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I really hate when people think that sasuke is a better character than naruto, it really ticks me off. I mean first of all naruto is a much stronger person than him! Even after being rejected all his life he has always always persisted to be recognized and has never let his dark emotions get the best of him, always being cheerful and caring about his comrades constantly. But sasuke has just given up and let his vengeance take control of everything! I know that his history is different from naruto a since he actually HAD people to lose but doesn't he know deep inside that he doesn't want vengeance? That all he wants is his precious people back? Sasuke blinds himself to keep away grief while naruto clearly recognizes his darkness, embraces it, and tries to do something he knows clearly now is the most important thing, protecting the people he loves

UNDERSTANDING even though you wouldn't think he would be because of his past, the pain arc ending was the BEST, inspirational and realistic, and MEANINGFUL!

Naruto's goal become and hokage to the village and he doesn't have a family like iruka sensei when he was little he cause trouble as well and same as naruto. His father mintato the fourth hokake teleported to the nine tails with him. His mum passed out his friends and sqaud sauske and sakura and his sensei kakahsi and his trainer toad sage know rasengan and naruto and he turns nine tails and when orochimaru put the curse mark on sauske for his goal to defeat itachi who killed his clan and sauske little brother learned shiangan and sauske left naruto and went to orochimaru and sauske killed his older brother and orochimaru and the hebi and eight tails jinkriki

Naruto uzumaki-a born loser and failure, always hated and feared, considered a monster, never had any friends... Still always happy and funny... Never gave up from life... Was all alone so made his dream his best friend... Kept on working hard... WIIL NEVER GIVE UP NO MATTER WHAT!... I WILL BE A HOKAGE ONE DAY!... DATTEBAYO!.. And look at him now! How much has he achieved?... Bro there's no reason not to love him... My favorite manga and anime character of all time!

Naruto's story is spectacular. It took confronting the hatred of the entire world to understand the pain of his best friend. As this series taught us, there cannot be peace between people who don't understand each other. As Naruto learned to understand his greatest enemies, Nagato, Obito, Sasuke, he changed them and showed the world a new way through his actions. He was the one to see Jiraiya's dream through to the end. It's amazing how this mischievous little fox kid became such a deep character that confronted very real issues with dignity and inner strength.

I mean, he was a little boy without a father and mother! (Imagine it just makes me cry honestly)..

And also has a wonderful and very influential figure and that's what made me love it so much.. I do not think that there is a character in the world of anime-like Naruto or even in fact.. I think he unique! Yes unique

I also liked fighting, always makes me excited.

In short, Naruto the best in everything..

Naruto Amazing and most beautiful in everything..

Love it so much so crazy..

The King of the Uzumaki clan..

Yes it is (Naruto)

Naruto's really the best! Don't vote for him because of his look. He's not that good-looking but it's his heart and courage that make him the best manga character ever! In the end of the series, he chose the right person to be his wife as well, a girl who has cared about him for life. Naruto is also very powerful, he has lots of fighting abilities and never gives up on his dreams, especially to surprisingly bring his best friend, Sasuke back to the village!

Naruto is someone who's capable of doing just about anything for his precious people - the people he earned by working hard to reach his goal (Hokage and Sasuke's retrieval). I like Sasuke as a person (or a character anyway) but Naruto is like a ball of sunshine even with a past as dark as a charcoal. He is someone that kids would admire once they knew what he had done and what he will be doing in the future. He may not be as good looking or as smart as Uchiha Sasuke, but Uzumaki Naruto proved his village, the entire shinobi world that if his precious people's lives are on the line, deplate his chakra he will to save the people he called his comrades.

NUMBER 5 ARE YOU KIDDING ME?... Naruto uzumaki-a character looser in the start, complete failure, hated, feared, still never ready to give up... Follows his dream, has strong will power, protects his friends till death and even after being hated so much never gives hatred back but always ready to forgive... In my opinion he is the best anime character ever n I think he will get the top position... Hope he becomes the hokage one day

Naruto is one of those silly goofball guys. Although he is silly (like, most of the time) he is one of the best hero's you have ever seen. After suffering for over 10 years (because of the nine-tailed fox inside him) almost everyone in the village now loves him. His loyalty towards his village made him into the person we know and love. No enemy will stop him from achieving his goal to become the hokage.

