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21 Crazy Horse

Absolute best black label society song that they have ever produced! The tune for this song sounds so awesome and the lyrics are great! Though their other songs like Suicide Messiah, Fire It Up, Stillborn and In This River all deserve their spots, Crazy Horse in my opinion is their full-out best piece of work so far!

An awesome song based of a famous war chief! Cool! This song contains some of the best riffs in bls history!

People are crazy, how is this not higher? To intro kicks ass, followed by one of the best BLS riffs, trademark Zakk's pinch harmonics everywhere, awesome chorus, makes you want to scream along Zakk "Crazy Horse I am! "

Deserves to be ranked way higher!

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22 Just Killing Time

Bast song bast solo deep mining

My favorite song by them

Must be the 1st


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23 Sick of It All
24 My Dying Time

Deserves to be higher

25 Super Terrorizer
26 Bored to Tears
27 Parade of the Dead
28 Spoke in the Wheel
29 Born to Lose
30 Godspeed Hellbound

This song should be the standard for a metal band!

Perfect sound effect, heavy but not to heavy.

31 Forever Down
32 Doomsday Jesus
33 Stronger Than Death
34 Life/Birth/Blood/Doom V 3 Comments
35 Losin' Your Mind

Cool riffs, killer lyric, and all match together.

Deserve much higher

36 Time Waits for No One

Kind to be a sad song, but sing by Zakk Wylde. He can do sad, and its make perfect mix to the music he made. The emotion he share, the lyric he wrote, the riff he play, the solo he made, its all awesome.
A. S

37 Been a Long Time


38 All for You
39 Between Heaven and Hell
40 13 Years of Grief

' punk Kids! Have No respect for their parents! Love this song, very heavy song and heavy riff!

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