Monkey D. Luffy

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Monkey D. "Straw Hat" Luffy is a fictional character and the protagonist of the One Piece manga franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.


Luffy is an amazing person who cares about his friends and will do anything to protect them and make them smile. He is very funny and stupid, but that's another reason why I love him. He is always growing strong and shows people that he is not afraid unless I can hear my friends voices. The best thing I love about is because he is always chasing after his dreams and never give up or lose hope. He is always believing. He is a person full of courage and a person that we all can look up to and call him a true hero. Even though he is an anime character, to me he is something more than that.

I can't think of many other characters that deserves to be at the top of this list than Luffy, I mean everyone of his attacks are breathtaking and ironic. His stupidity can come in handy and never really a nuisance unless we're just having a good time. He has a big heart and definitely knows the ways of a pirate in a good way. Not wanting to be a hero despite liking them makes him a hard guy to understand but he is definitely the best. GO LUFFY!

Luffy is a MONSTER! Yeah, he might not be as strong as Naruto or Goku but they are people who were born lucky, really really lucky they got all these super powers like Kurama, SSJ 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8... yes they are giving a 1000% in battle but Luffy is giving a 1010% he might not have Energy balls and blasts but he is using his powers to the MAXIMUM! He is stupid, funny and all but when he needs to he becomes serious. He just doesn't know when to give up even if he is on verge of death he will come up with something and that's why he is so amazing!

He is a person full of courage and will do anything for his nakama. He keeps following his dream to become the Pirate King. Strawhat Luffy is such a funny person and always has a smile on his face.

Luffy is the best hero. He never gives up on his friends no matter what, and he is determined to fight for his dream against all odds. Perhaps the best thing about Luffy is that he is someone everyone would want to be friends with; he's cheerful, loyal, funny and insanely reliable.

In my opinion, a main character doesn't necessarily need to be a genius or successful in society. Luffy continues to win me over with his childlike charm and love and loyalty for his friends. Plus, who could forget him punching a world noble? I know I wont.

Actually Luffy stated that he is ALWAYS serious, even when he has some stupid ideas. I can find very few characters that can actually rival Luffy, much less beat him. Really I suggest Luffy and Naruto and Ichigo shouldn't be put out as rivals, but as eternal friends/rivals.

To keep it really short he is the best character ever made for any anime. He can be funny, stupid, reckless anything you want to add but when his friends are in trouble he is there for them plus he likes adventures...

I think Luffy is awesome. My favourite one piece character is actually Zoro, cause of how he's something more representative of an underdog and a rebel in the One Piece universe. Plus I like characters that go hardcore.

I love One Piece the most and Luffy is my best character. Very simple and integrity, I love that kind of person. I watching all what he do and never disappoint. Kind, funny, and very simple and more things from him. A good characteristics.

One peace is one of my favorites by far, it's a long still not ended series and its still going cause it's so great. and that's mainly because of monkey D. luffy. he's such an inspiration even in the movies its always about what best, his debts come first before all and he doesn't hesitate when something needs to be done. that's what sets him apart on top of that its always amazing to watch him crush all that stand before him.


Luffy is in my opinion THE BEST anime character of all time not goku. thou goku and luffy have numerous similarity, luffys superiority comes from his love for his nakama and his density. One of the best things about him is his way of helping people. he will get him self into trouble tons of times just helping people (or animals if you have seen one piece you will understand). He is also one of the most stupid characters in the anime and that makes him all the more lovable. So if ANY ANIME CHARACTER should be the best it should be Monkey D. Luffy.

I can't believe Luffy isn't higher. To me he's just the best character in manga, funny, loyal, happy and he never gives up. He, Naruto and Natsu are my favorites.

He's awesome I personally prefer zoro, great manga, his personality is fun, active, annoying in some ways he's great, powerful and never boasts about it I think he could use the bounty of 500, 000, 000

Luffy is one of the best manga character next to a few others. He is funny, dumb (in a good way) and loyal. He doesn't hesitate to take his friends side and he stands by his own values. Yea and he can't lie haha.

Monkey D Luffy is amazing, he loves meat, he knows when to fight and when not to fight. Doesn't seem to have any fear in him whatsoever.

R you kidding me he should be in the top 3 at least because he is one of the coo least characters and is one of the funniest, stupidest, and boss characters

Best manga character? Is there still a need to ask that? Of course it's LUFFY! The man who will become the Pirate King someday!

The most amazing manga/anime character in the world. He can't be beaten.

Bottomless optimism extreme loyalty GREAT HUMOR and a great friend to zoro and nami

He's idiotic, hilarious and just simply wonderful!

Full of life!
Somehow... I don't know what to say about him... he is like my favourite character...
Is funny and knows what he has to protect and what his goal is!
His loyalty makes me speechless...
Love him and his crew...
Roronoa zoro is another amazing character of one piece!

THe funniest character in anime/manga history.

I think Monkey D Luffy is one hell of a character