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21 The Cyclopse

Is this also including his resurrected boss fight, or not. Anyway his first fight is fun, a bit difficult, but a great fight overall. His 2nd and final fight is also fun but it's hard to hit him since he is always running around.

The Cyclopse is one eyes beasts, very great power, big body and easy intellect. Cyclopse is very speed fighters and super kicking to foots.

22 Thief V 1 Comment
23 Necromancer Minion
24 The Gray Knight

Arrow Rain is BEAST guys come on...

The gray knight has a secondary magic which is op as 2x a arrow with full strength it is very reliable character to

Bombs are the only redeeming thing the Grey Knight has. His splash magic is unreliable, plus he's tied with the Red Knight for having the worst XXXY combo.

I think the grey night is best because his arrow rain does amazing damage and u can't block it, he can freely use bombs whenever he wants and he is definitky the best at doing damage to multiple enimies at once. Did I mention he is very easy to level up. come on guys the grey knight is easyly the best character in the game.

I say tenth
for him beat the game in 5 hours

25 Red Demon

Better than orange with a very good xxxy. He is literally very strong at add control and boss damage with zero down sides.

26 Alien Hominid

His gun powers are so good I want to kill my friends with it

I love Alien he should be in at least Top 5

This is the best character in the game.

27 Open-Faced Grey Knight

It's the grey knight with his helmet open

28 Barbarian

In my opinion I think the barbarian is the best character out of them all.
Its first magic is not that fun to use but when you fully upgrade its magic you'll be using it a lot. It a lot of fun to earn it in kings arena.
I promise that you will use the barbarian.

Its fun to play as an enemy you kill in castle crashers.
Love first magic for barbarian if you make everything out.

V 1 Comment
29 Scared Owl
30 The Dragon with a Sock puppet V 1 Comment
31 Peasant

His arrow rain lets me kill bosses in 10 seconds

V 1 Comment
32 Commoner
33 Beekeeper
34 Stove Face
35 Saracen

It's like tetris with hats

36 Catfish Boss V 1 Comment
37 Corn Boss

You can kill him in 10 seconds if you just use arrows

38 The Purple Knight

There is no purple knight, it's just the blacksmith

39 Wizard V 1 Comment
40 Barbarian Boss
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