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201 Lacus Clyne - Gundam Seed
202 Yotsuba - Yotsuba&!
203 Sanosuke Sagara - Rurouni Kenshin
204 Akari Mizunashi - Aria V 1 Comment
205 Mamoru Hijikata - Until Death Do Us Part
206 Train Heartnet - Black Cat Train Heartnet - Black Cat
207 Rei Ayanami - Neon Genesis Evangelion Rei Ayanami - Neon Genesis Evangelion

Every fan of manga and anime should vote for Rei.
She is classic, lovely, pure-hearted, and silent.

She is the icon of anime and manga.

Everyone knows her. She is the blue-haired girl in white suit.

She is from the best anime ever.

208 Fran - Katekyo Hitman Reborn
209 Prussia (Gilbert Beilschmidt) - Hetalia

Of course he invented awesome! When you look up awesome in the dictionary you see his face right there!

How the heck could he surpass Goku. You mean Prussia is more inspiring than son Goku who even brought guys to tears.

Prussia is the most awesome thing in the history of awesome, in fact he invented awesome. It cannot exist without him as it's leader.
I think he should become number 1.

210 Kagamine Rin / Len - Vocaloid
211 Canaan - Canaan

She is so cool and fast that you know once she pops up on screen something going down.
Her power is one of the coolest and she I'd defiantly pretty

212 N - Death Note V 1 Comment
213 Ichigo Momomiya - Tokyo Mew Mew

Ichigo is such a good character!

214 Hilda - Beelzebub
215 Yuzuru Otonashi - Angel Beats Yuzuru Otonashi - Angel Beats

This boy is amazing. He was driven, independent, caring, passionate and inspirational. His dying wish was to donate his body for scientists and to help sae the train crash victims. He succeeded in saving lives for the price of his own, and helped his little sister have the best last moments of her struggle of cancer, and tried to make his life for her.
He gave his for others to survive and left himself for others to live. He is amazing.

He is very inspiring, much more then some people on here like Pikachu (what? ) and Bubbles.
Did any of them have their dying wish to donate their body for science? To make sure everyone survived a week in a tunnel? No, they just did boring things in an imaginary world.

216 Reisi Munakata - K

This anime is underrated. Munakata is one of the most badass megane out there!

217 Fai D. Flowright - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Fai D. Flowright - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

I'm really disappointed to see that Fai wasn't even on the list when I scrolled through it.
If you've read the manga for Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, you know about Fai's tragic past. Fai's past made me see how his character developed and understand him more. I also love how he started his journey has a stranger behind a mask, but by the end of the series, he transformed into a completely different character. I enjoyed seeing the changes in Fai's personality and way of thinking. In my opinion, one of the greatest manga characters of all time.

218 Maka Albarn - Soul Eater Maka Albarn - Soul Eater

She's very smart and cares for Soul very much. She was mourning when he got slashed on the torso and was protective of him when Black Star tried to wake him up when Soul was recovering. Good at using a scythe, too and very determined.

219 Tsubaki Nakatsukasa - Soul Eater Tsubaki Nakatsukasa - Soul Eater
220 Kenzo Tenma - Monster
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