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L Lawliet, exclusively known by the mononym L, is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


I adore L! He was so interesting to watch. I swear every time he figured something out and explained his thought process I was blown away. Someone mentioned it already how he didn't "lose" which I totally agree with because even he says that even though he lost the battle he will not lose the war, and man was he right! I am so happy when other people tell me he's awesome because he is. Such a unique character. Death note was basically the first anime I watched, and man was my crush on him on the insane level. I cried to no end when he died, and I continue to every time I rematch the anime or reread the manga. Definitely makes Death Note worth watching/reading over and over again.

L Lawliet, is one of the greatest character I ever loved without a doubt. I was so disappointed that he died while I was watching the anime to the point where even I had stopped watching the anime because suddenly, without him, it became less interesting to me. The point being, with him, all of my (and possibly others') attention goes to him.

To be quite honest, I think he and Light should be tied for first on this list. Both characters were well create and I have never enjoyed any two anime characters so much in any anime I have ever watched in my entire life. However, I still think L should be in first place, but only because I absolutely love him. I think Light should be in second and Lelouch should be in third. Move Light up to second and keep L at the top!

Best anime character ever
Best name ever ( the letter L alone is so cool )
Best looks ( and yeah, I'm crazy, but I think he is very handsome )
Best voice ( I'm talking about the japanese voice which is so sweet )
Best smile ( cute or creepy, it is awesome )
Best every thing else

He has such a unnique and wonderful personality. So different than a lot of other anime characters, whose creators did not have a lot of originality.

Despite his overwhelming intellect, he does not flaunt it around like Light does. He has an innocent quality to him, but at the same time he can be totally bad-ass. He has flaws, but it adds to his personality perfectly. He fought to prtect the world from criminals and honestly give justice to those who deserved it, where Light sought to mercilessly destroy all those who commited a wrong deed, even if it meant killing innocent people in the process.

Overall, his character is one of kind. He will be loved no matter what, and we are not about to forget him anytime soon. RIP Lawliet...

Here is my idol!
It was the first time I cry because of an anime character
I kept crying for weeks
And I still can't face the fact that he died.
Oh, no... I started crying again! (T_T)

Never shall there be another character like L. By the way, L is in a metaphorical sense God, while Light Yagami could be portrayed as either Judas or Lucifer. All in all, the Death Note series is one long fight between L and Light, or metaphorically, God and Lucifer.

Okay, he's definitely better than Goku. L is a very complex character. His intuition is unbeatable and without him in the series I feel as if it would've been less interesting. He isn't your average guy in anime, L is such an original character. Even in the tension, he was the character that could find a little humor in everything. To add on, L's idiosyncracies are adorable. His sweet tooth, apperance, voice, way he sits, and the way he thinks. It's all wonderful. The saddest part is how lonely he really was. Lawliet will always be remembered in my heart and many others. RIP

The amazing character I've ever know to have been created by manga. Lawliet's style of finding enthralls the minds. Not being the most important CHARACTER BUT BEING THE MOST TALKED. L lawliet, the best anime character on my opinion.

Yeah L is by far the best anime/maga charecter, his death was so sad. It broke my heart when he was standing on that roof top at his head quaters and it was raining and Light came to see what he was up to, and L told Light about "the sound bells getting louder"... I knew exactly what he was talking about, but I always beleived that his death was just a trick because he knew he was gonna die, but there would be a twist, and he'd would come back near the end of the series... Well, I guess its what I get for wishful thinking :, ( L's character and personality is one in a million x x x

L is the most unique character I've ever read. He's a genius who while is the antagonist because yagami is the main character you end up rooting for L. Is genuis matched with his sense of humor makes him a perfect character for me. He doesn't have brute strength, he isn't the most powerful manga character. He is the smartest and most manipulative.

I have never actually read or watched Death Note anime/manga, but I have watched the live action films, and they are so amazing. I've also read a ton of Fanfiction about it also. The way L acts is so weird, and therefore awesome. His dress, movements, and behavior are so bizaree, and fun to watch. He rocks! I think he totally should have beat Light, like he did in the movies I watched.

L is like a cute panda. Even though the identity of L is mysterious, there is enough revealed to know how awesome he is! I love his interest in sweets, his pose when sitting, awkwardness, and hair.

Amazing character. How is he not number one?!?!? He is so silly sometimes yet he is a genius. Also he's always eating! He's so cute! I wont say he's better than Near but he right up there

I'm glad that he is number 1... Nobody can surpass him!
He's a genius
He's cute
He loves sweets
He's sad and lonely even when he died, he made me cry for weeks (T_T)

he's like your shadow because he can figure out everything you do. He can solve as many crimes as 3 secret service firms can and tell whether you are Kira or not

Don't even get me started on L. In terms of characters that can send me into ultra fangirl mode, L ranks way up at the top. Even before I started reading Death Note, I saw L's character and thought: "Who is that? I will find out, and make it my mission to read/watch whatever manga/anime they are affiliated with.

L was quirky, adorable, brilliant, and funny - and DIED TOO SOON! I don't think I'll ever get over his character's death - it makes me feel sad every single time I think of it.

This guy is quirky, cool, and so CUTE! (not to mention he was a total genius) AND HE HAS WAY MORE FAN GIRLS THAN LIGHT!

He is so amazing. If L did really exist in this world, he would be the best and most beautiful about it

Agreed 100%, L is the kind of guy that I dreamed to be my all life, you just need to learn how to understand the character ;-)

I don't trust anyone who doesn't like L. He's so funny, cute, and best of all... he's smart! And he doesn't carelessly murder people like Light.

L is the Diamond of Death Note! Such a lovable character, so smart, so brillaint, so cute, so polite, and such a brilliant detective mixed with his beautiful sense of true justice

And Light? Please. His so called sense of "justice" abosultely disgusting and not to mention pathetic. He is not even close to being a brilliant serial killer, let alone a God (Beyond Birthday is the greatest serial killer ever)

L is adorable and epic at the same time. His sweet tooth, the way he sits, how he holds phones and how smart he is makes him so lovable.

The best character in Death Note, I mean he has eating disorder, he's smart, cool and he gagged and tortured stupid Misa.