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81 Nnoitra Jiruga

A very strong match against Kenpachi. Look deeper into his character he just wanted to die a warriors death. He's my favorite of the Espada simply because he went all out to the death.

Went against a crazy captain and die with a fight

He is a great villain. I love that guy. His fighting style, his attitude are so col. But his death... Man; that was the best death i�'ve ever seen. He is a very badass character, very similar to Girmmjow. In my opinion, THE BEST ANIME VILLAIN WARRIOR.

Stood his ground and died

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82 Hantarou

Hana-chan! Why's he so low? He's adorable! His voice is adorable! Everything about him is adorable! And even though he's a weaksauce weakling, he still tries to protect Rukia from Byakuya, of all people, in the Soul Society Arc!

83 Sajin Komamura

Loyalty is what defines this guy.

Unwavering loyalty and a badass Bankai to boot. Komamura towers over characters like Hitsugaya and Byakuya for his character and adamant attitude.

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