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41 Bang Bang

It tastes so good and it is so tasty. it will last like forever

I think it will taste good

Yummy and long lasting

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42 Boomer

Super cool if you eat once you cannot stop eating

Its cheap and long lasting! Awesome!

Best flavor in the world

I have vote you because by the advetisment that you conduct

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43 Stripes

Amazing heaven for just a second though

This is amazing with fruity colors.

Fruit strips are my favorite. the flaver is extreme! love it so much.

44 Doublemint

Mintiest thing ever...

45 Vigorsol
46 Turbo

Best ever! All others suck

Why is there a gum name after a move and video game

47 Bubbaloo

The flavour lasts longer than any other gum I can think of, and is only matched my the size of the bubbles I can make with it. My all-time favourite.

Is the best it lasts forever and it makes the biggest bubbles ever and it is really cheap SO JUST BY THE STINKIN GUM

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48 Bubble Tape

I love bubble tape it is so good and you can make bigger bubbles with it

Really great game and it does make the biggest bubbles!

It is the most amazing gum in the universe!

49 Jet Gum

Doesn't work for some people

50 Chum Gum

Impossible to find but in the 60's and 70's you got 2 (YES TWO! ) sticks for a penny. Far better than the gums of today! I loved blowing the white powder out of the paper wrapper

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51 Fusen Gum
52 iD Gum

Magnetic case and awesome flavors that blow decent bubbles. What else can you ask for?

53 GUM
54 Spout
55 Razzles

Its candy, then its gum

56 Ding Dong Bubble Gum

Best Gum In The World Not Doubt

57 Boom Boom

The amazing tutti fruity flavor never ends!

Best bubble gum ever!
It makes HUGE bubbles, full of flavor with tutti fruity crystals..

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58 Big Buddy

Coming in at nearly a foot long and at least 3/4 of an inch wide, Big Buddy was capable of fueling feats of daring inspired by Evel Knievel where other gums only inspired you to go back in the store 3 minutes later to buy the real deal.

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59 Swell Bubble Gum

No Longer available but one of the top three bubble gums from my childhood in MA. from the sixties. The other two were bazooka; by far the top choice, then Swell and third place was Double Bubble.

60 Chupa Chups Big Babol

Blows Really Big Bubbles And The Flavours are nice

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