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41 Lelouch & Shirley - Code Geass

Shirley's love is the more touching, I don't get those who like Lelouch with other girls. A little like Naruto and Hinata, Hinata's love for Naruto is so touching, and Sakura's love for Sasuke too.

Lelouch doesn't even love Shirley.

So cute until Shirley dies and then my heart fell apart on me

Under normal circumstances they would have ended up together.
I mean Lelouch just had too much to do in the messed up world, rather than be with Shirley.
Everything was for the "greater good" (=Little Sister).

Plus with CC and him both being immortal, they would naturally become each other's life long companion, given what they went through.

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42 Simon & Nia - Gurren Lagann

I like it

43 Kurosaki Ichigo & Inoue Orihime - Bleach

Orihime is special to Ichigo in a way no one else is. She is allowed to do things he doesn't let anyone else do, she has a mental teamwork with him that no one else does, and on top of that, she loves him wholeheartedly. It's not just her side though. He came back from the dead for her because she cried for him to help her. He said "I will protect her," her meaning Orihime. He went to extreme measures to protect her and look after her, like going to Hueco Mundo. There's also the fact that he blew up at Ulquiorra for kidnapping her when he was SUPPOSED to be going to rescue Rukia. And let's not forget that when he was blinded he freaked out because he didn't know where Orihime was and insisted on knowing she was safe. Her presence causes him to grow stronger. He is respectful to her, as she's the only one he calls by her last name in a respectful manner (as there are others, like Ishida, whom he calls by their last names but not like he does Orihime). This pairing is ...more

No,I can not and will not accept this couple as canon. - Tia-Harribel

I dislike this ship - MLPFan

To be honest they both are more like brother and sister so for this to be a ship it’s weird - Starryskys122

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44 Shana & Yuji - Shakugan No Shana

They were meant to be with together from the very beginning. That was there bonding when we saw the 3rd sequel of Shakugan No Shana. Long live guys.

I love the action, comedy, romance and great couple of this anime for me this is one of the best anime couples that I know.

They are awese and I just love how shana likes him more and more to every ep and how she then finally realizes this even before yuji

I love these two solo much, I have from the start 'til the end. They're just so perfect!

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45 Hitsugaya & Hinamori - Bleach

A cute couple and hitsugaya always protecting her was so sweet

Haha so cute I love hitsugaya

Their so cute together

They would be number 1 if they were main characters, not side backs.

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46 Himura Kenshin & Kamiya Kaoru - Rurouni Kenshin

Understated, powerful, loyal, beautiful. Even though we all want to see more scenes of romance between the two, they don't need love scenes to show the depth of their affections - their commitment to the ideals and characteristics of the other is proof enough.

If everyone sees the way kenshin come to kaoru before dying. Such a beautiful moment. The best anime moment

Even though I only watch few Rurouni Kenshin episodes, but I love Kenshin and Kaoru to be together because their relationship is quite nice, they are so loyal and dedicated for each other. Don't get me wrong, I also like Tomoe but I just think Kaoru is the better girl for Kenshin.

They make such a cool couple.

Love so real, so pure, and so beautiful. I can't find the right words to express how perfect they are for each other.

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47 Shinji Hirako and Hiyori Sarugaki - Bleach

I have no regrets for shipping these two - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

48 Gray & Juvia - Fairy Tail

The best couple in the whole show...

While Gray is a serious and cold guy, Juvia is a sweet, funny and generous girl that loves Gray so much that she does always tries to help him out.

I hate when people compare Juvia to Misa Amane!

Juvia can get a little annoying and creepy, but she is good, bubbly, clumsy and one of the sweetest and cutest girls in anime, she also makes nice things to Gray and protects him, even if he doesn't always reciprocate these feelings... She actually gives Gray a reason to love her.

While Misa's argument for anyone to like her:
(Not that I care about Light's stupid life)

And while many people think that Juvia's a little stupid for loving someone that doesn't loves her back, they're wrong. Gray actually loves Juvia, but he's too embarrassed to admit so. If he didn't loved her, he wouldn't have protected her so many times (often risking his own life for her), or he wouldn't get so ...more

It's already on here but I ship them

So sad that they are out of top 50

I love Gruvia, and I always will. They are my forever OTP!

