Tomoya & Nagisa - Clannad


I'm sorry for all those Clannad fans out there (brace yourself for what I'm about to say) I don't like Clannad. In fact I don't like this how at all, and have no clue why it's widely known as the best romance anime when I couldn't even tell that it was until, what, the second last episode. Concerning the couple, I never really got their vibe as a couple and personally felt (even though I was rooting for Nagisa the whole time I swear), that Tomoyo gave of more of a close and couply feel. Honestly, like there are no arcs based solely on Nagisa and that really brings it down for me. Clannad After Story was definitely an improvement, though I can't say how much of one. It focuses on Nagisa and Tomoya's relationship more, yeah, but the ending is just whack and I don't understand why they killed Nagisa of in the first place if they were just going to bring her back. I also don't find Ushio a very likeable character (*ducks to avoid being shot by many Clannad fans*) and even more dislike ...more

Tomoya and Nagisa, really portrayed the feeling of love, care and affection throughout only about 44 episodes. The 1st season was just of how they started getting to know each other but the after story was where the tears really start falling. When you see those two always being there for each other through all the hardships just make you wanna cry. But then to a certain death, all of us were in shock and grief. But fortunately, the series came to a happy ending with relief. I would choose tomoya and Nagisa as my top favorite couple not only to the chemistry they shared together but the sacrifices as well. But what really disappointment the viewers throughout the series was how their relationship had never had a kissing scene which was quite sad. May they always be the curtest couple ever :')

It's a shame we have a lot of biased shounen fans here. Clannad had the best love story.
A couple being "cute" isn't everything. There's components, such as how they meet, what causes them to spend time with one another, confessions, what they do afterwards, trials and tribulations before and after they decide to be together, what they would do for the other. Just because they look cute on screen doesn't give them that many points. Clannad was all about trials and tribulations, and breaking through with the help of others who believed in them. There's an emotional message and connection the audience shares with the characters. Cuteness means nothing. Get over your sexual excitement.

I'm shocked to se that Tomoya and Nagisa are just number 8. They are by far the best anime couple I've ever seen. What they have been through is just too much. Clannad is truly an amazing anime, and what makes it so good is the relationship between these two. No other anime touched me the way clannad did, it shows perfectly how scary and miserable life can seem and how Tomoya and Nagisa still move on supporting each other. Tomoya and Nagisa are truly amazing - WindyHill

8!? What! This is a joke 8 is a disgrace for this couple, I mean Ichigo n Rukia aren't even couple. Tomoya n nagisa should be at least top three. Very sweet couple very sad to watch Nagisa die though. Just watching these two make me wanna cry, they are so perfect for each other, this anime really makes me appreciate my girlfriend more. Thank you Clannad for a wonderful romance experience.

Their relationship is really what helped me enjoy Clannad, since I usually stay away from the genre. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful show, but seeing how much development goes into both their characters and the relationship, along with the heartbreak at the end, kept me wanting to watch the next episode.

This is probably the most genuine relationship in history. They complement each other perfectly, to the point of solving each other's problems. What makes it so good is that you get to see their relationship develop from their first meeting in high school, to their adult lives.

This couple should be in the top ten not only because of how cute they look together but because of the fact that these two got to know each other. They started out as friends and through helping others they realized how much they loved each other, flaws included. This couple is the ideal of love.

Ah yes!
Clannad, one of the most popular anime's.
In the too ten Harem anime's, all the girls fell for Tomoya, even tough the never had a chance.
They all knew that from the start.
The girls knew they couldn't compete but of course, he picked Nagisa out of all of them.
The girls fell for him yet he continuously showed how much he loved Nagisa.
The tables never turned but stayed upright.
Therefore, Nagisa and Tomoya are yet another perfect anime ship known to mankind

This is obviously biased. Nagisa and Tomomya's relationship gives of so many lessons to other people teaching the true meaning of love and how love can be expressed in all shapes and sizes. Tomoya helps nagisa overcome her confidence and her low self esteem influencing her to achieve all her dreams. Tomoya, a dilinquint meets nagisa and realizes there is more to life that what he can only see. Both couples then later on o through many hardships ad conflicts together surpassing them together and growing even stronger always together which makes Clannad the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. If you haven't watched it yet, I definitely recommend it to you ( especially the 2nd season)

Honestly the anime Clannad and its After Story was what got me started on anime in the first place. I like the character and relationship progression of both Tomoya and Nagisa. Not to mention the ending of the anime was amazing!

The fact that Tomoya was able to go into a deep 5-year depression because Nagisa died is so touchy... Tragic, but touchy laugh out loud. But yes, even though Nagisa is a year older, I still have to say they make a very romantic and dramatic couple. - Dorfdude8

Number one! Tomoya and Nagisa are the best couple, even though there were no intimate scenes between them, you knew how good they were as a pair. Their conversations were just so sweet, funny and cute, they definitely deserve to be higher!

Oh my god I love these two. Not only are they amazing individual characters, but they are even better together. Their personalities are different but they mix well. On top of that Clannad is also amazing! If you want a good romance/drama anime (includes sadness) LOOK NO FURTHER no one can bring up Clannad without making me feel sad...thsse two are an amazing couple.

This was a greatly emotional anime made spectacular by this couple and the way the interacted with other characters just as a result of being together thumbs up all the way and should undoubtedly be in the top 5!

In the beginning, it takes so long for them to become couple. But in the after story their love become more beautiful and even death set them apart, he still loves her so much.They deserve a great ending like that

Why is this 8th why people? BEST ANIME COUPLE EVER! If you just don't know them then go watch the anime it will bring you to TEARS!... Yes it's THAT good! - Lima73

My favorite couple from my favorite anime. They balance each other out so well, and they have a great development. Through happy and sad times, their relationship is a beautiful one.

They've been there for each other from the first time they met. They've gone through major hardships but always ended up loving each other in the end. They're a fairy tail come through

Love this couple. They don't need excessive PDA for their obvious affection to be clearly displayed. My favorite couple, hands down.

Clannad is one anime that made me cry a lot, I spent hours just thinking about the dynamics of Nagisa and Tomoya's relationship. They're definitely my second favorite anime couple.

I love Tomoya and Nagisa's relationship, because they're both were really great together. They gone through their struggles in their lives, and it really makes them good couple.

How in the holy hell is this only twelve! You people have clearly never seen the masterpiece that is Clannad! Absolute brilliance! Best romance ever!

I really love this couple. Nagisa is weak but Tomoya wants to protect her. And Nagisa and her parents can give Tomoya the real happiness and warmth of a sweet family.

Amazing story... Sad how it ends though... I do love how it express there love for each other. If only it was longer.