Top Ten Baseball Players of 2009


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1 Albert Pujols

Best current first basemen and one of the best ever. - psufan122021

He is very good

2 Tim Lincecum
3 David Ortiz
4 Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez

Without Alex the Yankees wouldn't have won the World Series know you can say he used serious but that was in 2003 so stop complaining

To the dude that says he only used them in 03, 1) that is false, he continued to use them which was proven in the biogenesis scandal. 2) steroids don't just wear off and he goes back to normal. All of his power is because of roids. 3) he tested positive In 03, meaning he most likely juiced way before then and never got tested. A roid is the biggest abomination in mlb history next yo Barry bonds

5 Chase Utley

One of the best second basemen ever. And best current second basemen - psufan122021

6 Derek Jeter

derek jeter is the best how many players do you know with their own play

7 Ichiro Suzuki Ichiro Suzuki

Let's see: Most hits in the MLB (again) and the second-highest batting average, not to mention having his 9th straight season with 200 hits and becoming the second-fastest player to reach 2,000 MLB hits. Oh yeah, another Gold Glove and All-Star selection too. Yeah, horrible year that was... Not.

8 Ryan Howard

one of the best current first basemen.
the amount of games he has played, he has hit the most homeruns ever. - psufan122021

9 Josh Hamiliton

one of the better outfielders - psufan122021

10 Miguel Cabrera Miguel Cabrera José Miguel Cabrera Torres, commonly known as Miguel Cabrera and nicknamed "Miggy", is a Venezuelan professional baseball first baseman who plays for the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball.

He is probably the third best power bat today. He is my favorite player on my favorite team. He is the main support beam to keep the tigers a good team. - Cbs5612

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11 Ken Griffrey Jr

Ken Griffey's speed is amazing you can't beat his outfielding his power is unstopable

12 Manny Ramirez

one of the better outfielders when not taking estrogen pills. - psufan122021

13 Prince Fielder
14 Roy Halladay

best current pitcher in MLB - psufan122021

15 Joe Mauer
16 Evan Longoria
17 Mark Teixeira

How is Teixeira so low?!?!? He finished 2nd in MVP voting for the AL

18 Brad Lidge

one of the best closers
did not blow a save last year.
and didn't win the Cy Young - psufan122021

19 Matt Kemp
20 R. A. Dickey
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