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441 Yukina & Shigure - XX Me
442 Kirari & Hiroto - Kirarin Revolution

They are simply the best and cutest couple ever

443 Tenchi Masaki & Ryoko Hakubi - Tenchi Muyo!

What the heck, this should be up there near the top..

444 Solomon Goldsmith & Saya Otonashi - Blood+

Because solomon is fell in love with saya and they two is perfect match and it so crazy when you watch it

Their so crazy when you watch episode 43, I did'nt forgot because solomon is confest his heart with saya

445 Shinichi Chiaki & Megumi Noda - Nodame Cantabile

Watch Nodame Cantabile... And you'll understand. I seriously have never wanted two characters to get together this badly (next to Katara and Zuko from Avatar the last Airbender). Never will you see a girl yell at the screen while watching anime as much as me. Laugh out loud.

446 Mina Tepes & Akira Kaburagi Regendorf - Dance In the Vampire Bund

It is true that Akira looks older than Mina but lets don't forget that she is a vampire and older. The thing is that she is stuck in a teenage body

447 Hasegawa Kodaka & Mikazuki Yozora - Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai V 1 Comment
448 Shibuya Kazuya (Naru) & Taniyama Mai - Ghost Hunt
449 Saitou Yakumo & Ozawa Haruka - Psychic Detective Yakumo
450 Koibuchi Kuranosuke & Kurashita Tsukimi - Kuragehime
451 Sawada Shin & Yamaguchi Kumiko - Gokusen
452 Satou Jun & Todoroki Yachiyo - Working

Typical will they, won't they. the moments between the two are more complex then first glance would indicate.

453 Gin & Takegawa Hotaru - Hotarubi no Mori E

This is just a really REALLY sad love story...Sniff sniff - ilar9118

454 Katsura Hinagiku & Hayate Ayasaki - Hayate The Combat Butler

This is the best anime couple for me!

The both of them are teaching me how to love once again for I once loved and now I don't.

They are both really meant for each other because they are both really the same and they have always supported each other even when they first met they trusted each other and I think Hayate trusts Hinagiku the most for when he is always on trouble he calls her the most and I think they are both falling head over heels for each other because in the 11th episode of the 4th season they both blushed after seeing each other's eyes when I think Hanabishi or Risa said "Take one for the team, Hinagiku."

I wish many more romantic events may happen between them in the future episodes and seasons.

I like this pairing than HayatexNagi. Hayate and Hinagiku is so cute together!

I really ship this couple they are a match made in heaven! Go Hayahina!

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455 Ishida & Asakura - Ishida to Asakura

They're going to build a flower shop together. Isn't that romantic enough? Oh and they're both boys.

456 Goku & Chi Chi - Dragon Ball Z

I don't care what anyone says Goku and Chichi are meant to be together. They are the best anime couple ever. They way Goku and Chichi love and care for each other is so sweet and heart warming. Chichi is always the first person Goku thinks of when he's worried about the people he care about. Even when Goku is dead Chichi could have remarried or got with someone else but she chose not to because her heart only belongs to Goku she loves only him. Even though Chichi can be annoying sometimes Goku is always patient with her and never does anything to hurt her on purpose. They may not be the ideal couple to every fan but no one can deny that they really admire each other as husband and wife.

How are they a couple? Goku thought marriage was food. He's an idiot and she tricked him into marrying her. No wonder people don't care about them as a couple.

Goku and ChiChi taught their children politeness unlike Bulla and Trunks. ChiChi had reasons to make Gohan study which stupid fans will not understand. Even Goku was born with low power level so he had to go for training which stupid fans will not understand. He still cared for others. - Monday23

If Gohan and Goten are polite and humble it was because of contribution of Goku and ChiChi. People forget that also. It is people are so disgusting. - Monday23

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457 Sasuke & Karin - Naruto

Even though I don't like this couple, I admit it has a high chance.

I hate both SasuSaku and SasuKarin, but even Sasuke x Karin makes much more sense than Sasuke and Sakura. - Goku02

I love this couple <3
Look back and see Sasuke's smile when he met Karin (So bright! ). The first (happy) smile I ever see.
They are care about each other. Sasuke wills see that Karin is his missing piece (of his heart)

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458 Rin Tsuchimi & Asa Shigure - Shuffle!

Cannot explain without giving away spoilers, guess you'll just have to watch it for yourselves.

459 Nakahito & Kurumi - Steel Angel Kurumi
460 Amano Ichigo & Kashino Makoto - Yumeiro Pattiserie
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