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49 Gin Ichimaru & Rangiku Matsumoto - Bleach

How is this couple not up here yet? Not only are they the greatest pairing of all time, they're ACTUALLY CANON. They have such a deep, complex relationship, and nothing can possibly surpass that. I hope Gin resurrects himself so that he and Rangiku can at least have a reunion. Plus, the anime is trying to make Hisagi, another character I really like, go out with her, which is pissing me off. Hisagi, you're awesome, but GinRan is MTB. Get over and go snog Nanao or something.

I really wish Gin hadn't died. He and Rangiku would have made such a cute couple.

Number 1. Seriously, the best ship ever! The love, the friendship, the memories of their relationship is so.. so.. sad but beautiful!

62?! Is it supposed to be a joke? It's the best couple of whole anime universe! Seriously, you don't have to vote the main characters only for being the main characters. Wasn't their backstory so sad? - Tuana123

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50 Luffy & Nami - One Piece

There has been a strong connection between these two since the beginning. Luffy's hat and the way nami cries for him in episode 508! They should definitely end up together! - panthohassan

It is the blind trust that they have in each other that did it for me. Luffy never wavered and trusted her despite Johnny telling him, he saw her kill usopp.

They are perfect for each other. If anyone had noticed Luffy trusts his hat that is his treasure only to Nami! He goes and beat up Arlong cause he made her cry... I bealive that they have to be together and Hammock get out of the way

This is my OTP if Oda changes his mind about romance(which I think he will) this is the ship that will be canon because of the evidence there is

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51 Neji Hyuga & Tenten - Naruto

Oh. My. Gosh. This is, by far, the best Naruto couple. Because Naruto is an action anime, there isn't much room for romance, but it is so obvious that tenten and nejo are made for each other. I mean, there are so many hints. And Tenten is my favorite character, she is independent and strong and I think she has far too little screen time. Seriously, the author should consider the fact that they are under rated and need to be together. Besides, LeeTen is kind of stupid, no offense to those who like that pairing. And there is no one else for Neji.

Most favorite anime couple EVER! There always together! I wish Neji didn't die and I wish Tenten had a better reaction to his death! Tenten needs more screen time too. She's awesome. I bet if Neji didn't die they would get married when they got older. I pray that Neji would be revived and Tenten and him will fall in love. The only reason I watch Naruto is because of them. I don't care about Naruto or anybody else. I also think Nejihina are a bad couple because THERE COUSINS! ITS DISGUSTING! LeeTen also sucks.

This is the best couple! In the anime hints at this peyring quite a lot! Those who have eyes, see it! And that's a fact! Ten-Ten and Neji are very similar: they are both strong personalities, they have a strong character, they are intelligent and more. That's what I love them! Alone they are cool, but together - they are 1000 times bigger and stronger! I love them and I believe that these two everything will be fine! NejiTen forever!

OH my... Neji and Tenten is just... oh I don't know... THE BEST COUPLE EVERR! I can't believe that people ship Rock Lee with her.. unbelievable. NejiTen are the best combination. There may be very few moments with the both of them, but we all know that TenTen is the one for Neji. too bad he had to protect hinata though

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52 Raku Ichijou and Chitoge Kirisaki - Nisekoi

The couple is the best! They are so perfect together! And should end up together... They are meant to be

Have you guys read the new chapters? My god, I think our fated ending is finally coming

Raku why don't you understand chitoge is meant for you. I ship them hard

They have been through so much together, they had such a happy ending, truly an amazing couple - upgradermunchkin

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53 Uryu Ishida & Orihime Inoue - Bleach

I ship them together they are cute together - Starryskys122

Before I started shipping Ichiruki, I was high key obsessed with these two. And poor ishida ended up alone... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Why not?

54 Amano Yukiteru & Gasai Yuno - Mirai Nikki

, how is this couple not number 1? Yuno and Yuki fought to the death for each other and THAT is what I call true love. Even though Yuno killed most of Yuki's friends and many others, he still managed to love her and fight for her until the end.

