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1 In This River In This River

It's one of the saddest songs I've ever heard... Well, I think it IS the saddest song I've ever heard. There's no need for long and sophisticated lyrics to express pain, and through this song, you can feel the pain that Zakk went through when Dimebag Darell died. Goodbye Dimebag, you will never be forgotten!

This song changed my feelings on death I'm no longer blind it taught me death is a part of life. But it's hard to get over.

This is the only song that has ever made me cry and it brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it. You can truly hear the pain Zakk Wylde went through with Dimebag's death and you can tell he lost a truly great friend. It makes me want to give my friends a hug and tell them I love them.

Its really a great song with a great piece of solo work really nice

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2 Funeral Bell Funeral Bell

Oh awww dundundun-dun dun can't stop the ringing of this song in my head

Great f! @#$%g Song!

Amazing song! the guitar riff is so simple but so very effective! and of course Zakk's signature pinch harmonics are always great as well! - Grundapants

3 Stillborn Stillborn

I like this song, it's great! - rock2metal

Fun song to listen to anytime! Stillborn is yet another great work of Black label Society.

I play this song on guitar heroes playable the time. My brother gets mad because He can't hear himself on bass. GO GUITAR.

This song is a metal classic. Zack is a badss

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4 Suicide Messiah Suicide Messiah

its a rocking song with great riffs! Zakk Wylde forever!

This is, by far, one of the most awesome metal songs ever made! Brutal riff, face melting solo, it's got it all! Absolutely kickass!

Best song of the world, I have no doubt of it.

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5 We Live No More We Live No More
6 Blackened Waters Blackened Waters

Beautiful damn song. Should be in top 5.

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7 Blood Is Thicker Than Water Blood Is Thicker Than Water
8 Fire It Up Fire It Up

Fire it up is superb song with a great intro! This song would be number 1 if suicide messiah was never made!

It's time to burn it down, keep beating on till the day you die

This is the song that got me into Black Label Society. Hell of a riff.

9 Angel of Mercy Angel of Mercy

If this song wasn't already on here I would if added it. This was such a huge successful album - Sabbath

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10 Overlord Overlord

Killer riffs, killer tempo, with match lyrical

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? Stoned and Drunk Stoned and Drunk

Awesome! Great vocals all the way through. BLS FOREVER!

? Bridge to Cross Bridge to Cross

Takes you to another universe. Compressed vocals, chilling mild guitar. I think this is best of BLS.

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11 The Blessed Hellride The Blessed Hellride

Oh... You can never get too low... When you're so damn high...

You can never get too low, when you're so damn high.

Such a Great song, needs to be second or first in this list, black label society rocks, zakk wylde by far one of the best guitarrist!

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12 Bleed for Me Bleed for Me

Amazing lyrics, insane guitar solo and Zak Wylde putting his soul into the song. Got to be the best song.

This song is just amazing, The guitar is amazing, and just about everything about the song is amazing. Deserves to be number 1.

The intro is just sick, very good song..

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13 Rust Rust

A more Beautiful chilled side of society and what a solo.

Love the harmonic guitars in this song! Makes me want to smoke... Abd fight

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14 Sold My Soul Sold My Soul
15 Concrete Jungle Concrete Jungle
16 I Never Dreamed I Never Dreamed

Just one word. Amazing. Perfect. Makes me cry

17 Counterfit God Counterfit God
18 Hell is High Hell is High
19 Crazy Horse Crazy Horse

Absolute best black label society song that they have ever produced! The tune for this song sounds so awesome and the lyrics are great! Though their other songs like Suicide Messiah, Fire It Up, Stillborn and In This River all deserve their spots, Crazy Horse in my opinion is their full-out best piece of work so far!

An awesome song based of a famous war chief! Cool! This song contains some of the best riffs in bls history!

People are crazy, how is this not higher? To intro kicks ass, followed by one of the best BLS riffs, trademark Zakk's pinch harmonics everywhere, awesome chorus, makes you want to scream along Zakk "Crazy Horse I am! "

Deserves to be ranked way higher!

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20 Super Terrorizer Super Terrorizer
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