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1 The Red Knight

because a long stun lock of damage and really good at small soliders but not good fighting the bosses it only does a lot of one damaging but put about half the points in it and fight in the areana and you do a bunch of 12s decent heath and I would like it if it does dots on the eneimes to add to lots of damage

The Red Knight is one of the four basic starting knights. The Red Knight uses lightning-based magic, and his default weapon is a gray mace. Many players use this knight because of his "crowd control". He can stun enemies with his magic. Many consider him the strongest knight out of the four starting knights. His lightning magic can stun enemies, similar to the Blue Knight. What do you think about the Red Knight? Agree? - TheWorst

Red knight is a character I love. He's both overrated and underrated (depends on who you ask) but I still think he's the best. I've just started insane mode with red knight at level 44 using the black morning star and troll, and have had no problems

Most op character besides hatty hattington

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2 The Orange Knight

Indeed the red knight may be better, but nothing compares to knocking your enemies back against a wall countless times using fire magic. Sure, lightning stuns enemies and does a considerable amount of damage, but then you are left vulnerable until you decide to stop your lightning strike.(get it! ) Anyway, as an Orange knight user, he was my first knight I played, and is currently level 77. He is great for clearing away enemies, knocking them back, and them swiping your sword. The orange knight is great at crowd control if you can stay mobile, and steer clear of enemies behind you. Just remember to block. I played castle crashes as my orange knight and played alone, yep ALONE. I managed to survive and gradually realized how awesome fire knight is. Overall, fire knight is more practical, for he isn't vulnerable while using his magic. Fire knight deserves more attention.

The fire knight is the best in the game, in my opinion. The fire he uses can blast enemies so far and still get them a burn after the magic is released. I do believe poison and fire are somewhat the same, here I think is the difference in their magic... Fire can blast enemies way of the ground which will leave them with a lot of fall damage. While the poison magic can have a longer rate of poison after the blast is done.

I beat the game with the orange knight. He is one of the best magic knights and will easily whoop enemy face

The Orange Knight is a fire attacker he is the only one who has a high chance of lighting enemy's on fire but if you unlock him if you deate the last boss you unlock a demon well I don't his game but he's the guy were you try to fight you but he looks like a demon ok

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3 The Green Knight

This is the best knight... Right beside blue... This is the main knight and his y-y combo is the only good one in the game

I play him in the game. He is so legit and good. Everyone should love him!

You are right and I love him he is so cool. I agree by a land slide

I am green knight

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4 The Blue Knight

I feel the blue knight is the best due to the freeze powers. He may need some skill and use half his mana to cast his cone, but the freeze makes up for it. Plus it makes it better than any damage over time the fire users or poison users have. So he probably have the lowest magic damage but great to take opponents out of the fight.

The Blue knight can freeze people, setting up for some devastating combos. Plus, it can be used to keep enemies away temporarily so you can focus on a different opponent. The only downside is most bosses are immune to freezing.

Red is best for solo, but is for noobs. Orange and green are best in multiplayer. Blue is the funnest, takes great skill, and actually has a greater chance to chop peoples heads off than the others. Also red is as boring as hell.

Takes level two magic to shoot ice bolt, then shoot enemies then hit, especially good on brutes

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5 The Necromancer

Not only does he summon the dead, he has one of the GREATEST theme songs in any game period. He is, bar none, the number one sought after unlockable character in the game

The Necromancer may look cool and have an awesome theme, but he sucks as a playable character. His splash magic is weak, slow, and bugged. (sometimes the enemies can go right through it unharmed) Not good.

Necromancer does not summon undead I have the magic maxed out and his is strongest magic in game

Just for cool pointsXD

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6 The Bear

The bears tornado is so op because it can destroy anything in it's path if your going to use this character I recommend leveling up your magic

Amazing and unstoppable in pvp his tornado can wipe out an army

I like lightning a lot, but it's the Bear! Tornado magic! Awesome look!

OP splash magic tornados wow

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7 The Fencer

Fencer is the best boss killer in the entire game. Not to mention he is super easy to beat insane mode with. 'enough said. If you don't acknowledge Fencer as the best character in the game, you know nothing of castle crashers.

Who wouldn't want to kill any boss in 2 seconds?!?

