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Japan is an island country in East Asia in the Pacific Ocean. It lies off the eastern coast of the Asia Mainland (east of China, Korea, Russia) and stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and near Taiwan in the southwest. ...read more.


Japan is the number one!
People are very kind.
There are very low percentage crime rate.
Most horrible criminals are not original Japanese, but Koreans or Chinese living Japan.
Unlike Korean or Chinese, Japanese never torture or eat dogs.

Tokyo is the most advanced city in the world.

Japan just always seems to be ahead of everyone else when it comes to technology and culture. They have this unique cultural evolution that adopts future ideas while preserving the best of Asian culture that has entered it since ancient times. Their attitude of mastery toward their professions, hobbies, sports, culinary arts, story-telling/anime and pursuit of truth/science is both obsessive and humbling. They embrace western ideas and credit their inspirations. They've learned from past mistakes and never point fingers at anyone. A truly honorable culture that constantly contributes to the betterment of mankind. And they have beautiful women with beautiful eyes and hair!

Japan is great!
Honest, friendly, police and hard working people,
(I lost my wallet but it was back with all the cash in there! )
Beautiful, yummy and healthy food,
Great customer service,
Safe, hi-tech and convenient life,
Clean and punctual public transport,
Very unique and fascinating culture (both traditional and modern), etc.


Japan and the Philippines are the two greatest Asian countries, China is cool too, those three countries really came a long way and made a huge name for themselves now.

I think Japan is but Philippines is not the best Asian country. China is a great country, but it's not developed as Japan THE BEST.

The most industrialized and safest country in the world.
Japanese people are very kind to everyone and very polite.
They are well educated to know what decency is.

Unlike Korean and Chinese, Japanese don't torture or eat dogs. Both dogs and cats are loved by people.

They have great history and culture from ancient from modern.

Great country to live in! Low crime rate, healthy food, and great people there too.

Beautiful country that combines the most modern technology with old sites, archetecture and traditions. Lovely friendly people and very safe. My visit was the best time in my life that I will cherish forever and now I am planning in living there. Hope everyone who wants to visit gets too; strongly recommend.

High-tech (hence the cool toilets), great food, friendly and honest people, clean, Disneyland, Universal Studios, rich culture too

The Japanese are the most honest and hard-working people I have ever met in my life. :)
They are also very much disciplined, which is a trait very hard to find anywhere else.

Japan is number 1 country in Asia. Most of people follow their nation's law deligently very kind and have a develope countries people manner.

Japan, the most beautiful country which I ever have visited. People are nice and polite.

Japan is the most advance country in Asia. There is xenophobes but not as bad as South Korea or China. Japan has the highest standard if living in Asia. It has bullet trains and sushi and technology we all know like Sony and Nintendo.

Polite people, great food that you can think of... I would love to go visit again sometimes.

Come on, How can you argue with a country that has delicious and healthy food, great culture, beautiful women, History, fresh air, great life style and is extremely farther with technology than the US, And that's how they came up with a 47" tin robot that responds to human commands. Japan is Awesome

Most developed country
Best school life in the world
Best country in terms of technology and science
Best country in movies

Japan is a wonerful country with so many interesting things to see and do!
I've lived there and did really enjoyed it.

Obviously they have highest GDP in all the Asian nations. In addition, they have fruitful cultures and history which most of other countries don't have. Of course I won't say Japan is the best country in the world, but it must be in top list for sure.

People think that Japan does not have typical Asian image that's why it's hard to top this survey. Laugh out loud

Japan is the best for me!
I've been a big fan of Japan Since I was a child. I want to live there.
Its unique traditions, practices and history make it more interesting.
And besides, I really like cute and cool stuffs! That's what Japan is~
I also like its weirdness
And I'm a big fan of Japan anime and J-Music!

The best country in the world.
Many Japanese treats even South Koreans and Chinese people kindly.

THEIR THE BEST got good music, shows, school, food I counld talk about Japan all day. My favorite food is sushi and I love many of it's other foods which are healthy. I like it's cuture the list goes on...

Japan is awesome!

They invented so much for the video game industry, Animes are more popular than cartoons, J-Pop and J-Rock is better than the modern American crap, Japan has cute and smart women and an amazing history and awesome landscapes and cities!


Japan is one of the leading nations, if not the top, in technology. They've currently created robots that can actually learn to do tasks. They also have the most vocaloids, or electronic singers, which is an interesting example of how far they've advanced in technology. Being the birth place of anime is also pretty fabulous. We haven't even started talking about the food which is amazing. The food is amazing. During a school trip to Japan a couple years ago we had these two tour guides and I was like damn, I'd date one of these guys, they can't be more than a couple years out of college. They ended up being in their mid forties, not early twenties:( The point is that their food is really healthy and they look ageless undoubtedly due to all the seafood they eat.

This is the best! Healthy and delicious food. Great government. High tech. And even US politicians said Japan was the best and most useful to us. And they know a lot. Plus millions, maybe even billions of people like Nintendo and Pokemon, digimon, and yugioh. All made in Japan. Just because they attacked the U.S. doesn't mean we should hold that against them. They are nicer than Chinese people too. Out of my personal experience I've only really found one kind of Asian to be nice and that's a Vietnamese person. Though, I haven't really known what other Asians I know are. At Japanese restaurants the waiters are extremely nice and give flawless service. Vietnamese and Japanese are the nicest I know of, but Japan is a better overall country because of usefulness. My Vietnamese friend even said he likes Japanese stuff the best. Canon is a great camera company. Lighting is always perfect, if not better than. Japan focuses on quality more than any other country in the entire world! That's ...more

Japanese people are just SO freindly and nice and everything they do is really good. Japanese people really do their best to sucsee... And the culture is so beutiful!