How is this 52? This is a TRUE, CANON ship!

LOVE YUNO MY favorite!

THIS IS LEGIT MY OTP! I mean why is this so low this deserves be number one! they did the thang if you now what mean and plus yuno died just so yukki could become god! I was true love! another great ship is victor x yuri and haruhi x tamaki!

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55 Yusuke Urameshi & Keiko Yukimura - YuYu Hakusho

The moment I saw Yusuke and Keiko together, and also from watching the first few episodes of them together, you can see the strong connection and the chemistry they have between them. Just from the first few episodes, I fell in love with this couple, and they still remain today my all time favorite anime couple. Oh and that ending in the series was amazing and it's just further proof why I love Yusuke and Keiko so much.

I guess the best part was the reunion after 2 years - captured it perfectly

This has to be one of my all time favorite anime couple, you can tell they care very much about each other. I love how Yusuke will protect Keiko no matter what and how Keiko always stands by his side. Plus they grew up together.


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56 Amu & Ikuto - Shugo Chara

The best couple for me ever!

They are so funny when they are together! Not speaking abut tadase... Ikuto is so much... Like a man! Tadases eyes just make me feel like I am watching a girl (amu) liking a girl (tadase) amuto forever!

They are so cute. It is the ideal love story because they show us that even with age difference, love can bloom. Just love them!

They are so cute together and Ikuto is at first not interested but they get closer as they get to know eachother.

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57 Zoro & Robin - One Piece

They seem like they could be such a cute couple, even though we are well aware this is never gonna happen as they see each other as family. Regardless, I will continue shipping them even when all hope is lost - upgradermunchkin

Worst couple ever. One can never hope that something romantic will happen to each other. Not only does Oda define them as the son and mother of the crew, but he also prefers to put them together with other people. This is too much obvious and just accept it.

Zoro and Robin have always had a special connection like when Zoro blushed when he first met Robin. They were meant for each other.

Yup cute couple ever

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58 Yamato Kurosawa & Mei Tachibana - Say "I Love You."

Really I thought this pairing would in the top 20 at least!

Screaming because this couple is seriously one of the cutest.

Well... This is a shock. I was expecting them to be on the top 10s.

How is Naruto and Sakura above this?!
They're not even together!

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59 Haruhi and Tamaki - Ouran High School Host Club

These 2 are just meant to be. I bet everyone else is disappointed in how the anime ended but these 2 will forever live-in our hearts as a ship.

Uh this is already on the list but oh well I ship it so whatever.

Lol been on the list already but it's too good of a ship should be on more

They are perfect

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60 Fakir & Ahiru - Princess Tutu

(Spoilers! ) These two deserve my vote more than any other couple. In most anime, most of us could guess who will end up with who just by watching a few episodes. For example, I knew that Mamoru from Inazuma Eleven would end up with Natsumi after watching the first few episodes. They got married ten years later just as I predicted. But I am pretty sure none of us expected Ahiru and Fakir to fall in love with each other. I thought Ahiru would end up with Mytho. But after 12 episodes I started shipping Ahiru and Fakir but I still had doubts as to who will end up with who. It's wasn't predictable at all! That's what makes this story special! I am not sure whether Ahiru has feelings for Fakir though. I have read the guide book and in that it says that Ahiru likes Fakir only as a friend while Fakir LOVES Ahiru. Ahiru cares about Fakir and trusts him a lot though. Ahiru loves Mytho while Fakir loves Ahiru. What a nice love triangle! But I do wish that Ikuko Itoh would make a season 3 with a ...more - ToukaKirishima

God I hate the ending so much, I wish Fakir and Ahiru got together like everyone hoped so sad. Mytho and Rue were a couple, why not Fakir and Ahiru? I mean it wasn't bad cause it was happy but it should have been a little different. Why'd the series have to end after 2 seasons when it was popular and got good reviews, should've kept running for another 2. Man writers suck and should take more suggestions from their fans.

I really like this couple because they are both very devoted to each other. This is probably one of the most memorable couples for me.

Ahiru : You saw?
Fakir : No.
Only a Princess Tutu fan will understand this - ToukaKirishima

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