I love fencer and your humor, down with the uneducated

Most definitely the best, his magic is amazing for juggling and easily defeating bosses. I don't know y he is so far down on this list

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8 Brute

He is just a fencer (OP) with other magic he looks amazing and you never fight clones of yourself + I use him as a tank in insane mode (I don't play solo)

He is just the coolest looking character and you don't have to fight clones of your self if you are being brute unless you are beefy

Brute has sick magic and looks like a tank, he's also one of the harder characters to unlock, making him more rare to see. If you say he's not the best then you probably havnt played as him.

Uniqueness unbound.

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9 The Skeleton

So his splash attack is op it has really long range when you upgrade it his XXXY combo is amazing kills enemies instantly his starting weapon is the skeleton mace -2 strength +3 defense and +6 agility normally you have to be level 20 to have this weapon but the skeleton can use it any time I would take this weapon he looks awesome beefy and all his magic looks really cool the character himself looks really cool he should be in top 3

The Skeleton is also (to me) the most unique character in the game he can also WRECK SOME bosses with his splash attack he has no disadvantages and overall he looks unique I MEAN HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A playable SKELETON in any game I think he should be in the top 3

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10 The King

Great for multiplayer because he heals players and himself. And he's great for bosses! And very good for hard bosses! And seriously if you put him with magic and one of the starting knights, HE IS USEFUL! Unless the other players ask for healing too much.

The king is good for healing but is good for jumping attacks

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11 The Conehead

FREE Booms from free bombs for his second magic makes him prize and pride.

12 Blacksmith

First of all he has a magic frog, magic fire hammer, most detail, best looking suit, some of his magic deals with mechanical items which are boss, awesome stats, comes with a load of weapons, he is THE BLACKSMITH OF THE GAME he owns two buildings with weapons and pets and the secret room with the eye pet, and he is dlc he is too cool to be free, and finally blacksmith is just the best character done

I like this character for his cosmetics and magic. His magic varies from frog tongues to a flaming hammer... COLLL! But I understand he isn't the ideal crowd controller. I'm level 25 with him and it was difficult overcoming many enemies at once. What keeps him going is his various magic abilities and default hammer weapon, which is cool. Overall a fun and cool character, deserves like 10th or even 8th place though

The blacksmiths starting weapon is definitely the best 3+ damage for 1- agility I'll take that any day

He looks so cool

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13 Hatty Hattington

Hatty is the best castle crasher because... It's Hatty. Do I need a reason?

Yes, you do, actually. And in my opinion, Hatty isn't very good as a CC character (he's got the most gimped magic in the game). I don't care if it's Hatty Hattington. Castle Crashers isn't about good looks. It's about doing well on Insane Mode with a good magic moveset, something Hatty lacks.

His magics is vary good and he is my favort character.He is a cool looking character

If you like money this guy is for you
He's my favorite charicter but his whale doesn't go wa

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14 The Pink Knight

How can this beautiful knight not be in the top 10? He uses rainbow magic and a lollipop sword to kill his enemies! Plus, he is the only character in the entire game that's always happy and has hearts going over his head!

Beautiful magic and powerful he pitches penguins and pink monsters.

This knight has... Interestingly fun crowd control and great projectile magic. Just isn't your ideal hack and slash murder. But then again, it takes a psychopath to smile as a he decpitates his enemies with rainbows and a lollipop. Very fun and comical character, recommend using him when bored.

He is just amazing'!

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15 The Industrialist

I voted industrialist and fencer because they are the same but you get industrialist before fencer which barely makes a difference since it is so easy to beat the game with it takes like an hour less of game-play to get industrialist so I vote him as the best only because of that tiny reason.

His magic is OP against bosses

His magic can be overpowered if you level his magic up


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16 The Iceskimo

His elemental infusion combo can infinitely attack enemies until they die or if icekimo gets interrupted in his combo. His splash deals good ice damage and freezes enemies. His projectile is non-elemental and is not resisted even by the culist.

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17 The Forest Knight (Snakey)

For the love of castle crashers stop calling him the forest knight

18 Ninja

Faster melee speed, faster magic projectile, multi-hitting splash magic, and super amazing juggling. 'enough said.

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19 Dark Wizard Boss

Wait, this is the same guy, just realized this is a list of top characters, guess no playable is still allowed to be listed, very fun boss fight, played this boss fight countless times with orange knight solo.

Wait, this is a character, I just saw this tabbed name and decided to comment on if this is legit. I guess he is a good character?

20 The Painter

One of the few characters in the game that can actually speak. Besides this, his whole boss fight is basically one big Newgrounds joke. His dialogue besides is humorous. I mean, when else will someone tell you that their brush is mightier than you sword? No one besides The Painter.

He is not a character BUT he is the coolest boss in the game

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