 4verr

Besides, they're married

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432 Risa Koizumi & Atsushi Ōtani - Lovely Complex

I like them together because since I am a talk girl it's nice to know that I'll be able to find someone nice eventually. It's a really good story to relate to.

They're such an adorable and funny couple. It's one of the anime characters who are unique in their own amazing way. I haven't seen any other anime characters than these two who have a tall gal and a short guy falling in love with each other. I think this anime should get more attention and love that it deserves, and have it English dubbed. I also think Vic Mignogna ( Who voices Edward Elric) should voice Otani.

Goals forever and always

Being a short boy :( This gives me hope though, love all tall girl short boy couples. Too bad America won't do this type of thing in their culture and media.

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433 Mimiko & Jiro - Black Blood Brothers
434 Takana Kyohey & Nakahara Sunako - 7 Faces of Yamato Nadeshiko
435 Yorito Morimiya & Matsuri Shihou - Sola
436 Chizuru Yukimura & Toshizo Hijikata - Hakuouki
437 Kuro & Kuromitsu - Kurozuka
438 Kiyokazu Fujimoto & Kobato Hanato - Kobato
439 Nino & Kou Ichinomiya - Arakawa Under the Bridge
440 Rima Toya & Senri Shiki - Vampire Knight
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