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41 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

This Lamborghini is a one of Gallardo which is completely made of carbon fibre and it has a lot more power
plus the car is a limited edition Gallardo which is double the price which means you get everything that you would ever want for a supercar

42 Fiat Abarth Scorpione
43 Ferrari 250

Best Ferrari from the 60's no doubt, hands down. - MinigunMan1

44 Alfa Romeo 164 V6 Busso

Alfa romeo 164 V6 Busso

45 Fiat 131
46 Bertone X1/9

Mid engine Targa and an iconic design! The chassis was later used by toyota

47 Fiat 128 Coupe

Easy to repair
Fun to drive and nimble

48 Lancia Stratos
49 Fiat Argenta

Fiat's flagship of the 70's

50 Lancia Aurelia

This car looks disgusting and IS disgusting

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51 Ferrari FXX
52 Maserati Quattroporte
53 Lancia Delta Integrale

I got the rally version and it is so cool - donrodrigo

54 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

It has a beautiful sound, amazing looks (and I normally hate the look of long-hooded front engine cars), and improves on the 599 in every way.

55 Lancia Delta
56 Iso Grifo
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