Top Ten Castle Crashers Characters

The Top Ten Castle Crashers Characters

1 The Red Knight

He can shock the enemy and if it had an update he'd totally stun bosses and enemys every enemy

Good for npcs but bad for bosses you need Industrialist with the red knight to shred anything

His magic is always the firs thing I level up because it is a beast maxed out

I agree with most people he is really OP when it comes to the arena with other players as and npc's but I also like him for some types of bosses like the necromancer so I think he is one of the best starting characters

2 The Green Knight

My friends said it was impossible to beat the game solo but with the green knight I did

I love any character that can do damage ticks to enemies. and green knight does it in spectacular fashion

Poison magic is the best for combos. Projectiles are perfect for the skilled player who relies on timing and strategy. The magic and y (ps3 - triangle) is the best for crowd control, while the jump attack is good for enemies that use projectiles as one of it's main offensive weapons.

He is my favorite character And he’s the character that I started with

3 The Orange Knight

His magic can be OP once you level him up a lot. He has great combos, high damage, and perhaps the most powerful element of the starters. He does very good damage and can be a big help on bosses with his burn ability. His burn might not be as effective as the blue knight's freeze or the green's poison, but he for sure does the most damage and can be great for both boss battles and crowd control. Plus the ax is the coolest weapon out of the original four and he is easily the best starter and perhaps the best character in the game in my opinion. THIS DUDE IS AWESOME!

Indeed the red knight may be better, but nothing compares to knocking your enemies back against a wall countless times using fire magic. Sure, lightning stuns enemies and does a considerable amount of damage, but then you are left vulnerable until you decide to stop your lightning strike.(get it! ) Anyway, as an Orange knight user, he was my first knight I played, and is currently level 77. He is great for clearing away enemies, knocking them back, and them swiping your sword. The orange knight is great at crowd control if you can stay mobile, and steer clear of enemies behind you. Just remember to block. I played castle crashes as my orange knight and played alone, yep ALONE. I managed to survive and gradually realized how awesome fire knight is. Overall, fire knight is more practical, for he isn't vulnerable while using his magic. Fire knight deserves more attention.

Even though the gray knight is my favorite my second favorite in the orange knight I love his color and his powers

The fire knight is the best in the game, in my opinion. The fire he uses can blast enemies so far and still get them a burn after the magic is released. I do believe poison and fire are somewhat the same, here I think is the difference in their magic... Fire can blast enemies way of the ground which will leave them with a lot of fall damage. While the poison magic can have a longer rate of poison after the blast is done.

4 The Blue Knight

The blur knight in my opinion is one of the best sure he is a little...pricey but that can be fixed by leveling up your magic recharge plus I just got this game today (Thursday, March 26 2020) and I'm already halfway done, plus you unlock the industrialist and the fencer, that's better than a little poison, lightning and fire combined! you can just control the crowd with your ice attacks and he's a good long range and short range!

The best character in the game, PERIOD. His freeze attacks may take up a lot of mana, but he is one of the only characters that is able to not only beat the game solo, but take down insane mode solo like a breeze, no questions asked. The only downsides is his lower DPS, but that can be looked over with his infinite attacks.

Nothing much to say, he freezes people which gives him a tactical edge over some enemies

He is easily the best in my opinion. He is great at comboing. At Level 50, he can unlock an infinite combo, by pressing XXXY over and over again. He is super powerful and can freeze enemies, which can lead to a free combo. His magic might be expensive, but he has the coolest costume, a basic starter weapon, and is just AAWWEESSOOMMEE!

5 The Necromancer

Best starting sword character, and his splash attack is one of the longest in the game.

Be super good once you level him up has an amazing starter sword and looks awesome you might not like him but I personally do

He starts out with a good sword but hard to get you need to beat the Industry which is hard without help

The necromancer is super awesome looking sick magic and straight up boss

6 The Bear

This character is something I am helping my girlfriend grind for (she loves animals)

His tornado attack makes him arguably one of the best crowd control characters in the game, as well as he condensed attacks taking down bosses. Plus, he’s got a fish bow.

The bears tornado is so op because it can destroy anything in it's path if your going to use this character I recommend leveling up your magic

Amazing and unstoppable in pvp his tornado can wipe out an army

7 Blacksmith

I used him as a spare melee character, his magic is decent, I think he is a good melee character just saying.

