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81 Ryuuji Takasu & Taiga Aisaka - Toradora!

These two are great together. They were clearly meant to be together right from the second episode.

Another two timer in the list. Who cares, I LOVE THEM!

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82 Robin & Franky - One Piece

No way I know that I should be supporting this couple but no zoro and Robin yes luff and nami yes but frankly and Robin no

Horrible... - IMadeYouReadThis


I like this couple but I ship zoro & robin and idc about age of him and her ^_^ ;-; supper srry franky

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83 Naru & Mai - Ghost Hunt

THEY ARE SO CUTE! I think they would be the perfect couple since Naru is always getting Mai out of trouble and Mai is always arguing with him for some reason. Plus it's obvious Mai is in love with Naru.

This needs to be higher instead of 420

I hope it will cannon in the manga

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84 Taichi & Iori-Kokoro Connect

Really cute and funny, and Taichi really is selfless in that he wants to help Iori because he loves her (or, so you think). Really, though, how many girls could be Taichi's love interest? With this relationship, I won't spoil why, but at the end...argh! Are you kidding me? - Elric-san

85 Atem & Isis
86 Youhei Sunohara & Tomoyo Sakagami - Clannad

Oh how I wish Tomoyo had seen Sunohara's true nature in Clannad After Story. It's a pity that all those girls fell in love with Tomoya, I mean Sunohara's there too, right? There aren't many fan fiction of them either,why? I at least want a great fan fiction on this couple!

I'm not the only one. I love these two!

They are dating - LDragoCis

87 Mai Shiranui & Andy Bogard - Fatal Fury the Motion Picture
88 Saotome Ranma & Tendo Akane - Ranma 1/2

I really really love this two! They fight at first but they start to care with each other without realizing it themselves. I love how the jealousy shows in them. They keep fighting and arguing all the time but they care for each other. Ranma was just so sweet in his own ways! Akane is very thoughtful. They, re so perfect with each other. !

they may look like they heat each other, but they just hide it, the scary cute Akane and the perv Moran Ranma just so in love with each other :D. and they Funny - almozayaf

The adorableness of this pairing is overloaded. Ranma's awkwardness from being on the road for his whole life, and Akane's bad experiences with boys makes them too dang cute! You just want to root for them as all their arguments and mallets count points to their jealousy and hidden feelings for each other.

Dreamteam! ³ Ranma ½ forever!?

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89 Ash and Misty - Pokemon

It's pretty obvious, don't you think? In some cartoons, you can tell true love by just a few samples of content! Exhibit A for this one: Celebi showed up when Misty kissed him. Exhibit B: In a certain picture, Ash's parents look like Ash and Misty, only older.

Well developed, adorable, funny, and just really cute to watch

It's not bad. I ship Ash and Iris.

no - SpicyYurio

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90 Ash Ketchum and Dawn - Pokemon

Nope nope. It has to be Misty. Dawn is too girly (I hate that type). I mean she styles her hair and does contests not gym battles. May is awesome and fun too so I can let her slide, but come on guys, Misty is the original. She virtually hates Ash at the start (Tsundere alert) but warms up to him thoughtful the series. Wait... Why am I fighting for a couple from a kids anime. Heh, who cares, MISTY IT IS!

Nope, there are a lot of them better than Dawn. - Animefan12

Yup I watch Pokemon

DAWN ALL THE WAY FAM! Dawn and Ash have a special sort of relationship. He went to every one of her contests,he didn't with Serena.Dawn went to all of his battles,and even dressed up as a Cheerleader. Did Serena or May do that? No.They didn't.When Dawn returned,I was super happy about it.A lot of people think it is Ash and Misty or Ash and Serena but I think Ash and Dawn are the best couple.

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91 Kari & TK - Digimon

! This! Back then I always ship them even though I don't know what shipping is!

I love these two

They are like Yamato and Sora.


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92 Yukinoshita Yukino & Hikigaya Hachiman - Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru
93 Rin Okumura & Shiemi Moriyama - Blue Exorcist

God they are adorable!

Why is this not in at least top 20?!?!?! I love them together!

Why isn't this higher up I mean I'm pretty sure that everyone that watches Blue Exorcist wants them together and everyone who watches Blue Exorcist LOVES the show and I had my sister draw Amiamon as my B-Day present because I LOVE the show

Umm like hello? Yus!

94 Takumi & Misaki - Kaichou wa Maid-sama

I like the couple

Tsch... These couples are the best couple ever!

95 Kyon & Haruhi - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

They're just so perfect! My favorite couple in one of my favorite animes. My favorite episode is episode 6 for obvious reasons.

Worst Anime Couple Ever. This couple is far and way too abusive. This anime couple are nightmares. I wish this couple never ever even existed. I like this couple because of the conflicts.

Worst Anime Couple Ever. This couple is far and way too abusive. This anime couple are nightmares. I wish this couple never ever even existed. I don't like this couple because of the conflicts. I don't like any and any other love-hate relationships all because of the boy/girl drama anger issues.

Kyon has to make a normal life for Haruhi so he doesn't have time for Mikuru even though he likes her but I don't think he deserves Mikuru. I saw in the manga, Kyon and Haruhi kissed.

Really hilarious couple

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96 Lenalee Lee and Allen Walker - D.Gray-man

I love Allen! I hate Lenalee but I love Allen!

Yeap, I Choose This Couples! And I Ship Them Too In The Series!

I just think they're cute together. I feel they must done D. Grayman OVA to show whether Lenalee is with Allen or Kanda or Lavi.
I hope so.


97 Alibaba & Morgiana - Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

They are really cute together, Morgiana has a strong, brave personality and cares a lot about others but she's still clumsy and cute whilst Alibaba has a silly and courageous personality but when it comes down to it he's really brave and wants too protect his friends as much as he can, when these too are together they are usually clumsy, cute, funny and powerful

Wow I totally agree with you there, they are just solo cute together but not only that they are also super badass when together

Why has nobody mentioned this? They are too cute!

I hope they shall end up together! And hopefully, they will have kids in the future

They're canon!

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98 Lucy & Kouta - Elfen Lied

Should be up top... This is one of the best and most touching I've seen.

How is this not it the 5!

A very tragic love story and a tragedy that they r not higher

Oh my god! Definitely!

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99 Miketsukami & Ririchiyo - Inu x boku SS

Wha! They're so sweet, I love how miketsukami love ririchiyo so much spicially how loyal and faithful he is!
And also ririchiyo is a tsudere and so cute!

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100 Sesshomaru & Kagura - Inuyasha

These two would have made an amazing couple. You could tell Kagura liked Sesshomaru. And when she was dying, he wanted to save her so badly and was so angry and disappointed when he couldn't. She was the one for him. I ship them so much.

These two people love each other, grow some balls and vote for them.

I wouldn't say they were a couple but if they were they would be so cute together

I can't remember them but I love Inuyasha so

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