Top 10 B-movie Stars


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1 Bruce Campbell Bruce Campbell Bruce Lorne Campbell is an American actor, voice artist, director, writer, producer, comedian and author of Scottish descent.

Bruce is the best B movie actor. Loved him in the Evil Dead series, Man with the Screaming Brain, My Name is Bruce, and Bubba Ho-Tep. He's just great, he is the king of the B movies.

how could he not be #1? The Evil Dead series is the epitamy of B movies

Bubba Ho-Tep along makes him #1

Evil Dead, ED II, Army of Darkness akA EDI - Bruce made these the best!

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2 Erika Eleniak
3 Michael Dudikoff

He made his name famous with the American Ninja - MatrixGuy

4 Casper Van Dien

Love his line in that movie kill them kill them all

5 Lorenzo Lamas
6 Mark Dacascos
7 Antonio Sabato Jr.

I just voted for him because he's the only one I've ever heard of. - jwileson

8 Dean Cain

Superman =D I love the series x'D He's a great actor in that serie. I remember when I stayed up the whole night to watch it. It's sad that it isn't on the television any more =(

9 Gary Daniels
10 Frank Zagarino

The Contenders

11 Kathleen Kinmont
12 Shahrukh Khan Shahrukh Khan

Srk all d way man!

13 Lou Diamond Phillips
14 Daniel Bernhardt
15 Rutger Hauer Rutger Hauer
16 Cynthia Rothrock

Cynthia Rothrock me long kick and great she discover be in Martial Law 2, this by excellent fighting and film Tiger Claws. She is great job to foots.

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17 Angie Everhart

Not as good as Erika Eleniak but still very hot B-movie Star. - Alexandr

18 Dean Cochran
19 Jeff Fahey

Jeff is my all time fav, love him loads xx

20 Carol Alt
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