First of all he has a magic frog, magic fire hammer, most detail, best looking suit, some of his magic deals with mechanical items which are boss, awesome stats, comes with a load of weapons, he is THE BLACKSMITH OF THE GAME he owns two buildings with weapons and pets and the secret room with the eye pet, and he is dlc he is too cool to be free, and finally blacksmith is just the best character done

I like this character for his cosmetics and magic. His magic varies from frog tongues to a flaming hammer... COLLL! But I understand he isn't the ideal crowd controller. I'm level 25 with him and it was difficult overcoming many enemies at once. What keeps him going is his various magic abilities and default hammer weapon, which is cool. Overall a fun and cool character, deserves like 10th or even 8th place though

The blacksmiths starting weapon is definitely the best 3+ damage for 1- agility I'll take that any day

8 The Conehead

Basic magic but nice to look at unless your fighting coneheads then it just gets confusing

He literally starts with a lightsaber that has the power of electricity. A elecri-saber

FREE Booms from free bombs for his second magic makes him prize and pride.

9 The Skeleton

The Skeleton is also (to me) the most unique character in the game he can also WRECK SOME bosses with his splash attack he has no disadvantages and overall he looks unique I MEAN HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A playable SKELETON in any game I think he should be in the top 3

So his splash attack is op it has really long range when you upgrade it his XXXY combo is amazing kills enemies instantly his starting weapon is the skeleton mace -2 strength +3 defense and +6 agility normally you have to be level 20 to have this weapon but the skeleton can use it any time I would take this weapon he looks awesome beefy and all his magic looks really cool the character himself looks really cool he should be in top 3

The skeleton is just amazing!

Beat the game with him and get the bear

10 The Pink Knight

I brought this for my girlfriend so she had to buy the game and now she loves it

He/she is super awesome due to the style of the arrows and their powers

I honestly think the pink knight should be in the top 10. Eith the sword and the hearts

My theory is that this knight is a girl in disguise to become a knight Just take that in for a second.

The Contenders

11 The Fencer

He is overall one of the best DPS characters in the game (along side the industrialist) and is great for mailing down insane Mode like a breeze.

Another copy for industrialist both of them together attacking a boss with maxed out magic is just mean to the game

Honestly think Fencer/Industrialist would be number one they shed bosses and with max magic every boss is a breeze

People can say all they want in terms of what character they like more, but in terms of usability the Fencer is the most overpowered character in the game.

He has the highest splash damage output on bosses, when his spell is maxed he can hit a single enemy 32 times in half a second, his splash move has maximum range from level 1, and his splash is quite literally programmed to do more damage against bosses than against normal enemies.

12 Ninja

Really powerful attacks and has a good beginning weapon

He tells me to sh on his icon and I find that offensive

His splash attack op

I really want him

13 Brute

He’s very underrated and great for tanking and beating crowds of enemies. Just a great character that needs some spotlight.

He is just a fencer (OP) with other magic he looks amazing and you never fight clones of yourself + I use him as a tank in insane mode (I don't play solo)

He is just the coolest looking character and you don't have to fight clones of your self if you are being brute unless you are beefy

Brute has sick magic and looks like a tank, he's also one of the harder characters to unlock, making him more rare to see. If you say he's not the best then you probably havnt played as him.

14 The Industrialist

He shreds bosses if you have him with the red knight the game is easy as cutting butter the red knight for bosses the industrialist for bosses the perfect combo for shreds

He is overall one of the best DPS characters in the game (along side the fencer) and is great for mailing down insane Mode like a breeze.

I have a level 84 industrialist and even in insane mode he can kill barbarian boss in less than 3 seconds with his magic.

I voted industrialist and fencer because they are the same but you get industrialist before fencer which barely makes a difference since it is so easy to beat the game with it takes like an hour less of game-play to get industrialist so I vote him as the best only because of that tiny reason.

15 The King

His heal makes him ESSENTIAL for online playthroughs with your friends, making him one of the best support characters in the game. Sucks solo.

This was the character I used second I liked the healing he does - trains45

Great for multiplayer because he heals players and himself. And he's great for bosses! And very good for hard bosses! And seriously if you put him with magic and one of the starting knights, HE IS USEFUL! Unless the other players ask for healing too much.

The king is good for healing but is good for jumping attacks

16 Hatty Hattington

His splash has to much delay making him one of the worst characters - ds567

I remember seeing hatty for the first time on the 360 I was so confused and I love battleblock theatre and repurchased it on steam

His magic does a lot of damage and I like how the emeralds bounce then break. Also His Main Magic Attack Has A Farther Range Attack.

