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21 Ukitake Jushirou

Such an awesome captain. Kind hearted and loving. A true father figure

Captain ukitake is so kind :')

I really just like how he teases Hitsugaya excessively, yet the boy puts up with him. That just proves that even the mighty Hitsugaya respects Ukitake. That, and Ukitake has fabulous flowing white locks.

He is kind and nice

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22 Uryū Ishida

Give him some love please. I mean he watched one of his relatives die by the hand of a hollow, and yet the soul society knew about it but didn't stop it. He's a great character that's been through a lot. He deserves more.

Why is he so low?



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23 Rangiku Matsumoto Rangiku Matsumoto

After seeing her and Gin, who could possibly hate on her? Plus I love her relationship with Shiro!

I like her very very much! But I still can't choose between rangiku and orihime! I find them. The most beautiful girls in bleach. When I 'll see anime I think I'll choose the right one

She is the best. End of story.

Rangiko is awesome I really like her more than rukia

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24 Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

For me one of the most kick-ass girls in bleach and she has a awesome rack. don't tell my mom I said that.

She is amazing her sword releas it is dazzling


Anime tiddies

25 Sado Yasutora

I don't get why Sado gets a lot of hate. He has a big heart which I did important to a fighter

He has such a big heart and strong fists.

I can't believe he is 29. He sould be 3 or if not much he shall be in the top 10

Puto amo

26 Tatsuki Arisawa

I think she is the most underrated character. I find her very inspiring. She always tries to protects her friends. She is not afraid of anyone and also gives emotional support to others. For me tatsulki is the best!

Why is orihime one of the main? :( tatsuki is so much more beast

Always wished that she could have joined the story outside her quartiery role. She's lost her close relationship with both her best friends, and is unable to fulfill the role she always had as protector and confidante. Tatsuki is very tragic but I doubt we'll see that explored.

I think she is amazing way better than orihime

27 Momo Hinamori

She just makes others worry about her. Every Bleach character would be so much happier if she just dies really. And she's so weak, how did she become a lieutenant?

She's my favorite character, and she's gentle too! I like her so so so so much!

I was surprised to find out she got 6th place in an official popularity poll. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in loving this character. Momo definitely needs more screentime and it would be nice to finally see her in one of the movies.

Momo is one of my favorite females in the show. She definitely had my attention when I first saw her and she needs more screening time. I'm even thinking about cosplay as her 😄

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28 Kon

He is hilarious, and in my opinion he's the face of bleach.

He is Bleach's official mascot! GO KON!

I enjoy Kon being around. He really brings comedy into bleach especially when he gets beat up all the time. To be honest I want my own Kon doll.

The only perverted character bleach has got to offer

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29 Zangetsu

Its zangetsu, either old man zangetsu or the real one

Don't F with Zangestu

30 Tia Harribel V 2 Comments
31 Yumichika Ayasegawa

Really cool and interesting character. because everyone has the impression that he's this sissy pretty-boy, but he actually kicks ass. Big time.

And you gotta admit... He IS very pretty... Hehe.

Yumichika is hot! I mean come on! He barley gets any attention!

He is annoying but interesting

Yumichika's gorgeous.

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32 Nemu Kurotsuchi

I like her cause shes the only soul reaper who at the same time is also a mod soul. Her and kon would be best buddies

33 Shusuke Amagai
34 Hyorinmaru V 1 Comment
35 Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto

I can't believe how overlooked, in such discussions, this character gets. He's up there with the most badass anime characters out there. He has reached the limits of badassery.

Easily my favorite Bleach character and my #3 overall in all anime.

He is amazing in the same stregth with netero from hunter x hunter

36 Maki Ichinose

Now I know that Ichinose was a filler character but he had so much potential in him, he had a unique zanpakuto using light as its main source of power allowing him to do various things such as attacks invisibility etc, he put up a good fight against Kenpachi If he was was kept on he could of made a strong character.

I really liked Ichinose he had a very sad story in the bount arc :(

37 Senbonzakura
38 Isshin Kurosaki

Charismatic head of the family of kurosaki household

You let your guard down

39 Bazz-B Bazz-B
40 Yasutora Sado

Yeah I like chad because I like his new power that he got when he was fighting a espada and his shield yeah he is ine of my favorite characters and a strong character to

Strong, unique and underrated. It's unfortunate they've put him on the sideline and haven't given him any plot driven story lines. I would like to learn more about him and see more depth.

Chad is the most underrated character ever, he is awesome

Damn, he's underrated.

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