5 Gum


I chew 5 gum during school EVERY day of the week. It is not mainly to blow bubbles but to keep your mouth occupied (to help concentration) and feels like a more "professional" kind of gum.. The gum lasts long and I can keep one pack to last the entire week even when friends are begging me for it. It doesn't HAVE to be #1 unless you like to chew gum, just to chew gum, not blow bubbles and snap it.

I love the gum so flavorful!
Best gum ever! Especially the tropical and cobalt lasts at least an hour

5 gum is one of the best brand of gum I have ever had it has so many different flavors. Not only that the flavor is such long lasting

5 Gum is the best it should be #1. It has many flavors and last the longest. They are still creating new flavors today. Has cool looking packs the pieces are a good size, people love the wrappers and use them for stuff. Everyone loves this kind. It should definitely be #1!

5 Gum is all I chew and its EPIC! I agree stride and hubba bubba are good competitors but in my opinion 5 gum is THE best gum. It has wicked flavors and its awesome. I don't care what anybody else says, this is the awesome gum.

I love 5 gum it its because it is really juicy and especially 5 React 2 or 5 Cobalt. The Cobalt is really awesome since it has a unique mint flavor and the flavor of the gums last a really long time! Reply to this if you agree that 5 gum is the best kind of gum.

Best icy cool gum ever if you don't brush your teeth this will make your breath smell ten times better and no disgusting fruity flavor is added it literally feels like you are chewing a piece of Ice but not hard or plain cool minty and chewy.

5 gum lasts really long, I mean seriously! Its been 30 minutes and it still hasn't run out!

The flavor lasts longer than any other gum on the market! When I throw it away, it's usually because my jaw is tired, not because the flavor ran out. The blue/peppermint is my favorite and makes my breath so fresh.

I love 5 gum, the flavour Is irresistible and it lasts a long time. 5 gum is spectacular in the way it defines it's flavours and textures. It's good for your teeth and cheap. 5 gum is the best gum I have ever tasted. I will never give up on this gum

5 gum is awesome it has that amazing flavor and lasts for a good amount of time

I always chew 5 simply because it lasts the longest in flavour and elasticity... You don't get that plastic taste until about an hour into your chew

it is the best gum I have ever tasted
since I ate this gum I never had any gum except this... I love it

I think 5 gum is amazing the flavors are really amazing. It is the only gum I prefer to chew. And they come up with amazing flavors that last long.

I love 5 gum, it's so minty fresh and the flavor lasts really long! I recommend this to anyone who like minty gum! 5 is the best, better than the rest!

5 Gum has the best flavors and it is also very long lasting. Also, the some of the flavors, actually hit you with a sudden burst of the flavor. It is just delicious. It's like God just gave you the power to taste all at once.

This is the best gum I always eat in my life. Everyone should taste this special and tasty gum. I think this gum should have like the first gum in the world and it shouldn't be the second one.

BEST! Just the best gun ever its 5 stars! Not 5 place 5 stars! All of them are good flavors ilike cyclone! Just the best gum

5 Gum flavor lasts for a longer period of time than other types of gum. It has very unique flavors and all of them are good! If your a person who likes different flavors of gum, 5 gum is for you!
It's SUPER chewy and good :) It will satisfy your chewing desires

5 GUM is the best! Should be #1, it lasts super long, and the flavor BURSTS in you mouth. yum yum yum. don't vote if you haven't tried it. then 5 gum will be #1 if EVERYONE tried it. so try it!

5 Gum is the best of the best! I love it and think that it should be voted number 1! I'm actually eating it right now and the flavour lasts for so long, which is great because I think that all chewing gum brands should last as long as what 5 gum does! This is why I am rating it 5 stars. Thanks guys. Xox

I love this gum, but have tried only the melon Favour. Absolutely love the flavor melon. It's the only gum you buy... It addictive. Can't not buy it when I am at the cashier.

The most unique gum ever. It's flavors are exquisite, it lasts long, even the names are creative. This is really, truly, the best gum. Anyone who's tried it knows it.

Number 1 not 3 n00bs.

king of gums. Nice taste yummy flavor. Longs lasting flavor. Better than Stride.

I sell gum at school and people always ask for 5, people are willing to pay actually 2 dollars for just 1 pack and 1 dollar for 4 sticks