The gum is so delicious I enjoy eating it all day long I can have this gum in my mouth for 3 months solid and it will still have its flavor I love him so much I could just buy the whole entire packs all over the stores so for now on I am a fan of stride Sour Patch Kids Watermelon gum I love this girl so much I could just marry it it's just the best gun ever I love you gum I'm already in it so delicious everybody should try it it's so delicious I got a bunch of delicious flavors everybody would love it and then boom chicka Laka Laka just taste it just take one little room and then you taste the love of your life this is so delicious I'm over here like I never before I love you gum I love you the Inn the end beep

the wrapper the gum all the way through its awesome!

I think when you chew on it flavor explodes in your mouth and stays like that for about a half hour and its price is cheap I don't think any one can come close to beating stride

Stride is THE BEST! I SWEAR! If you haven't tried it, GO TO THE STORE AND BUY IT RIGHT NOW! It's the best thing since Sliced Bread! It's cheap too! I'm never not chewing it.

A nice long flavor with awesome types. To make it better you could eat the wrapper. Best gum ever! I hate Orbit because it lasts for two minutes, Trident is way to small, Wrigley's does not have good flavors. Stride has all of these advantages.

Its awesome you can eat the wrapper which is very weird but its something that sets it apart from other gum stride is very unique by setting that standard good job stride they just need more flavors though

I have tried these all flavors of stride the best flavor is the green flavor I know stride is a very good company when I was small I went to stride bubble

Gum factory I tried all the flavors so good bye friends

Stride should always remain on first place. It has amazing flavor. And it lasts for a very long time. It's not available where I am from (India). Wish they had it here too. Can't believe you can eat the wrapper too.

Stride is my favorite gum. They have a lot of flavors to choose from, you can eat the wrapper, and the flavor lasts so long! My favorite kind of stride is spearmint. Stride is amazing!

Stride is the most amazing gum ever! I chew 2 pieces of gum a day minimum and for the past two years I've been using Stride in the blue package and it is my absolute favorite flavor!

I love stride because you can eat the wrapper and it lasts so long in your mouth. And when you buy the pack of gum it smells so delicious. And one more thing is that all of the flavors are so tasty and colorful.

This gum is SUPER DUPER GOOD! awesome gum everyone should chew this gum why? because its redickuly long lasting gum. - gamer123

This is a really good choice with yummy in my tummy flavors that are fresh and hip and groovy! All you other gum brands are jealous!

Stride is so unique. Why? Its flavor lasts so long. They have so many flavors. You can eat the wrapper. Its totally the best gum ever

I know you might find this weird... But basically I am a huge saver and so I chew parts of one piece of gum instead of the whole thing. This thing, with a little bite, will have a long lasting flavour.

Stride is delicious! I love eating the wrapper! My favorite flavor is mystery! I love using it for baseball

Stride is the best by far. Have you ever REALLY tried to compare Stride with other gum types? I have and Stride comes out on top.

You can eat the wrapper!
Like thats crazy and the flavors are insane! - Thekla24

I cannot believe you can actually eat the rapper I mean this has a variety of flavors. I eat the gum every day!

Stride is so AWESOME! You can eat the wrapper & sh! T. This is the absolute best gum in the whole wide world!

You should try the stride gum it is delicious I love the gum will make you feel like your in a strawberry world it is so good I'm telling its good as hell!

Stride is like the best gum in the world. When you first taste it you'll never reject the flavor.

The flavor lasts forever in stride you chew it all day and its good you chew it the next day and it is still good - yumbacon

It my favorite gum but stride spark is my favorite of all stride gum it gives me energy and it helps me to foces because I have ADHD and it keeps me calm and keeps me on task so I stay on of trouble

This gum is the best I never imagined that we can eat its wrapper. It is the most flavorful!