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61 You

This is such an underrated song

62 I Can Only Imagine

Really cool song.. Can't believe it's so low on the list!

Such a good song, so low. hmm!

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63 I Love You

Best song there ever is out there! Really a neglected song, but the best song of the millennium!

This song I don't know When come up to me but since I have it is 1 of my favourites
Should have been ranked among top 20

64 Back to Sleep

I think this song is good and also we need to put some of his latest songs on here

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65 Autumn Leaves

How could you people even have missed out on this song? Unbelievable!
This is must be the best Chris Brown song. Everything is beautiful! From the moan at the beginning to Kendrick Lamar's last few lines. All the emotions have come out so perfectly! If you've not listened to it then listen to it first thing now!

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66 Fallen Angel
67 Poppin'

A great song to listen to

My all time favorite! Love the melody! This is the one that got me hooked on Chris! If you feel the same VOT3!

68 Treading Water

If you haven't heard this track, it's great go listen to it. It's fantastic

69 Fine by Me

Probably his newest song on this list but by far one of the best, toss up between this and Yeah X3 for my favourite Chris Brown song...I just have a feeling this is gonna blow up on mainstream radio! Go and listen, right now. I promise you will be dancing, and if your not by the first drop you be at the second.

One of the catchiest songs made by him! This has been the song I play on repeat all day. Very difficult to choose this over Zero, since they're both super amazing! I recommend everone to listen to this song. You won't be disappointed!

70 Sex

It's a hella good song! :D

It's a crazy song

Such agood song should be number one
Love or so much

Why isn't this number one?! Such a 'sexy' song, love it 😍

71 Show Me

It's a wicked song

My boyfriend sings this to me

This song is really good it makes you want to dance 💃 and party all night long

72 Don't Be Gone Too Long

Chris Brown and Ariana Grande!
Perfect Duet, nice beat, catchy lyrics and a fascinating music video.
Shame it wasn't released as Chris was sent to prison for violating his probation...

73 Ain't Thinkin' Bout You

I love this song mmmhhh

74 Fools With You

Everyone should try and listen to this song! It's got a nice beat and Chris shows why he's the best RnB singer out there!

75 Nobody's Perfect

What! How could be so low... Super cool song...

This is his new hit

This is a very good song. I can't understand why it is not in top 10.

Awesome song guys. Please listen to it and bring it on top

76 Up to You

I'm in love with his song. My favorite song of all time and the lyrics are just perfect. This is most underrated song I've ever hear. So heartfelt and beautiful.

77 Party Hard
78 Another Round

This is One of The Most Sexiest Songs of Chris!

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79 Let's Go

Chris & on the rocks...

Good song with good music...

80 Paradise

Catchy little tune. Chris Brown's vocals are on point for this

Amazing song with such a good beat by Benny Benassi

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