U am a diehard fan of battle block theater and I ise him as my go to

17 The Cyclopse

Is this also including his resurrected boss fight, or not. Anyway his first fight is fun, a bit difficult, but a great fight overall. His 2nd and final fight is also fun but it's hard to hit him since he is always running around.

The Cyclopse is one eyes beasts, very great power, big body and easy intellect. Cyclopse is very speed fighters and super kicking to foots.

18 The Forest Knight (Snakey)

Although most of his character is just non-elemental attacks, his magic makes him one of my personal favourite characters to play with. Nature is one of the elements that you almost never see (especially because not everyone has the brute, or plays as the thief) and it makes for great crowd control and upclose DPS. Wish he had bombs tho.

For the love of castle crashers stop calling him the forest knight

Is he good for insane mode

Love it

19 The Gray Knight

When you get his magic all the way up you can just super jump in the air and rain down bombs and his arrow rain is so good against bosses come on he needs to be at least top 5

Arrow Rain is BEAST guys come on...

Our arrows will block out the Sun.

The gray knight has a secondary magic which is op as 2x a arrow with full strength it is very reliable character to

Bombs are the only redeeming thing the Grey Knight has. His splash magic is unreliable, plus he's tied with the Red Knight for having the worst XXXY combo.

20 Alien Hominid

His gun powers are so good I want to kill my friends with it

The alien can't pick up weapons but he is a great support character

I love Alien he should be in at least Top 5

This is the best character in the game.

21 The Painter

One of the few characters in the game that can actually speak. Besides this, his whole boss fight is basically one big Newgrounds joke. His dialogue besides is humorous. I mean, when else will someone tell you that their brush is mightier than you sword? No one besides The Painter.

He is not a character BUT he is the coolest boss in the game

Pretty cool,but one thing,I wish he had a backstory I mean come on that would be pretty cool. (Right? )

22 Cultist
23 Thief

His magic is terrible and he is annoying as an enemy - ds567

He can be fast with his arrows like in a sevond

24 Saracen

It's like tetris with hats

He is amazing...I finished the game with green knight/royal guard and I love him (Saracen) so much...He's like the bear (same tornado with diffrent colour) I can't understand why people doesn't like saracen,Maybe it because his look,I love him style,he's cool actually!

25 The Iceskimo

His elemental infusion combo can infinitely attack enemies until they die or if icekimo gets interrupted in his combo. His splash deals good ice damage and freezes enemies. His projectile is non-elemental and is not resisted even by the culist.

So good

He's alright

26 Red Demon

Just looks cool.

Better than orange with a very good xxxy. He is literally very strong at add control and boss damage with zero down sides.

really op

27 Stove Face

Wasted potential he copies thiefs magic he could have had rock magic - ds567

28 The Dragon with a Sock puppet

He's a butt

29 Open-Faced Grey Knight

It's the grey knight with his helmet open

30 Castle Crashers

This game is fun


Good game

31 Beekeeper

He is one of the most underrated characters in the game, and in my opinion is actually one of the best! Not only are his attacks balanced and good against bosses, but, BEES. How can you get better than this?

He's not too good but I think he's cool.

32 Barbarian Boss
33 Scared Owl
34 Peasant

His arrow rain lets me kill bosses in 10 seconds

I don't care if he sucks. He carries a chicken. Noof said

Chicken boi

35 Barbarian

In my opinion I think the barbarian is the best character out of them all.
Its first magic is not that fun to use but when you fully upgrade its magic you'll be using it a lot. It a lot of fun to earn it in kings arena.
I promise that you will use the barbarian.

Its fun to play as an enemy you kill in castle crashers.
Love first magic for barbarian if you make everything out.

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36 Wizard

Mad good

37 Pink Night

If you kill enemies with the splash hawkster will not get fruit from the enemies - ds567

I used him the whole game and is awesome! I wish they made it to where he can turn in to a bear :(

38 Catfish Boss

The easiest boss to kill

39 Dark Wizard Boss

Wait, this is the same guy, just realized this is a list of top characters, guess no playable is still allowed to be listed, very fun boss fight, played this boss fight countless times with orange knight solo.

Wait, this is a character, I just saw this tabbed name and decided to comment on if this is legit. I guess he is a good character?

40 Corn Boss

You can kill him in 10 seconds if you just use arrows

41 The Purple Knight

There is no purple knight, it's just the blacksmith

42 Necromancer Minion
43 Commoner
44 Frost King
45 Civilian
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