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161 Suzaku & Euphemia - Code Geass

They perfect for each other they would have had a great life together :3

This couple literally made me cry when Euphie died and Suzaku just looked so distressed... *Sobs*

They need to be together in heaven and have lots of little tots.

When Euphie died, I just... Just...

Now excuse me as I go cry a river of tears.

They should be like #3 on this list

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162 Yahiro & Megumi - Special A.

You cannot deny the connection here, especially since he helped her sing better. In fact instead of pretending to like her singing he told her how to make it better and that clearly defines the line between friend an lover. Also she speaks for him and he acts horrible but really is trying to save her voice and be a bae and that is hot and I accept that. Also he is a tsundere and also I accept that because also it is hot. And also he is a sassy little turd. DID I MENTION HOW HOT HIS IS GOD DAYUM. Ok I am so done now.

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163 Taichi "Tai" Kamiya & Sora Takenouchi - Digimon

Ah, I remember when I watched digimon. Sure it's a cute ship but it's a ship for beginners. The good old days.

Why did sora choose matt over tai

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164 Stein and Marie - Soul Eater

Doc. Stein is the one plagued by his own inner demons, while Marie is the one who saves him from them. With this, Marie has her role in the Soul Eater universe made important due to Stein's existence. Their relationship is beautifully symbiotic, their soul resonance great. What else could I say about this great pairing?

This couple is so cool. Combining the badassness, confidence, intelligence and sexy Stein with cute, very beautiful and inocent but at the same time powerful Marie is one of the best idea ever. They develop feelings for each other (or at least Stein because Marie always loved him-he was her first crush) and there relationship is quite obvious in anime but mostly in manga as at the final they start a romantic relationship (they made a baby what)

Come on, it's even canon in the manga! It's shown that Marie is pregnant with Stein's child! Why isn't this higher on the list?!

She cures Steins insanity so I'm surprised that it isn't higher up and I LOVE them together

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165 Kisaragi Shintaro & Tateyama Ayano - Mekakucity Actors / KagePro / Kagerou Days V 2 Comments
166 Ene/Takane & Konoha/Haruka - Mekakucity Actors

Aww this one has no coments until me?! Well these two are cute together. I may not be "OTP" about it but they are still pretty cute. I ship it!

167 Vash the Stampede & Amelia Ann McFly
168 Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu and Peko Pekoyama - Dangan Ronpa
169 Saito & Louise - Zero no Tsukaima

So there's this one series called Zero no Tsukaima. Most of you have probably heard of it, but for the rest of you, think of a Takahashi Couple attending Hogwarts and you've got the basic idea. Look here for a more in-depth explanation.

So you've got Louise and Saito, lead heroine and hero, if you can really call them that. Calling them a Takahashi Couple is kinda disingenuous because they aren't really much of a couple, Louise spends more of her time beating the crap out of Saito than Akane does with Ranma, and Saito's a real piece of work too, especially in the original light novels. They really are a match made in hell. Then a few months ago, a guy by the name of Gabriel Blessing started writing a fanfic called The Hill of Swords, where Louise summoned Emiya Shirou from Fate/Stay Night instead of Saito to be her familiar.

The ending was so sweet because Saito who was dead got revived by a fairy so when Louise was crying she saw Saito walking the path straight to her castle and they both got married and lived together. Even though Louise hated Saito in the beginning both started to like each other and been through struggles together and sometimes separated.

Come on this should be way high up. They fight, are funny but are also madly in love with each other.Even though Saito may seem like a pervert going after other girls, he truly loves Louisie and can everything from not returning home to even sacrificing himself to protech her. Both of them go through so much which is epic, they are funny, romantic in their own way...Saito-Louisie 4verr

Besides, they're married

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170 Lelouch Lamperouge & Kallen Stadtfeld/Kouzuki - Code Geass

Lelouch: live on kallen

She's his Queen and she loves him what more

This 'couple' is disgusting. Their 'relationship' was created out of nothing but random sexual tension.

She is q1 that mean he love her more than anyone even nunaly and cc Shirley is stupid and dumb and cc has no name Shirley dead anyway and cc is nameless so ha Mallon is q1 and she fall on top of lulu and he ask her to go to ashford and he saw her shower so they meant for each other she is queen cc is weird she only stay with lulu because she stupid and Kallem is queen Shirley is ugly and stupid and retarded and cc is nameless and green hair

171 Ryuken & Katagiri - Bleach
172 Ash & Serena - Pokemon

They are childhood friends and also Ash loves her

They are the best anime couple there could be

The most possible of the Pokemon shippings

Best ship, they are so cute together

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173 Sunako & Kyohei - The Wallflower

They are polar opposites, but are an adorable ship. Sunako gradually trusts and befriends Kyohei during the series, even though Sunako's trust is already damaged. Kyohei confides in Sunako, and defends her when she's being tormented. Overall, an cute couple

compared to sato and ayane they are the sweetiest couple - jhajay

I love that couple. They cute..

The best couple in the anime world believe me

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174 Izaya Orihara & Shizuo Heiwajima - Durarara!

I cannot believe that no one has put them up here!
There isn't much to say. I mean the anime says it ALL!

Oh my god! Shizou x izaya! They are my favorite couple in durarara

This should so be on top ten. I know it's a "hate" couple but there's just something about them!
And easily enough to say... there both hot and have completely different skill to make them easily matched I ship them so much!

Best Yaoi Pairing Ever!

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175 Uehara Anko & Noboru Yoshikawa - Great Teacher Onizuka

a bully and the one who was being bullied fell in love with each other - ronluna

successful attempt to confess her feelings to yoshikawa helped by onizuka - ronluna

176 Risa Koizumi & Atsushi Ōtani - Lovely Complex

I like them together because since I am a talk girl it's nice to know that I'll be able to find someone nice eventually. It's a really good story to relate to.

One of my fave couples, they aren't all lovey dovey because otani gets embarrased easily which is cute but sometimes he comes out with adorable things and along with their friendship where they always have a go at each other in a funny way and how they get excited over the smallest things is just goals to be honest

I totally agree with the person below! A short man and a tall woman falling in love with one another! That's pretty awesome! It's not your ordinary tale of a tall man and a shorter woman. It's a unique story. For those who haven't seen it. I recommend it! Go Otani and Risa! ^~^ Love, love, love!

Goals forever and always

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177 Ishida Yamato & Takenouchi Sora - Digimon V 1 Comment
178 Rias Gremory & Issei Hyoudou - High School DxD

Amazing couple. Everyone that doesn't know Issei question's why Rias loves him so much, since Issei is a giant pervert. But Rias loves Issei, because he sees Rias as a person, not just next head of her house. Absolutely beautiful.

Haha this couple is awesome. Lots of love between these two. Issei's pervertedness can get a little extreme, but Rias loves him as Issei loves her.

Needs to be way closer to #10

This is the 'it' couple! The crimson princess of ruin and the red dragon emperor of destruction!

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179 Yamato Akitsuki & Suzuka Asahina - Suzuka

There relationship is so underrated it is sad. Yamato tries so hard. To get suzuka to even look at him. So much so that he looses faith in his love for her and in himself. But in the end he finds that he loves here more than anything and to me it is quite endearing. More people should see this anime.

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180 Arima Kousei & Kaori Miyazono - Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso

No! This should be number one. Those two should have been a couple before they parted. Besides this ship is probably the saddest SINCE THEY CAN'T EVER BE TOGETHER!

THEY'RE 524?!?!?!? people lost their taste.

it should make the top 10
She confessed her love only in the last sad they can't be together
i want a second season!

TOP 10 TOP 10 TOP 10

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