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141 Yuno & Yuki - Mirai Nikki

Seriously? This is so down below in the list, I would say this should be at top 5 considering the current top 5. The relationship between Yuno and Yuki is just unspeakable, it's that beautiful. Yuno protects Yuki with all her life but Yuki doesn't care, then Yuki realizes how much Yuno loves him... The end kiss between them was so emotional that I couldn't hold back my tears even when I forced myself to not cry.

You know, what? This couple is the BEST! Haven't ya realized that they always kiss, always with together, and when the series past by, their love grows? That's the gem of this anime... This should be on the Top 10 :3

WOW! Yuki and Yuno are the definition of awesome! Seriously, everybody else on this list are the same old boring relationships. Guy likes girl, girl likes guy, that's basically it. But Yuno and Yuki on the other hand...
Just watch Mirai Nikki and you will definitely see why this couple NEEDS to be higher up.


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142 Kamijou Touma & Misaka Mikoto - To Aru Majutsu no Index

Touma and Misaka were literally meant for each other! Have you ever seen a better couple than these two lovebirds? They always have these little couple fights as well, not to mention that Index kinda sucks... She can hardly fight and defend herself unlike Misaka

These two are are just way to awesome

Eww... Misaka and Kuroko are meant to be together, even though it is yuri! I do not agree with your opinion, sorry...

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143 Viktor and Yuri - Yuri!!! On Ice

These two were literally meant for each other! They are two adorable, I can't get enough of them! These two can't live with out each other! Viktor cares about Yuri and Yuri cares about Viktor! They both love each other! They were born to make history!

They were born to make history - RebeccaDarking

They are basically married, you cannot argue with me.

I do not agree you have my disrespect - SpicyYurio

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144 Urashima Keitaro & Narusegawa Naru - Love Hina

Definitely a great classic anime couple. I recommend you to watch Love Hina if you have not yet seen the Anime or read the manga, because it is a awesome all time romance classic.

Needs to be in the top 10 if you haven't seen Love Hina do yourself a favor and see it while you still have time.

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145 Sakata Gintoki & Tsukuyo - Gintama

If you have watched gintama you'll see how they are perfect for each other. On the episode when odd jobs got new year cards watch carefully on what seita and hinowa say about how Tsu-ki was feeling down but tsu-ki rewrites their letters about how fakely happy she is about gin and ayame's fake wedding. This couple should have been #1!

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146 Tsunade & Jiraiya - Naruto

This is two persons I wayted threw the whole serie for these two to be a couple, but sadly Jiraiya die! But Still I think these two should be a couple!

I couldn't believe that this happens in every team. The girl always like the more serious guy who couldn't care less about her while the goofy one is madly in love with her. I ship JiraTsu so much. I wish it could have happened.

It doesn't happen in every Team. For example team asuma and team kurenai.

147 Obito & Rin - Naruto

My favorite couple in animes, and I don't think that Rin loved as much Kakashi as she loved Obito, they were friends but it's obvious that she loved differently Obito, we can see that when Obito dies and joins her. Obito loved her so deeply that he got insane when he saw her dying, if it hadn't happened the story would have been totally different...

Obito & Rin really like each other in my opinion. Have you seen the way she looks at the sky so sadly after he dies? The feels are back!

Well, it's love I know, but love always doesn't have one meaning. Rin loved Obito as well as Kakashi, but both as friends. They three were best friends, not couples actually...

It sad that Rin like Kakashi (Romanticly) and Obito sorta in a brotherly way. However it didn't stop him to love her with his soul. He tried to destroy the world for her, she motivated him to live, she was is fuel. No matter how you look at it Obito would have done anything to make her happy.

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148 Makise Kurisu & Okabe Rintarou - Steins; Gate

Underrated anime.

More steinsgate would be appreciated

149 Yona and Hak - Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn)

They were childhood friend and she always seem herself when around him. She didn't event realize her feelings until later on, and Hak has always been loyal even though Yona's eyes were on someone else.

I like how Hak always teases her and how they have so many moments together. Like hugging and almost kissing scenes. Best couple. root for HAK and YONA!

THIS SHOULD BE HIGHER ON THE LIST! I love this couple and it is so amazing


150 Kyouko Kirigiri x Makoto Naegi - Dangan Ronpa

The way they trust each other and depend on each other is so cute! They always seem to care for each other and have each other come before themselves.

They are so caring for one another! It's adorable!

151 Mikasa Ackerman & Levi/Rivaille - Shingeki no Kyojin

These two are cousins so no way would I ever see them together that and Levi is like over 30 years old and Mikasa is only like 14 or 15 years old so no way

I don't care about their age gap, but I believe there's something going on with those two.

Well they are my 2 favorite characters so I ship them

This is actally incest

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152 Haru & Kuroyukihime - Accel World
153 Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long - Rwby

They're otp asf they belong together

154 Gray Fullbuster & Juvia Loxar - Fairy Tail

Perfect couple ♥♥♥ I ship them so hard!

At first, I thought that the relationship won't work out that well, because it's as if Gray was annoyed by Juvia, but the fact that Gray is willing to protect her and actually "died" protecting her, makes me feel that Juvia is an important person to Gray, and in the last few chapter, Gray even said that he'll give an answer to Juvia's feelings and I really hope it's a good one, because this pairing is great and I feel that this pairing should be more well known. Both Gray and Juvia had became a special person in the other's heart, so why not?

As for me Gruvia is the best and I can't believe that GrayLu is more popular.

I love it... the end

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155 Riki & Rin - Little Busters!

How this ship not get much attention

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156 Hibiki Tokai & Dita Liebely - Vandread
157 Ash Ketchum and May - Pokemon

Ash Ketchup and May Mayonnaise

What about ash & misty

I thought Ash and Misty worked better. Meh


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158 Yuuichiro Hyakuya x Shinoa Hiiragi - Owari no Seraph


I ship this - MLPFan

159 Raku Ichijou and Kosaki Onodera - Nisekoi
160 Ciel & Lizzy - Black Butler

Why didn't anyone think of this? This is a canon couple in the anime, they are adorable together, and they are going to get married when they get older! Lizzy shows so much love to Ciel! It doesn't look like Ciel does very much, but the truth is, he cares and loves her a lot. This is one of the best anime pairings!

I'm kind of surprised this isn't higher. They obviously care a lot about each other. This is a great anime, though.

He's the only person he really cares about, I wish he could've brought her with him she wouldn't care if he was a demon or not.

They are the cutest anime couple ever and they are also engaged to each other

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