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21 Superhuman Superhuman

The lyrics makes me melt... and the combination with Keri hilson is just amazing! Love it

This song makes me cry beautiful song

22 Stuck On Stupid Stuck On Stupid

So amazing Chris! The lyrics are so meaningful a lot of people go through what he's talking about in the song!

Seriously is amazing every time you hear it and just keeps getting better. The lyrics are perfect. - Joeboslo

Incredible song off the new album Fortune. It's an uptempo ballad that proves to be one of the highlights of the album. The production is very good and Breezy's vocals are very good. It gets better every listen.

23 Zero Zero

Really catchy song that deserves more credibility! This and Fine By Me are both super catchy and come in a package. Would definitely consider everyone to listen to this song. You won't regret it at all!

I love this song I saw the video it really good but the song itself is the greatest

Deserves to be in Top 10.. Everybody should just give it a listen

sexy song

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24 Here It Is Here It Is
25 All Back All Back

I can't believe this song is so down on the chart. I was expecting it to be in the top 5! It's got such amazing lyrics. I mean I can feel the pain that the lyrics are trying to convey. And Chris has sung the song with such intensity! It's just a masterpiece

Best song for Chris Brown for anyone who likes his emotional songs, and that's me.

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26 I Wanna Be I Wanna Be V 2 Comments
27 Ayo

Great beat good for you chris it's the best amazing

126?! Really people?!?! This is one of his best songs ever!

Love this song ever since it came on the radio

Awesome Song can't believe it's not in the Top 5!?!?!
people please Vote!

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28 Beautiful People

Nyciiee... song god lyrics this song really love this song... I think this is the best song of Chris Brown

I don't know why I like this song so much but I just do. It's pretty awesome... - Lissie19999

I love the music so much, use to turn me up when ever I listen to it

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29 Put It Up V 1 Comment
30 Don't Think They Know Don't Think They Know

This may be weird but I cried when I watched the video

31 As Your Friend

New track with Afrojack... The beats are cool..

Love this song what a tune

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32 Take It to the Head Take It to the Head

This one is really good, one of my most favorite song by Chris Brown, perfect for my sexy dance steps that I made just for this song.

And its also because of DJ Khaled, because we have the same name,

DJ Khaled's Song but Chris sings the chorus and is the main singer.

One of best songs of CB. in collaboration with other artists! A must hear for CB fans. - requi-lml

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33 Gimme That

love the dancing in the music video, by far his best song as well.

This beat is the best Chris brown beat I've heard that's why I like it so much. - JCchrom3

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34 Damage Damage

This song has gotten me through a lot of times

35 Counterfeit
36 Yo (Excuse Me Miss)

Yo! excuse is the best!

Follow a chick down the road, and dance to her? very classy

This is one of his greatest songs ever. It must be in the top 10 at least

This definitely belongs in the top 10!

Should be top 5

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37 Strip Strip

Great song
Loved it
Kevin also rocks the song
Chris browns latest hit
Must listen!

I just love this song, chris got a voice that I keep on playing it all time

This is the best one for me. It should be at the top 10.

I love it... It's hot

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38 Oh My Love Oh My Love
39 Do You Mind? Do You Mind?
40 Sweet Serenade Sweet Serenade
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