Naruto makes a great main character because he starts off pretty weak but gets stronger and stronger, eventually surpassing all people he admires-including the fourth hokage. He is willing to give everything thing his best shot and never gives up, he is also a very sarcastic character. At the beginning he was trying to achieve the goal of being acknowledged by everyone in his village due to the fact that he was a jinchuriki. After training really hard everyday, Naruto achieves his goal and saves his village, becoming equals with his best friend and rival.

It doesn't matter that he's slightly stupid, his heart is there to compensate... A LOT! Also, he knows he isn't perfect and he constantly works to improve himself. Plus the best thing about him - his dedication to his friends, which is after all the most important thing in this manga as well as in real life (my opinion). So I think he deserves a 10/10.

Naruto is my anime idol! I mean he had a horrible childhood. He struggle in his life, nobody treated him with respect. His closest friend left the village. He also turn Gaara into a better person, and became one of the hidden leaf hero. I will always look up to Naruto but my most favorite anime character is Goku then Naruto

I love Naruto's character. There are a lot of things about him that I can personally relate to. I was someone who was pretty much an outcast when I went to public school, and Naruto helped me have hope that things will get better if I work for it.

Naruto is the best he is similar to a lot of main characters from different manga/anime. He is optimistic, kind and is willing to die for his friends. What makes him different is he had a harsh past, however he is still a positive, upbeat, inspiring character.

Naruto had a terrible childhood, and a lot of things that would have destroyed another person's mind happen to him, but he is still upbeat and cheerful like the character he is. He is inspiring, and anyone can count on him. (As a plus, he is stupid but adorable. )

"I never give up or go back on my word! That's my nindo-my ninja way! " "Sasuke is my friend, and if being smart is what you say, I'll remain a fool my entire-life! " "I don't know how to get peace, but I'll find a way to break the cycle of hatred into a place where all understand eachother! " I don't think you get anymore inspirational that that with these Naruto quotes! He is the most inspirational character on this list by far! In power, he can break out of MOONS and can easily clear a forest area. Naruto should be next 2 goku in power and Character 1st Place! Naruto Uzumaki!

Naruto's just the best, he always thinks of others before himself. He's friendly, positive kind of dense but still cute. He doesn't give up and cares for those around him. He's also really powerful and even though he had a harsh past he still strives forward with very few regrets.

Why is this not number 1? Naruto was the best manga I have ever read and watched. The story is approaching its climax! Vote for this character! Naruto is such a determined and caring person. He placed bonds with his friends his top priority.

Naruto can beat anyone except one, who is also from Naruto. That character is Sage of Six Paths (Rikudou Sennin). He is a GOD in Naruto and created the Naruto world. He can smash up Goku with all the Super Saiiyans or something in one blow. Sage of Six Paths is capable of that. And now, Naruto has a 'Sage of Six Paths' mode. Naruto is believed that NARUTO will be the next Sage of Six Paths. He is also a person who cares for others, and he has survived many years with his parents dead and Sasuke, his main rival. He would do anything for his friends. He is a character like no other. Do not underestimate him. Naruto is EPIC and should be known as the most awesome and powerful anime character of all time.

Naruto and Goku should be #1 they're awesome guys and are willing to cost their lives for their friends. No one could match them in a fighting spirit contest. They two inspired me a lot.

Naruto is so amazing, because of his personality. He's so inspiring. He gives you courage to follow your dream, even how difficult it is to achieve.

Naruto is a kid who will do anything for his friends since there the only family he has. Naruto is my favorite anime character because he never gives up and never backs down no matter how bad things look and he shows people that no matter how hard things look and how high the odds are stacked up ageinst you are you should never give up.

So much better than Goku, just saying. Naruto is better in all aspects, I mean, come on! Rasengan might not be able to blow up planets, but really? Why would any protagonist do that? Besides, rasengan doesn't take a full 3 episodes, gory screams, and pure over-powered-ness, and miss the target anyways. Besides, he is much more attractive. I don't know about you, but I prefer a good face and a little muscle over 5 feet of hair and muscle that could, well, blow up planets.

Goku is stronger than naruto after goku is a god But naruto shared sadness and happiness. As naruto grew he became stronger. Plus Naruto series has the best bromance with sasuke