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121 Dark & Riku - D.N.Angel
122 Lucia & Kaito - Mermaid Melody

I love this couple...
Lucia meets a boy on a boat then the boat sank. She saved him then seven (or possibly 9) years later they meet again and regain their love for each other!

Cute couple

Lucia has crush on kaito every time she see kaito she always blushing and their kissing scenes it's so cute too.

That made them a very cute couple


I really love this couple kaito and lucia.. love them so much..

I love this match! My childhood anime is one of the greatest!

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123 Zoro and Nami - One Piece

I love how they are both so similar but zoro couldn't survive without nami because of his challenge with direction, since nami is the navigator. And how nami can't fight against strong opponents and usually zoro saves her they're just too cute I love them together

They are so funny! :D

I ♥ this couple!

I like but Robin is better

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124 Kotoko Aihara & Naoki Irie - Itazura na Kiss

What the heck!
They truly were in love with each other. Kotoko being such an inferior to Naoki won his heart because her love for him was strong. It was no child's play to win his heart, a person whose heart is literally made of ice. And Naoki, who just knew when to express his love and letting it not get to being wasted is just amazing. He just knew that love isn't just through showing but feeling. And they had it all. Misaki and Takumi get engaged, but could you tell whether if they get married at the end? No, because they have their bitter moments too. So, these two have it all, which Kotoko herself says that was hard for her to think when she was rejected in a second by him.
149?! It should be in top 10!
Vote, Vote, Vote!

Match made in heaven

Their story is the best.

125 Katsuya Jounouchi & Mai Kujaku - Yu-Gi-Oh!

Oh my gosh cutest couple ever! Love them and wish we could of seen more from them before the season was over... They were definitely sexy though!

SO KAWAII! They obviously care for each other and go so well together! No one can't beat them.

126 Sora & Kairi - Kingdom Hearts

This is a Video Game, not an Anime.

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127 Kei & Mizuho - Please Teacher!

Even though it begins as fake marriage their love blossoms over the the course of the series Mizuho even saves Kei from a serious standstill, even after being banished from earth her love for Kei Prompts her to return eventually reuniting and get married all over again. - egnomac

This should be near the top 10 you can tell that they really loved each other especially when Mizuho breaks galaxy federation rules in order to save Kei.

I love Please Teacher / Onegai Teacher! It's my favorite anime of all time! Their romance is so sweet and they're so cute together. I've seen Clannad, and Nagisa and Tomoyadon't even kiss untill AFTER Nagisa gets pregnant. If you haven't seen Please Teacher / Onegai Teacher, watch it! The plot is amazing. I seriously wish they had more episodes. - Jetflight

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128 Death the Kid & Symmetry - Soul Eater

Its about time somebody posts it...

100% yes, those two are known. This is the most symmetric ship I ship.

The most accurate ship of all time.


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129 Casshern & Lyuze - Casshern Sins

My heart melts when I think about them. ;u;

130 Haru Yoshida x Shizuku Mizutani - My Little Monster

They are so cute and I can't believe they weren't on the top 10 they get in fights sometimes and Haru always starts sulking and Shizuku always feels bad and they both just end up confessing their love and I love how Haru just gets scared and starts clinging to Shizuku you wouldn't think. They would be able to put up with each other much less be a couple but opposites attract right?

489, really? This is a great couple. They do a lot of bouncing back and forth between who likes who, but they're both original characters. They're super cute together and they're romantic without being sappy, which I really value.

Really thought this would be number 1

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131 Kaoru Hanabishi & Aoi Sakuraba - Ai Yori Aoshi

Aoi had been in love with Karou ever since they were kids, she devoted her whole life for the sole purpose of being his wife and was devastated when she's told the marriage was off, when she finally reunites with him she vows to be with him even if it means throwing everything away. - egnomac

Aoi had always been in love with Kaoru ever since childhood and continued to remain loyal to him and only him. - egnomac

For me the #1 anime couple ever, their love grows stronger as the series progresses their determination to stay together is evident when Aoi says she can't imagine being with anyone else other than Karou even at one point Aoi's father tries to separate them Karou manages to convince him to let them be together. - egnomac

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132 Franky & Robin - One Piece

Horrible couple - IMadeYouReadThis


133 Kaga Kouko & Tada Banri - Golden Time

They both have their issues, but they work them out in such a brilliant way I've never seen in any other anime. This is a realistic relationship.

These two have a strong connection I'm happy they ended up together but linda...

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134 Teshigawara Naoya & Akazawa Izumi - Another

They're so cute together! I even have a game where I made two characters that look like them and I made them date each other!

It's beautiful. A senseless stupid carefree and funny boy with smart, talented and beautiful Akazawa Izumi... They're so cute...
It's really sad that Izumi-chan dies...

This would've been a beautiful relationship if not for Izumi's grievous death.
IzuYa 4EVA!

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135 Alexander Nikolaevich Hell & Oribe Mafuyu - Seikon no Qwaser

I think they are a very cute couple

136 Ruka Souen & Akatsuki Kain - Vampire Knight

Yes they would be perfect even though Akatsuki is really weird and Ruka isn't

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137 Inuyasha & Kikyo - InuYasha

Man, Rumiko Takahashi, you didn't have to kill Kikyo off again, did you? I'll never ever even forgive you for that. Kikyo deserves to be brought back to life as flesh and blood by you, right? We entirely like to imagine if Kagome and Kikyo were alternatively identical twin sisters in either the feudal era or modern era, right?

I like Inuyasha and Kagome a lot better because Kikyo was dead and started to really anoy me when she would die and come back to life again

They love each other more than anybody else. When Kikyou comes back, Inuyasha constantly choose Kikyou over Kagome.

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138 Howl & Sophie - Howl's Moving Castle V 1 Comment
139 Alucard & Seras Victoria - Hellsing OVA/Ultimate
140 Takato Matsuda & Rika Nonaka - Digimon Tamers

Best Digimon couple in my opinion

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