Top Ten Cincinnati Reds Players

The Top Ten

1 Pete Rose, IF/OF

So what if he gambled, you can't argue with his numbers.

MOST HITS! Ya'll should know that! It's quite obvious to tell you the truth! Most hits! DUH!

Best Reds player all time. Too bad he makes poor decisions from time to time.

It's a good player

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2 Johnny Bench, C

No player ever owned his position like Bench. His 1976 World Series was legendary. Also a great ambassador for the team.

Johnny is my idol. because in a softball catcher. I love the reds. I also love catching. Everyone I know is wishing the best of luck to the reds.

Greatest catcher ever! Greatest Red ever! And pure class all the way. Let's don't forget homered final at bat also

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3 Ken Griffey Jr.

Arguably greatest player ever, but had his share of injuries with the Reds, that is why he is not higher on the list

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4 Frank Robinson, OF

Had his best years with the Orioles but was a great Red too

Not true. Robbie actually had a slightly better career with the Reds. Look at the stats.

5 Barry Larkin, SS

its a crime if he is left out of the Hall of Fame

Can you say "MVP"

6 Joe Morgan, 2B

arguably the greatest second baseman ever

7 Tony Perez 1B

Probably one of the best "team" players of all time. Great at keeping the newer players on a more even keel.

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8 George Foster

great Reds career especially in 1977 when he hit. 320 with 52 bombs

9 Joey Votto, 1B

Already one of the best pure hitters in Reds history, and he's still cementing his legacy. He should already be in the top 10.

If Votto is still wearing a Reds uniform in 2021, he will be near the top of this list.

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10 Tom Browning

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11 Jim Maloney

Gene Alley, Pittsburgh shortstop to me that Maloney was as good as anybody in the 60s. Koufax, Gibson or any others. He batted against all of them so I take his word on it. If healthy and pitching in the 70s Maloney would be in the Hall of Fame

12 Ernie Lombardi
13 Paul Derringer
14 Dave ConcepciĆ³n
15 Shin Soo Choo

What? One solid season with the Reds and then grabs the big $$$ in free agency.

16 Vada Pinson
17 Sean Casey
18 Brandon Phillips
19 Ted Kluzuszki
20 Edd Roush
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