Bacolod City


Having an urban living the same time less pollution, less traffic jam and a clean and Green City.
One of the fastest growing city in this part of the country.

The famed city on a hill or a "bakulod" started its beginnings as a small riverside community in the 1770's and later became a city of more than 500,000 people in 2010. Its now every Filipino's favorite vacation destination, convention destination, gastronomic adventure or business opportunity.

Well designed streets and city blocks and well-zoned areas of development, efficient traffic management and outstanding peace and order system.

Home of famous film makers, directors, performers and beauty titlists.

It's the city that's famous for having the latest car models driven by rich hacienderos. It's the city that has the most number of registered motor vehicles in Western Visayas

Bacolod City is simply clean and non-congested highly urbanized city. We don't have to boast all those infrastructures because we have them all (giant malls etc. )... And the night life is one of the best! Before the entry of Starbucks in the city, we already had one of the best coffee shops. With one of the best city planning, wide roads, and exceptionally friendly people, Bacolod is the city to beat!

BPO and Sports capital of Western Visayas. A city with a charm and unique. The sugar capital of Negros Occidental.

This is the best place for me in the Philippines..

Most of people in bacolod are friendly.. Unlike the other cities in the Philippines ignoring.. Making us irritate.. I like the city of smile of the Philippines

Bacolod City is the sugar capital of the neg occ. Not only in negros but in the whole country of phil. This is is where the best place to live because of the hospitality of the people.. Try to visit in this place, and it will be your dream come true...

Despite of the rapid urbanization, Bacolod City is able to maintain its safe, quiet and humble atmosphere. A place where you can just sit back, relax and enjoy every moment you spend within the city. The sweetest smiles of the people will make every tourist or locals comfortable and welcomed. A good place to be free, that's Bacolod City.

A city of a thousand smiles... Home to the happiest people on earth. Its where you can find a modern lifestyle with all the amenities of a cosmopolitan yet laid back. Life is never boring in bacolod. There's a thousand things to do here.

It wouldn't be voted as the best place to live in the Philippines if its lousier than its neighboring more populated cities. A quick look at the city planning will tell you that it was well planned right from the start. How many cities are grid planned by arch. Daniel burnham?

Bacolod city. Listed as the 5th next wave of cities through the effort of local government by encouraging business sector to invest in the city, rapid changes of infrastructure brings more enthusiasm in the locality with harmonious living less violence and cruelty.

A well planned city which caters all the needs of people, the cleanest and greenest. Fast emerging city in the Philippines.

I am always thankful to the Good Lord for having me born in this city, the City of Smiles - Bacolod.. It truly is the best place to live. It is safe, mostly clean, and the people here are just great. I can never get enough of our tasty chicken inasal and other delicious sweet delicacies. Whenever I am away especially in abroad (at even first world countries), I would always feel the need to hasten my trip just to get home right away to my beloved city. I just love Bacolod! Mwah! :D

Bacolod, a place to be. Full of smiles full of fun. Full of enterprise full of job. The city where light shines upon the guilty and the innocent alike.

Go bacolod city.. Make more progress and you will bag the top seed for the best city in the country..

Bacolod City is synonymous to everything about Beauty! Simple, Classic, Fine and Exquisite! I love Bacolod City because this City is a City like no other in the Philippines! Extraordinary and Magical! From Food to Culture to Places and Everything, you will find it all in Bacolod City!

Bacolod city most friendly city in the, Philippines, and hospitality, person its more fan in bacolod,

Yes! Bacolod is more liveable place than any other country in the Philippines... And world? Hope maybe!

The most progressive and largest highly urbanized city in Western Visayas. It is the Provincial Capital of the Most Progressive Province of Western Visayas.

The true city of many first in Western Visayas... The leading city in WV in terms of economy and industry... Home of CNN and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC renowned Masskara Festival.. BPO capital of western visayas... Football city of the RP... Only provincial capital to be leveled with regional capitals... A true haven... Best Place to live in the Philippines...

Bacolod is simply, INCOMPARABLE! Living in Bacolod is living life at it's finest! Bacolod simply has a lot to offer despite its laid back and quiet environs. People were charming and sweet. The cuisine is simply World Class and the Lifestyle, EXQUISITE! Culturally, Gastronomically, Liveability, Socially, and so much more! Bacolod is simply too good to be ignored.

The Business Hub Capital of Western Visayas, The Chicken Capital of the Philippines and It is the football capital of the Philippines

It's so quite and the People are Friendly... Yes so True Less Traffic.. I LOVE BACOLOD CITY

The place I would love to go home and visit every year. And the place I would love to be when I get to retire someday. It's where my home is. I love Bacolod very much and thank God for I have a place called Bacolod.

Bacolod deserves to b on the top. Life is really good in bacolod. Everything is made easy here both for locals and tourist. A balance of development and environment, indeed the best place to live in the philippines. Home to the happiest and most colorful festival "masskara". The only festival created to celebrate the goodness life, the appreciation of god's gifts. The only mid-size humble city in the list.

Bacolod City is the most livable city in the Philippines, the most business-friendly city and the cleanest and greenest highly urbanized city. Therefore, it stands to reason that Bacolod City should be the No. 1 city in the country.