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41 Nanao Ise Nanao Ise
42 Askin Nakk Le Vaar

This dude kicks all sorts of butt! Although at first many just thought he looked too much like Aizen he quickly established himself as his own man. This character is a prime example of how Kubo can creates entertaining and unique villains. He is one of the most interesting characters in Bleach and although he may not act like the strongest he always seems to come out on top! He doesn't fight like he says he just straight up tries to kill them as quickly as possible of course while being as elegant as possible. If he does die we better hear his backstory first! He's earned at least a chapter or 2 dedicated to just that! - thedog

This guy beat Grimmjow, Ichigo and has a heck of an OP ability to pretty much never bed damaged. He better survive this arc!

Favorite character ever and he even beat ichigo!

Best sternritter hands down

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43 Mayuri Kurotsuchi Mayuri Kurotsuchi

You really shouldn't like Mayuri. A sadist, highly intelligent and yet sadistic and violent. He never attacks an opponent without studying up on their weaknesses and making several contingency plans. He created a daughter just to have someone to talk to, and still insists on beating her brutally. And yet...he seems to be at the center of some of the funniest and coolest Bleach moments, chasing people around with unwanted injections. His skulllike grin indicates we are going to see some horror grade awesomeness at any moment. His changing makeup and mask is always something to look forward to, as are his additions to the Seireitri Bulletin Newsletter, of which he reads every last word. He has a column on cooking, apparently, as well as detailed notes about his experiments that are very popular amongst readers ( tells you what kind of place SS is). Slinging mad science and reinventing the character genre, Mayuri is a joy to watch, even if you'd rather avoid his actual vicinity.

These latest chapters have given us a chance to witness some very cool character development from Mayuri. His coming to terms with less scientific parts of his personality have been a joy to watch, as is his unconventional battle with Pernida.

44 Ikkaku Madarame Ikkaku Madarame

He's bald and wears eyeshadow. Enough said. We don't get guys like that in anime that often.

Best hair in the series

-you just have to love this guy, he loves to fight, is the second strongest in the gotai 13's top battle company, and best of all he's BALD

This baldy is 44? that is outrageous, he should be in the top tens. he is always part of an arc, he is the first shinigami ichigo fights in soul society, and his bankai is way more powerful than renjis. - wren6

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45 Hollow Ichigo Hollow Ichigo

He is just the most badass character in my opinion. He never gets beaten by the enemies so you know that he has power

My favourite character from all of anime!

Too BadAss For Words!

46 Izuru Kira Izuru Kira

Kira's cool-headed and seems almost emotionless at times. But he cares about people a lot
I really like his hairstyle and he has a really interesting Shikai.
I was cursing and screaming at my computer when he nearly died in the Thousand Year Old War arc.

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47 Yhwach

The best in terms of power shut up u feat fanboys whatever Juno says he can do is law if he hasn't shown it yet just be patient.

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48 Yachiru Kusajishi

We need positive people in our lives and people who make us smile. :) Yachiru may not be a central character but she brightens my day every time I see her and that is a power beyond television in of itself.

49 Muramasa
50 Mizuiro Kojima
51 Szayel Aporro Granz V 1 Comment
52 Tsukishima Shukuro
53 Baraggan Louisenbairn

Guys, Baragan should be in the top ten. Like seriously, he is invincible. He can rot everything around him without no effort...

A True King! He's without a doubt the most developed hollow in Hueco Mondo and thus the Strongest. His resuresion and abilty to age things is something even a vasto lorde can't grasp unlike other eSPADA ABILTIES

54 Sode no Shirayuki Sode no Shirayuki

I love Rukia zanpaktou! Sode no Shirayuki is really beautiful and since I love ice and snow magic, she one of my favorite zanpaktou. To be honest, she is actually the opposite of Rukia quite a bit. But hey, I still love Sode no Shirayuki!

55 Zabimaru

It is an ape with a snake as a tail! What else could you possibly want! Also there are two human forms of Zabimaru, one is Hebi. She is rather childish and easily distracted, Saru is serious and straight to the matter at hand. The two of them have a tendency to argue with each other quite often like siblings. They are both hilarious and cool!

56 Nozomi Kujo
57 Wonderweiss
58 Ashido Kano
59 Senjumaru Shutara

Such a smart and cool women. I love she.

More locked - more beloved - Ammetbutan

60 Sakura Biyori
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