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21 Big Red

I personally love Bid Red, it is wonderfully cinnamon-y and sweet. I think everyone should buy it, every day, all day!

Is laugh out loud and the best gum of strange thing that I never taste its too much laugh out loud is the number 1

I'm chewing it right now! Never goes to waste in my home because it's the best gum ever! Just an opinion.

Big red 4 the win. It is defnly the best gum flaver in the werld. U shuld all supert dis gum flaver because it is the best evur

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22 Winterfresh

Its awesome but doesn't last long at all

This gum's taste is really good. It has a nice mint flavor. I recommend this gum to any one who wants a tasty gum and also a gum that keeps your mouth fresh. 5 STARS

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23 Dentyne

Tastes really good and make your breath feel good. Not for everyone, though.

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24 Bubblicious Burst

this is the best bubblegum to chew big bubble with and no matter what anybody says this one is the best...! love it

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25 Hubba Bubba Ouch

It's great, not a big peace like bubble yum and it looks like a peace of chewing gum and extremely sour!

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26 Bubblicious

Bubblicious Orange was, and still is, the best gum around. It was softer but didn't become too soft when chewed. The flavor was pretty intense, but lasted about as long as it's competitors like Bubble Yum, and Hubba Bubba.

Bubblicious is so wow! It taste incredible! It could blow the biggest bubble and it last a long time without running out of flavor. It could come in large pack and in small packs!

I have chewed Bubblicious since I was a kid! Love it! Blows the best bubbles!

Bubblicious sour apple is the best gum flavor I have ever tried and I have chewed every kind of gum.

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27 Skittles Gum

Its the best :) xx
Love it so much laugh out loud and I hope everyone else thinks so... :-) hahaahahaahahaahaa

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Really fruit flavored instead of sugary and the flavor is long lasting

The BEST! Great flavors!

My favorite!

29 Big Babol

Big babol bade kam ki cheez


30 Fresh Up

It has last long flavour

It has many flavours

Love the jelly inside it

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31 Quench

Citrus awesomeness - think lemon lime Gatorade with a sour kick

It tastes amazing! It also keeps me hydrated.

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32 Center Fresh

Good but Boomer is the best bubble gum

Its taste is amazing

It is yum
It is very jelly

33 Jenkki
34 Excel

Its really good and I love the bubble mint flavor

I love excel a lot it is the best gum I ever tasted in my whole life it is the best go excel gum you rock! You are the best excel you are the best IT IS AWEWSOME!

35 Daygum

I like to watch it burn

36 Extra Fruit Sensations

Best gum in the world!

37 Vivident

Looks good but not American:'(

Best chewing gum

I have never tast it but the name looks great


38 Anglo Bubbly

Gorgeous bubble gum. Fantastic for massive bigger than head size bubbles.

Gorgeous bubble gum. Fantastic for blowing bigger than head size bubbles

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39 Gold Nugget Gum

Best tasting bubblegum ever!

40 Pactil

Great taste


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