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61 Yammy Llargo
62 Kugo Ginjo

Hey, He's a really cool character and so badass the way he dies

63 Ichibei Hyosube
64 Nimaiya Oetsu
65 Kirio Hikifune
66 Senjumaru Shutara
67 Yhwach

The best in terms of power shut up u feat fanboys whatever Juno says he can do is law if he hasn't shown it yet just be patient.

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68 Karin Kurosaki V 2 Comments
69 Jinta

Simply the coolest dude in the whole series.

70 Haineko
71 Grand Fisher

Most annoying villain in the whole series

72 Senna
73 Kensei Muguruma

Kensei was a badass, with or without Hollow form.

He has the best Hollow mask. Need I say more?

He is my third favourite character and his hollowfication is the best!

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74 Tousen Kaname
75 Isane Kotetsu
76 Chojiro Sasakibe
77 Akon
78 Zommari Leroux
79 Lisa Yadomaru V 1 Comment
80 Hachigen Ushoda
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