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Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying the Malaysian Peninsula and part of the island of Borneo. It's known for its beaches, rain forests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences. The sprawling capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to colonial buildings, busy shopping districts such more.


Malaysia TRULY Asia...

Malaysians people living together with more than 80 ethnics
Our diversity is simply unique, we can see that in our apparel, cuisine, language, custom, festival, religion, architecture, arts and dance, craft-work, beaches and tourist attraction.

In Malaysia you can live as a Chinese and your neighbor is a Indian
In Malaysia you can go to school as a Iban and your classmate is a Malay
In Malaysia you can go shopping as a Muslim and your shopping-mate is a Christian
In Malaysia you can celebrate Chinese New Year and waiting for your Bidayuh, Malay, Chinese, Melanau, Indian, Sikh, Iban, Kadazan and etc friends to celebrate together
In Malaysia you can celebrate anything together, with peace.

I'm not Malaysian, But I really love my Malaysia SECOND HOME, GOD bless it and bless its people

Economically progressive, not overpopulated, religious freedom, good national government structure, Malaysia is a good name for a country, good forest preservation, tropical rainforest climate, delicious food, friendly people

Malaysia is just so amazing that makes you enjoy your life well. It is also a developing country which provides best food. Plus, the peace and harmony between the races and ethnic will make you amazed with it.

One of the best airlines in the world - Malaysia Airlines - 5 star

One of the best air port in the world - Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Best Low Cost Airlines in the world - Air Asia

Beautiful sightseeing,
Such amazing in cultures,
Best democratic country,
Friendly people,
Peace and harmony :)

What? Phillipines the best country In Asia?..I don't think so..I think Malaysia is The best Country In Asia..My Cousin ever visit Malaysia..Their country are clean, Beautiful, Amazing and Fantastic! ! WOw! You know, This country is no, 4 best for shopping..Their airport a big, wonderful and Beautiful...Their airport is no.14 the best airport In the World.And they had Petronas Twin Towers is no.5 tallest building In the World.. - suzyangel

The people here are very very very friendly. Plus the food, is just superb! It's awesome here, enough said.

I believe its the hospitality of the citizens here in Malaysia that brings this country on top notch of all Asian countries! Forget everything like Islamophobia or whatever it is, the muslims here live happily with all other races. Like seriously no doubt Malaysia is the best Asian country!

Malaysia is better than all of the country in Asia I live in china I am Aussie I went on holiday in Malaysia it is the second best country in the world after Australia

Yea, I agree, that Malaysia is kinda good, because they united Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and etc. unspecified culture just like United States Of America and yeah, I have a lot of friends from Malaysia and they are very nice, I mean they love the orphan (the kids that are in trouble) some of them even take the orphans go out around the Kuala Lumpur, If I am a Malaysian I will be proud of my self, but still I'm Italian - EmilyEgberts

Malaysia is very nice and peaceful place in Asian and Malaysia have many beach and lots of good place to treasure it

I live in Malaysia! Peaceful country! Good food, no disasters! Friendly people. Multi-racial, I can speak 3 main languages, Chinese, English, Malay! I can learn Malay people and Indian People culture. A peaceful religious country. Malaysia all the way.

Nice country, nice place, but bad government.

Very peaceful country to visit. Many interesting place to go and have variety of food to eat.

Most people would agree that Malaysia has the best food in Asia. Furthermore, there are variety of culture such as Chinese, Indians and more. Some of my friends have to Malaysia and I received some pleasant feedback in terms of food, the people and environment.

No any country like Malaysia. Very kind people, best foods, and beautiful...

Friendly and helpful people. The food is very good. Safe environment.

Everywhere you walk in cities, they will give extra information with a smile on their face. This gives you no stress, especially in busy places such as the train station. In terms of food, very cheap and affordable. Very peaceful in every way!

Very nice place..very beautiful with combination high hill, island and forest and giant buildings..perfect place!

Malaysia is most interesting place to Live, work, play.. We have everything to foreigner that visited our country.

Malaysia is the best country in asia... Malaysia also is truly asia.. Malaysia is beautiful country... I love malaysia

One of the best countries in SouthEast Asia! I've been here a few times, and it was one of my best experiences. I've been to Singapore, Indonesia and Phillipines and none has impressed me as much as Malaysia did. Going to Malaysia, you are able to get all types of food ranging form Indian to Chinese cuisines.

Easy to find job based on your qualification

Phrases best describing Malaysia will be the country's tourism board's slogan, 'Malaysia, truly Asia'. Malaysia is a peaceful little country to enjoy Asian culture.

You get to embrace all major Asian culture in one place, such as cultures from South East Asian (including Malay and different indigenous groups), Chinese, Indian and others. You get to enjoy the cultures in their original forms as well as when they are mixed (Chinese + Indian, Malay + Indian, etc).

People speak Malay, Chinese, Tamil (popular language in South of India), Hindi (North of India) and many other languages. Every kind of Asian food can be found here, and they are the best in all of Asia.

Of course, sandy beaches and clear water, the islands are perfect place in the world for holidays. People who enjoy diving will know Malaysia is one of the best places in the world. If you like animals and rainforest, Malaysia is also the place to be.

Malaysia has some of the biggest shopping malls ...more