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South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a sovereign state in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.


What's not to love about S Korea? Everything is really close so if you wanted to go to a karaoke room and then to a restaurant all you have to do is go next door. There are many things to do, foods to eat, people to meet. S Korea perfectly blends ancient culture with modern day technology and pop culture. Very stylish and there are so many places to shop. There is something for everyone of all ages to do. Kid cafes for the children, karaoke rooms for teens or concerts playing kpop, restaurants for adults, and many others

I'm from another Asian country (India), but I was born and raised in the US. South Korea is a great country with awesome food and music and very kind people. It's hard to believe that about 30 years ago was extremely poor, but now is perhaps the most technologically advanced nation on Earth. South Korea's rags to riches story gives me hope that maybe one day, India will rapidly attain development like them.

Love Korea for the Kpop and drama and how fast the country grew out of poverty!

.. Yes! That's true.. :) I really really love South Korea SO MUCH! Korea has changed my life :) so Korea Fighting!

Amazing history and culture :D, one of my favorite cultures that I have studied in my life. It still amazes me to this day.

With a flick of a phone, you can order practically anything! Also the smartest country, and the night view is AMAZING! Produces Samsung Phones and so many automobiles that we don't even realize are from Korea! ONe of the countries you MUST visit!

Beautiful country with beautiful shopping districts. There are loads of shopping streets (I MEAN REAL STREETS, that are neat and has a huge variety of shops). It's pretty wide and not so narrow like some streets in other countries.

Nice food as well at an affordable price, depending on the kind of restaurant. Generally, you'll find air-conditioned places to eat except for street food.

The most wired and digital country in the world. Why? Don't know. North Korea would be on the opposite list as the worse country, due to their children dieing of hunger. They have the answer between them; South Korea and China. - mgenet

I am also South Korean and I was shocked how great that wonderful country was. It's nature and cultural habitat was amazing and they took great care. It was amazing how all of the leaders take care of this country good and carefully.

Beautiful Society, definitely one of the top 5, possibly not as good as certain countries in nature but god this country has flourished like a flower in the past years. Still love it!

This is one of the best country in the world
It is one of the best economy in the world compare to the size of the Korea.
South Korea it self is really small but its PDG is 15th in the world
Also it is really cleaned country and people there are nice.

South Korea is the best country of the Asia.
South Korea exports many things. They export K-pop. Bigbang, TVXQ, and Superjunior all are Korean singer.
And Korea exports electronics. Korea has famous smartphone companies, like Samsung and LG.
Also, Korea is one of the best countries of baseball.

I'm South Korean, and I totally agree. I've been to Korea only two times, but I loved ~ it there. My family and I watched amazing Korean dramas, and thy're awesome! I watched Secret Garden, and I enjoyed watching it. I also watched My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed fox, I laughed really hard in some parts! (This is a must watch! )
South Korea's history is really cool, because there were many different dynasties and kings. Did you know that Korea was first called Gojoseon? Anyway, North Korea was once actually richer than South Korea. But after the Korean War, North Korea started to become a country with communism. But South Korea stayed democratic, so they became way richer than North Korea.
Plus, Gangnam Style became world famous. So South Korea is definitely the best country in Asia!

Best country in the world! All the entertainment and music they make is wonderful! Also the food there is the best in the world!

Very high-tech, developed country. Surprised by the size of Seoul. It's quite amazing how this small country ranks 11th in economy in the world. Korean people are very friendly. They have unique culture of respecting and supporting elder people. 2yrs in Seoul gave me a very positive impression on South Korea.

Because South Korea is one of the richest country in Asia

Korean people are very nice and are educated very well.

One of the best in technology
Nice people
Good singers

Even though South Korea is small, it has so many beautiful stuff. Since it's a peninsula, it has beautiful beaches, and it has so many beautiful mountains too. And I love the music and dramas in Korea. And the food it is so good! It's a great country.

Some people think South Korea breaks peace of world because of North Korea. But they don't. South Korea also hate North Korea and love peace.

High wifi improved life style, well being all the way.
Still have a lot s of traditions in their daily life.
Tech. Are there and it's better now

I am from South Korea, and I think South Korea is a nice place to live. It has low crime rate, decent weather/climate, tasty and healthy foods, and good traffic! The technology of South Korea is very developed, so there is almost no difficulty to live.

I'm 16-year old boy from South Korea.
Many people think South Korea is very dangerous because of North Korea but it's not actually. Here is very peaceful and beautiful country. I want many people to realize it and visit Korea.

The music, fashion, customs, food, and cultures in South Korea is absolutely stunning. It's not just K-pop (its going global) but its food and cultures. Seoul and Busan are cool places.

South Korea is awesome! The people are so kind and gentle also great Korean foods and good educational places! So I voted for South Korea!