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India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world. Its capital is New Delhi. Some other major cities are Mumbai, Chennai, and Ahemdabad. more.


India is 2nd fastest growing economy in Asia (3rd in world). It is largest economy in world having 1.2 billion peoples. India is home of all the religions in world and allow its citizens to practice their religion without any fear. India is Military strong nation but never threatens any country for just use of its weapons. India is culturally very strong. It is a peace loving nation. You can enjoy full respect for your country while living in India. You may be face some crowded regions but that doesn't make it less beautiful... So come to India...

India is hottest In March- October. The other months in India are freezing. In most families, studying is number one priority and they pay for their education. The people in India love spicy food, and you have to boil your water since you can't trust companies that make bottled water. The population is huge. There are all types of religions, cultures and languages although the main ones are Hindi and English. No offense, but there is trash everywhere and the toilets aren't the best. People there love it when it rains, because it's usually so dry. They call it the rainy season. Sorry for the long review.

In 3000 years of our history, people from allover the world have come and invaded us, captured our lands, conquered our minds. From Alexander onwards. The Greeks, the Portuguese, the British, the French, the Dutch, all of them came and looted us, took over what was ours. Yet we have not done this to any other nation. We have not conquered anyone. We have not grabbed their land, their culture, their history tried to enforce our way of life on them. Why? Because we respect the freedom of others.

Super interesting and diverse

Modern cities to rural poverty
All year snow capped mountain to the beautiful beaches
From richest to poor
From fusion cuisine to exotic food and fruits
From religions and tradition to modernization youth
So many languages, so many landscape, so many people, traffic, rules, fights,
Still so much peace, unity, love, awareness, education and the feeling only an Indian knows DO WHAT YOU WANT, your friends are there

We never forget our roots
We love our country we are one and always will be, no matter where we are
It is awesome living here
No matter what you can never get bored here

India is the best country in the world - subhashsahu

India is the best Asian country by far. I'm half expecting somebody on this list to say India is not Asian because they don't look Chinese, Japanese and Viet and such. India has some of the best cuisine, fashion, culture, diversity, and people. Jai hind. I will say though even I am of Indian descent I am very into Japanese culture I still like India more because my parents came there to America. - Pokemongamer

We just need good leaders and will became the best country.
Only politics here is required to be changed when there is some qualification criteria req. For even the smallest job, there! Must be some kind of qualification criteria even for the politicians so that we can get a deserving person for job and then it's just matter of little time we became that major power in world...

For me the India is beautiful country but the attitude of people is not good specially about the traffic in main street in his country, this judge will not be very crucial but if you remain in your mine what I'm talking about you have learned, and that lesson will help with your country.

But India is beautiful country, that's all

Only Indian or Indian-Origin people are voting for India on this list. Not just that, also giving rants about how India is the best country in the world, largest democracy, traditional and blah blah... Still, India is a good country, but the third position for India is just way too high.

Definitely the best country in Asia. Fastest growing economy in the whole world. Human rights are respected. And rich Indian businessmen living abroad are all coming back to India because of it's booming economy. It's rapidly developing socially also. Indians have a bright future ahead and India is set to be the #1 economy in the world in 2050.

Its full of traditions and lots of diversity including 26 well recognised languages and 3000 languages in tribes the biggest languages are hindi and english. It is also the third biggest economy in the world with some of the best infastructure and landmarks like the taj mahal and golden temple. India is also the second oldest country in the world by history. It is also the second cheapest country in the world

Hinduism (known as Hind Dharma in some modern Indian languages) is a religion that originated on the Indian subcontinent. In contemporary usage Hinduism is also referred to as Santana Dharma ( ), a Sanskrit phrase meaning "eternal law".

What else would I vote! My country! India. India has beautiful places, kindest, hard working, intelligent people. IBM Microsoft Google and in most of the companies Indians outnumber employees of other countries. Like in all countries it has a dirty face too but today's youth are responsible and are hopeful about a better India.

What I can say about Hindustan.. In ancient also called "Sone ki chidiya"(a country covered by gold, diamonds, precious stones... In every corner of the world indians are preferred over their Local peoples.. And we are the ones who are driving this crazy world... Power in terms of technology, diversity, more ancient history than any other in this world, more engineers, more doctors, records breaking movies, pop music, traditional music, dance in every field Indians are known.. The next Super power... Incredible India

India is the best country cause they contributed so much to history, have tons of cool cultures, rapid growing economy, best scenery, and the people there are awesome. India should be above Philippines (a country that never contributed anything to history)

India is country with wide diversity and has many tourist spots like the Taj Mahal, red fort etc. Many people assume that the people in India do not know English, but that is wrong. India has a perfect tropical and pleasant weather and is an amazing country. You should visit!

India is a diverse in all way in nature, food, and buildings. To the north of India are the Himalayan mountains with some of the worlds largest mountains. If you want to see culture you should go to India it has lots of traditions, languages, and very good food. If you are going to see tourist attractions see the marvelous Taj mahal, Lotus Temple, India Gate, Sundarbans National Park. In this parks you can see artistic lion. India is great to visit.

500 years ago we were richest, history will repeat itself soon!
Best food, most diverse, beautiful people, hospitable people, strong army makes this country potential to be great once again. Just wait and watch!

India is basically tradition country its diverse course of languages, religion, states but we are united by nation only nation which can come over tradition to modern world from the British rule.. Today our country developed many fields like pharmaceutical, IT, education, transport, automobile, engineering goods etc

1-Well we will conquer the world in economy sector and technology.
2-Secondly, we have more people who have iq more than 120 than the whole population of usa.
3-Our army is second best in the whole world.
4-Well, we don't have blondes here... You will feel dumb when you visit India.
5- It's a fact, that Indians have better pronunciation in English than Americans.
6-Your argument is invalid against these above points.
Thank you.. Peace!

India is a vast great country. It has mountains, rain forest, and other land forms.It has very good food and people are very.I am a christian, but this year I went to India far north and the people treated me very good they invited me into their house, and even gave me food.Very good country.

Indian are more respected and honest people in the world, because they respect others, India is full of raw materials, tradition, kitchen, religions, festivals, languages, culture and many more things. I LOVE MY India and Proud to be an Indian... THANK YOU

India is a 4th largest army power in the world after the very famous country like america Russia and China before that India is a third largest country in army power but after Russia arise our power he became a superpower country in the world India is also a no. 1 democratic country in the world

Why India is on third position? India must be on first position. India is the top most Asian countries in the word. If you also Indian, just vote for India and helps to become first Top Asian countries in the world.

When it comes to India, no one can argue the diversity that she has within herself. She is too modest and humble, innocent as a child. Her ancestors have identified earth and life as 'the pale blue dot' long before any voyager have crossed the frontiers of the eighth-planet's residence.